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Title Publication Date
Abbas: don't boycott Israel Times of Israel December 18, 2013
Is Kerry the worst secretary of state ever? Commentary November 12, 2013
Kerry, give it a rest Ynet News November 10, 2013
Kerry's antagonism unmasked Israel Hayom November 8, 2013
Kerry: US considers Israeli settlements to be 'illegitimate' Jerusalem Post November 8, 2013
Students at 'moderate' Palestinian university demonstrate using Nazi salutes Mideast Dispatch Archive November 8, 2013
Kerry tips the scales against Israel Commentary November 8, 2013
PA officials: Palestinian peace envoys haven't quit over Israeli settlement building Jerusalem Post November 4, 2013
US opposes building in East Jerusalem Ynet News October 31, 2013
IDF battalion commander: It's the same Palestinians rioting week after week Jerusalem Post October 27, 2013
PA forces thwart Hamas attack drone plot in West Bank Times of Israel October 25, 2013
EU says PA 'squandered' $2.6b in aid Israel Hayom October 14, 2013
Unbelievable underground terrorist tunnel from Gaza inside Israel found! Jerusalem Post October 14, 2013
Billions of dollars of aid to PA lost to corruption The Algemeiner October 14, 2013
Yasser Abed Rabbo says Palestinian leadership refuses to recognize 'historic Palestine' as 'the homeland of the Jewish people' Times of Israel October 10, 2013
Ian Lustick's iron dice Commentary September 25, 2013
Tackle incitement, stop the killings Times of Israel September 25, 2013
Incitement is the obstacle to peace Commentary September 25, 2013
Israel's stunning response to Palestinian aggression Middle East Forum September 24, 2013
Israel protests to US over Palestinian Authority incitement Jerusalem Post September 24, 2013
West Bank camps becoming haven for terrorists Ynet News September 18, 2013
One-state delusion The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
Palestinians accuse peace negotiators of treason The Gatestone Institute August 20, 2013
World mum on PA incitement but slams Israel on construction Jerusalem Post August 20, 2013
Palestinians: "No Jews Allowed!" Gatestone Institute June 26, 2013
Lebanon's Apartheid Laws Gatestone Institute June 26, 2013
For Kerry, little new traction as yet another visit to Israel awaits Washington Post June 26, 2013
Memo to Kerry: It's not the economy, stupid The Times of Israel May 27, 2013
Why Israelis have moved on Commentary May 27, 2013
What Mideast crisis? Israelis have moved on New York Times May 27, 2013
Middle East diplomacy: Forgetting the past Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
Kerry betting on the wrong horses Gatestone Institute May 9, 2013
The misleading Fayyad blame game Commentary April 25, 2013
The slow death of Palestinian demoracy Foundation for Defense of Democracies April 21, 2013
Reversing policy of first term, Obama says no preconditions to talks The Times of Israel March 21, 2013
Bethlehem: Swastikas on Obama billboard Ynet News March 19, 2013
Israel ready for 'historic compromise' with Palestinians, Netanyahu says Washington Post March 19, 2013
The misplaced faith in Abbas Commentary March 12, 2013
Palestinians planning anti-Obama demonstrations for his visit Gatestone Institute March 11, 2013
West Bank disturbances not yet intifada Jerusalem Post February 25, 2013
Abbas fans the flames Israel Hayom February 25, 2013
PA inciting violence before Obama visit to extract concessions from Israel Gatestone Institute February 25, 2013
Hagel: Israel keeps 'Palestinians caged up like animals' Washington Free Beacon January 30, 2013
Hamas arrests in Gaza journalists with Fatah ties AP via ABC News January 24, 2013
Hamas arrests Fatah journalists in Gaza Jerusalem Post January 23, 2013
An open letter to Tom Friedman Foreign Policy January 23, 2013
Abbas: Zionist leadership had ties with the Nazi movement Israel Hayom January 23, 2013
Palestinians demand salaries as sanctions, cash crisis bite Reuters January 17, 2013
Israelis haven't become radicals; they've just abandoned a delusion. Tablet January 17, 2013
The real obstacle to peace: Israel's critics Commentary December 20, 2012
UN adopts 9 resolutions on Palestinians and Golan - none on Syrian massacre of Palestinians UN Watch December 19, 2012
Syrian rebels fight Palestinian pro-Assad group AP via Ynet News December 18, 2012
Incitement against Israel in PA is getting worse Jerusalem Post December 3, 2012
Israel uses tax payment to PA to offset electricity debt Ynet News December 3, 2012
Obama asks Palestinians to back off statehood push Politico November 12, 2012
FEATURED: Benny Morris on why he's written his last word on the Israel-Arab conflict Ha'aretz September 23, 2012
US opposes renewed Palestinian UN bid The Times of Israel September 11, 2012
Palestine's biggest obstacle Tablet August 10, 2012
Romney lays out Middle East 'cultural' issue PJ Media August 3, 2012
Romney comments outrage Palestinians Associated Press July 31, 2012
Romney's integrity, Erekat's ire Israel Hayom July 31, 2012
PA thanks IOC for refusing Munich victims memorial Jerusalem Post July 29, 2012
Why the MSM doesn't understand Obama's Middle East failures PJ Media July 18, 2012
Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East Washington Post July 15, 2012
It's fun to stay at the YMCA...unless you're Israeli Israel Hayom July 15, 2012
Lifestyles of the rich and Palestinian Washington Free Beacon July 12, 2012
Gaza presents: 'Prisoners' summer camp' Ynet News July 11, 2012
PA announces plan to hold elections, angering Hamas Reuters via Jerusalem Post July 10, 2012
Deconstructing fatuous claims as to Arafat's death Foreign Policy July 10, 2012
Abbas accepts Ahmadinejad invitation to visit Tehran Ynet News July 8, 2012
How many refugees?!? Council on Foreign Relations June 22, 2012
Graduation, Palestinian style Israel Hayom June 15, 2012
Israeli Settlements, American Pressure, and Peace Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs June 15, 2012
How the Abbas family has gotten rich Foreign Policy June 6, 2012
Obama: Abbas may not want peace Ynet News June 6, 2012
FEATURED: Where did the PA's money go? Jerusalem Post June 4, 2012
State Dept opposes Senate amendment that would recognize fewer Palestinian refugees Washington Free Beacon June 1, 2012
Congress trying to get handle on real number of Palestinian refugees Foreign Policy May 25, 2012
Boycott Israeli products? Not in the PA Ynet News May 25, 2012
The Palestinian disunity government Council on Foreign Relations May 23, 2012
Obama reinstates PA aid under false pretense Washington Free Beacon May 20, 2012
Peter Beinart's crisis of oversimplifying American Jews Ha'aretz May 15, 2012
Abbas rejects Netanyahu's proposal to renew peace talks Israel Hayom May 14, 2012
Netnayahu sends letter to Abbas to restart peace talks Israel Hayom May 13, 2012
Salam Fayyad: A Palestinian reformer's downfall The New Republic May 8, 2012
The Arab Spring and the Palestinians Council on Foreign Relations May 1, 2012
Backlash over '60 Minutes' Israel report Commentary April 25, 2012
CBS hatchet job on Israel: '60 Minutes for Palestine' Washington Free Beacon April 24, 2012
PA donors warn Abbas not to replace Fayyad Jerusalem Post April 24, 2012
Hamas to publicly execute 'collaborators' Jerusalem Post April 24, 2012
Jordan keeping out Palestinian refugees Gatestone Institute April 19, 2012
Abdullah seeking divorce from Palestinians Jerusalem Post April 12, 2012
Tom Friedman extols Palestinian murderer Front Page April 12, 2012
Helen Thomas uncensored Washington Times April 5, 2012
PA cracks down on Palestinian journalists Jerusalem Post April 3, 2012
Israeli envoy 'appalled' at PLO award for Helen Thomas Israel Hayom April 3, 2012
Palestinian terrorists lost latest round in Gaza The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center March 28, 2012
Israel to cut off contacts with UN Human Rights Council Jerusalem Post March 26, 2012
The Daily Show continues to go from funny to anti-Israel The Times of Israel March 22, 2012
Beinart's solution: punish the Israelis to change the Palestinians The Daily Beast March 21, 2012
Baptist church in Bethlehem declared 'illegitimate' by Palestinian Authority The Algemeiner March 15, 2012
Who marginalized the Palestinians? Comm March 9, 2012
What's missing from Obama's speech? Red lines on Iran and Palestinians Commentary March 4, 2012
PA to 'reconsider cooperation with Israel' Ma'an News Agency February 28, 2012
Netanyahu slams Abbas for inflammatory speech Associated Press February 27, 2012
Why we should invest, not divest The Daily Pennsylvanian February 20, 2012
The cool new Palestinians: geeks Christian Science Monitor February 19, 2012
Moving backward in Palestine NOW Lebanon February 15, 2012
Obama set to approve Egypt, PA aid despite tensions Jerusalem Post February 14, 2012
Abbas: Palestinians won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state Israel Hayom February 13, 2012
Hamas split threatens Palestinian unity deal Reuters February 9, 2012
US: Fatah unity deal with terrorist Hamas organization 'internal matter' Ynet News February 7, 2012
Fatah-Hamas pact formally buries peace process Commentary February 6, 2012
Abbas to lead Palestinian unity cabinet, following Hamas-Fatah deal Middle East Clarity Reports February 6, 2012
Obama's '67 borders mistake haunts talks Commentary January 30, 2012
Hamas in deep trouble Ynet News January 27, 2012
Palestinians: peace negotiations have ended Ha'aretz January 26, 2012
Hamas takeover in West Bank a real possibility Jerusalem Post January 23, 2012
Territorial compromise loses ground in Arab Spring The Australian January 16, 2012
Jordan seizes assets of former Fatah strongman Dahlan Jerusalem Post January 11, 2012
IDF thwarts major terror attack near Jenin Jerusalem Post January 8, 2012
Palestinians force Israeli Druze singer to cancel Ramallah show Israel Hayom January 4, 2012
Abbas appoints released terrorist as adviser Jerusalem Post January 2, 2012
Palestinians, Israelis to meet in Jordan AP via Washington Post January 2, 2012
What would a Hamas-Fatah agreement mean? Council on Foreign Relations December 29, 2011
Hamas bans Fatah celebrations Jerusalem Post December 28, 2011
Abbas awaits Quartet reply before unity with Hamas Asharq Alawsat December 27, 2011
Palestinian rapprochement leaves Israel unimpressed The Independent December 26, 2011
Israel won't negotiate with PA if Hamas joins government Jerusalem Post December 26, 2011
Abbas meets woman who aided 2001 killing of Israeli teen AP via Washington Post December 22, 2011
PA messages for domestic audience at odds with the pursuit of peace New York Times December 20, 2011
Fatah and Hamas resume reconciliation talks Ha'aretz December 19, 2011
Quartet again calls for negotiations without pre-conditions Jerusalem Post December 15, 2011
The peace process has never been so irrelevant Bitter Lemons December 14, 2011
Jordan is Palestinian Middle East Forum December 14, 2011
Palestinian flag raised over UNESCO HQ December 14, 2011
Gingrich comments on Palestinians draw heavy criticism The Guardian December 11, 2011
Gingrich sticks by Palestinian comments CBS News December 11, 2011
Jewish left rushes to Gutman's defense Commentary December 11, 2011
Hamas and Fatah: the unity government that isn't - and won't be Hudson Institute December 2, 2011
Austerity for Europe - increased EU aid for Palestinians Pundicity November 28, 2011
Abbas to call for formation of unity government - and to dump Fayyad Jerusalem Post November 16, 2011
PA unlikely to ask for full UN membership Jerusalem Post November 11, 2011
Palestinians don't have votes for UN membership bid November 11, 2011
Poll shows 40% of Jerusalem Arabs prefer Israel to a Palestinian state Washington Institute November 7, 2011
Palestinians wave white flag on recognition from UN agencies Commentary November 6, 2011
Fatal blow coming to Palestinian UN membership bid Israel Hayom November 6, 2011
Mahmoud Abbas's empty threats Hudson Institute November 2, 2011
Israel to speed up West Bank building after Unesco vote Jerusalem Post November 2, 2011
Tunisia issues warrant for Arafat widow Reuters October 31, 2011
Palestinians win initial vote on Unesco bid New York Times October 31, 2011
How Obama botched a Middle East peace deal Washington Post October 27, 2011
Mideast Quartet tries new approach Los Angeles Times October 26, 2011
Rice memoir: Livny said not to accept Olmert peace plan Israel Hayom October 26, 2011
Abbas is torpedoing negotiations Commentary October 25, 2011
Palestinian bid for full UNESCO membership imperils American financing New York Times October 24, 2011
Israel offers partial West Bank freeze in return for talks Ha'aretz October 21, 2011
PA says no peace talks for the time being Reuters via Jerusalem Post October 20, 2011
An Israeli day of victory Ynet News October 19, 2011
Hamas, Israel's enemy or economic partner? Ha'aretz October 18, 2011
39 Palestinians, many serving multiple life sentences, to be deported as part of Schalit deal Hurriyet October 18, 2011
Palestinian prisoners begin transfer process Ynet News October 16, 2011
India fumbles on Palestine Wall Street Journal October 14, 2011
'We are a people' - a response to Sari Nusseibeh Ha'aretz October 14, 2011
Global hypocrisy watch: Syria, Kurds and Palestinians Commentary October 10, 2011
Quartet envoys to meet before deadline to resume talks Jerusalem Post October 9, 2011
The real obstacle to Palestinian statehood The Globe and Mail October 6, 2011
UNESCO funding may be in jeopardy Middle East Clarity October 6, 2011
Sari Nusseibeh and Palestinian moderation Council on Foreign Relations October 6, 2011
Even the most moderate Palestinian won't accept a Jewish state Commentary October 5, 2011
PA funds officially blocked by Congress Ha'aretz October 4, 2011
Israel formally accepts Quartet formula for resuming talks Jerusalem Post October 2, 2011
Nusseibeh rejects Israel as Jewish state Al-Jazeera October 2, 2011
Congress blocks $200m in aid to Palestinians American Thinker October 2, 2011
Top Ten Middle East Stories Middle East Clarity September 28, 2011
1,100 apartments approved for Gilo Israel Hayom September 28, 2011
Abbas strikes out National Review September 27, 2011
Abbas gives finger to Obama Hudson Institute September 27, 2011
Arab leaders absent while Erdo─čan talks to UN Hurriyet September 26, 2011
After the UN, Abbas is stronger than ever Ha'aretz September 26, 2011
Abbas rebukes Obama once again Washington Post September 26, 2011
Khomeini-Arafat kiss sealed fate of Iran, Palestine Washington Times September 25, 2011
Abbas on Netanyahu: the most inflexible ever Ha'aretz September 25, 2011
Abbas rejects Quartet plan AP via the Guardian September 25, 2011
Lieberman: Israel should accept Quartet proposal Jerusalem Post September 25, 2011
Lieberman warns of tough reaction to UN approval of Palestinian state Reuters September 25, 2011
Quartet Unveils Plan for Talks Los Angeles Times September 25, 2011
Netanyahu's U.N. Speech Middle East Clarity Reports September 25, 2011
Links to Abbas speech at U.N. Middle East Clarity Reports September 25, 2011
Israelis, Palestinians brace for UN bid violence Ynet News September 23, 2011
Abbas to seek full UN recognition despite Western pressure Ha'aretz September 23, 2011
Palestinians Afraid Successful Statehood Bid Will Kill 1-State Solution and Right of Return Los Angeles Times September 22, 2011
Obama Slammed by Palestinian Protesters AP via Huffington Post September 22, 2011
Giving 'Obsequious' a Bad Name: New York Times Goes from Bibi-Bashing to Fawning Over Abbas Middle East Clarity Reports September 22, 2011
Obama Tells Israelis What They've Been Waiting to Hear Jerusalem Post September 22, 2011
Palestinians Routed at UN? Ynet News September 22, 2011
Obama Tells Abbas U.S. Will Veto Palestinians at UN Middle East Clarity Reports September 22, 2011
Latest UN News! Middle East Clarity Reports September 21, 2011
Obama Tells UNGA: Only Talks Will Create Palestinian State Jerusalem Post September 21, 2011
Obama Loses to Everyone on Middle East Wall Street Journal September 21, 2011
Palestinian Statehood: Mixed Views, Low Visibility Pew Research Center September 21, 2011
Obama's Middle East is in Tatters The New Republic September 21, 2011
Formal Funeral for the Two State Solution Foreign Affairs September 21, 2011
No Signs of Impending West Bank Violence Ha'aretz September 21, 2011
Plan Emerges to Avoid UN Showdown The Guardian September 21, 2011
Still a Possibility to Block Palestinian UN Bid Jerusalem Post September 21, 2011
UK Gov't Coalition Split on Palestinian UN Issue The Independent September 20, 2011
The Stakes in Palestinians' Statehood Bid Council on Foreign Relations September 20, 2011
Susan Rice: Palestinians Are Delaying Creation of Their State The Atlantic September 20, 2011
What Incentive Does Netanyahu Have to Make More Concessions? Commentary September 20, 2011
The Coming UN Debacle Los Angeles Times September 20, 2011
Palestinians Insist on Terms for Israel Talks Al-Jazeera September 20, 2011
In West Bank, Modest Expectations from Palestinian Statehood Bid Washington Post September 20, 2011
Abbas' UN Fantasy Los Angeles Times September 20, 2011
No Compromise on Recognition of Israel as 'Jewish State' Jerusalem Post September 20, 2011
Canada's Harper Rejects Palestinian Statehood Bid The Star September 20, 2011
A Heedless Rush for Palestinian Statehood Washington Post September 20, 2011
Barak Meets Fayyad in Attempt to Prevent UN Statehood Bid Jerusalem Post September 19, 2011
Abbas, Serial Peace Rejectionist Israel Hayom September 19, 2011
Why Israel Should Vote for Palestinian Independence Foreign Affaris September 19, 2011
Clinton: Palestinian Statehood Bid Won't Change Realities on the Ground Ha'aretz September 19, 2011
Inside Obama Administration Push to Avoid UN Vote Foreign Policy September 19, 2011
Palestinians May Win Vote - But Won't be a State Bloomberg September 19, 2011
Hamas Wants UN Recognition of 'All of Palestine' AFP via Ahram Online September 18, 2011
Netanyahu: PA Bid Will Fail Ynet News September 18, 2011
Palestinian Rally at Jerusalem Checkpoint Jerusalem Post September 17, 2011
Saudi Arabia's Hypocritical UN Threat The Daily Beast September 16, 2011
In Ramallah No One Wants an Intifada Ha'aretz September 16, 2011
Al-Hayat: Palestine at the UN: 'Arabs Sitting on a Mound of Shame' Al-Hayat September 16, 2011
No to a Palestinian State Foreign Afffairs September 15, 2011
Yes to a Palestinian State Los Angeles Times September 15, 2011
Palestinians to Seek Full UN Membership Associated Press September 15, 2011
U.S. in Last-Ditch Effort to Set UP Mid East Peace Talks The Guardian September 15, 2011
PLO Ambassador to U.S. Says Palestinian State Should be 'Judenrein' USA Today September 14, 2011
Palestinians Facing Mounting Pressure to Drop Statehood Bid The Guardian September 14, 2011
The Palestinians UN Agenda Wall Street Journal September 13, 2011
Obama and Abbas: From Speed Dial to Not Talking New York Times September 13, 2011
Obama: Palestinian Statehood Bid a Distraction September 13, 2011
Goldberg Criticizes NYT Article on Arab Spring Bloomberg September 13, 2011
Fiscal Woes Undermining Palestinians New York Times September 13, 2011
What Do Palestinians Think Council on Foreign Relations September 12, 2011
Palestinian Bid for UN Membership Washington Institute for Near East Policy September 12, 2011
State Dept Official Says U.S. Will Veto Palestinian UN Bid Ha'aretz September 9, 2011
Diplomacy Fails to Derail Palestinian UN Gambit September 9, 2011
Coming Train Wreck in Turtle Bay Foreign Policy September 9, 2011
East Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israeli Citizenship Washington Institute for Near East Policy September 9, 2011
Palestinians Prefer Negotiations Over Going to the UN Palestinian Center for Public Opinion September 7, 2011
Israeli PM: Palestinians Doing All They Can to Avoid Peace Talks Jerusalem Post September 5, 2011
State of Palestine Would Backfire On Its Own People The Guardian September 4, 2011
Israel Ambassador to U.S. Oren: Agreements with PA Could be Nullified by Statehood Declaration Israel Hayom September 1, 2011
Palestinians, Be Careful What You Wish For Israel Hayom August 29, 2011
UN Statehood Bid 'Threatens Palestinian Rights' Ma'an News Agency August 25, 2011
Whose Brilliant Idea Was That UN Vote? Council on Foreign Relations August 25, 2011
Strategic Diplomacy Needed on Israel Politico August 25, 2011
Invulnerable Hamas is Face of Palestinian Independence Commentary August 22, 2011
Will Abbas's Gambit Trigger a Third Intifada? Washington Post August 22, 2011
Dictators and Double Standards: Assad and the Palestinians Wall Street Journal August 19, 2011
Palestinian Factions Reconsidering Relations with Assad Arab News August 18, 2011
Palestinian Statehood Won't Change Anything on the Ground The New Republic August 17, 2011
Quartet Statements - and Quartet Silences Council on Foreign Relations August 17, 2011
Syria Attacks Palestinian Refugee Camp The Independent August 17, 2011
Where's the Palestinian 'Arab Spring'? Hudson Institute August 16, 2011
Thousands Flee Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria Reuters via Jerusalem Post August 16, 2011
Penniless Palestine Foreign Afffairs August 14, 2011
Abbas Vision of an Ethnically Cleansed Palestinian State Commentary August 14, 2011
Abbas Seeking Palestinian State Without Settlements Jerusalem Post August 14, 2011
Fatah Central Committee Confirms Sacking of Dahlan Arab News August 14, 2011
Factions Clash in Lebanese Palestinian Refugee Camp Arab News August 7, 2011
If the Palestinians Get a State, Shouldn't the Kurds? Ynet News August 4, 2011
The Palestinians' Imaginary State Foreign Policy August 4, 2011
Israel Ready to Negotiate Borders with Palestinians The Telegraph August 3, 2011
Israel in Dramatic Policy Shift Associated Press August 3, 2011
Israel Bows to Obama's 1967 Pressures Front Page August 3, 2011
Netanyahu Signals New Palestinian State Talks The Independent August 3, 2011
Bibi Would Accept pre-'67 Lines as Basis for Talks Jerusalem Post August 3, 2011
2 Palestinians Killed, 5 IDF Soldiers Wounded in West Bank Raid Reuters via Ha'aretz August 1, 2011
Norway Survivors Thought that Killer was Simulating Israeli Crimes Against Palestinians The Atlantic July 26, 2011
Is There Really a Demographic 'Time Bomb'? Tablet July 25, 2011
Israeli Sources: 'Arab Spring' Let Palestinians Ramp Up Gaza Arms Smuggling Ha'aretz July 25, 2011
Israel Prepares for Unrest as Palestinians Press for Recogntion Bloomberg July 22, 2011
Why Palestinian Streets are Full of Foreigners This Week in Palestine July 22, 2011
Netanyahu First Interview on Arab TV Al Arabiya July 21, 2011
Eliminating Israel The National Interest July 20, 2011
Will Statehood Declaration Help Palestinians? The Guardian July 18, 2011
Why the Palestinians Don't Want Fayyad Hudson Institute July 18, 2011
Nablus Palestinians Play Down Possibility of September Intifada Ha'aretz July 15, 2011
6 in 10 Palestinians Reject 2-State Solution Jerusalem Post July 15, 2011
It's Time to Park the Peace Process Financial Times July 12, 2011
Palestinian State Could Put Jordan Existence at Jeopardy Jerusalem Post July 12, 2011
Abbas's Breaking Point The National Interest July 11, 2011
Saudi Columnist Accuses Mash'al of Supporting Syria at Any Cost Al-Watan via MEMRI July 10, 2011
Spin by Flotilla Organizers: 'Solidarity More Important Than Aid' The Guardian July 6, 2011
U.S. Senate Delivers Message: Palestinian Statehood Risks Funding Jewish Telegraphic Agency June 30, 2011
Implications of Raised Expectations for Palestinians Hudson Institute June 29, 2011
Israeli Army Arrests 23 Palestinians, Including Hamas, PNC Official Arab News June 29, 2011
Hamas Leader: Palestinian Reconciliation Stalls AP via Arab News June 28, 2011
How the Palestinians Became the Baby Seals of the Western Human Rights Lobby The Telegraph June 27, 2011
The Settlement Obsession Foreign Afffairs June 27, 2011
Israel to Cancel 'Holiday Conditions' for Palestinian Prisoners Ha'aretz June 24, 2011

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