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Title Publication Date
It's about the settlements, stupid PJ Media December 18, 2013
Iran: White House lying about details of nuke deal Washington Free Beacon November 27, 2013
When the US let Iran off the hook Times of Israel November 27, 2013
Iran talks reverberate through web of Middle East alliances Los Angeles Times November 27, 2013
U.S. and Saudis in growing rift as power shifts New York Times November 27, 2013
The hidden cost of the Iranian nuclear deal Brookings November 25, 2013
Greatest danger is that interim agreement with Iran will become permanent Ynet News November 25, 2013
Iran nuclear deal leaves questions over uranium enrichment Financial Times November 25, 2013
Abject surrender by the United States: What does Israel do now? Weekly Standard November 25, 2013
The deal with Iran won't achieve peace, but the opposite National Review November 25, 2013
There was an alternative to the Iran deal Commentary November 25, 2013
The Syrian tragedy and Obama's absence Commentary November 25, 2013
Obama advised Netanyahu of Iran talks in September AP via Ynet News November 25, 2013
Poll: Israelis don't believe Iran will stop nuclear program Israel Hayom November 25, 2013
U.S. relations with allies In free fall Brookings November 20, 2013
There is no credible US military option, and 9 other pointers from Jerusalem Times of Israel November 20, 2013
Wishful thinking as foreign policy Council on Foreign Relations November 18, 2013
Obama's fight with Israel: this time it's serious Politico November 18, 2013
The Geneva sham Jerusalem Central November 18, 2013
'Geneva talks a facade, US-Iran worked secretly on deal for past year' Times of Israel November 18, 2013
Targeted killing and the law - who is a legitimate target and when is the target legitimate? Foreign Policy Research Institute November 16, 2013
Superpower outage Commentary November 16, 2013
Putin gets it and the US does not PJ Media November 16, 2013
Israel reacts with alarm at bad Iran deal Brookings November 12, 2013
Kerry to brief dubious Senate on Iran talks Times of Israel November 12, 2013
Is Kerry the worst secretary of state ever? Commentary November 12, 2013
'US capitulated' on Iran deal, Jerusalem says Israel Hayom November 10, 2013
Kerry, give it a rest Ynet News November 10, 2013
Egypt to expand Russia cooperation after fall out with US AFP, Ynet News November 10, 2013
US has 'folded' on Iran, Israeli political sources charge Jerusalem Post November 10, 2013
US already lifting financial pressure on Iran Daily Beast November 10, 2013
The dollar value of the deal in Geneva Foundation for the Defense of Democracies November 10, 2013
Americans destroy their credibility in Israel and the region Jerusalem Central November 10, 2013
Chasm opens between U.S., closest Mideast allies, over Tehran Wall Street Journal November 10, 2013
Obama turns on Israel National Review November 10, 2013
US removing navy from Mideast as Russia enters Arutz Sheva November 10, 2013
At minimum, interim deal should fully freeze Iran's nuclear threat The Foreign Policy Initiative November 10, 2013
Netanyahu slams U.S. offer on Iran nukes Politico November 8, 2013
What has Iran learned? Israel Hayom November 8, 2013
Kerry's antagonism unmasked Israel Hayom November 8, 2013
Netanyahu to Kerry: Israel not bound by any deal with Iran Times of Israel November 8, 2013
Kerry: US considers Israeli settlements to be 'illegitimate' Jerusalem Post November 8, 2013
US will ease sanctions if Iran halts nuclear program New York Times November 8, 2013
Kerry's bitter attack on Israel Times of Israel November 8, 2013
Kerry tips the scales against Israel Commentary November 8, 2013
Shameless appeasement of Iran Ynet News November 8, 2013
US Congress will not wait to push ahead with sanctions on Iran Jerusalem Post November 8, 2013
On Iran, a decisive two months Times of Israel November 6, 2013
White House trying to play divide and conquer on Iran Washington Free Beacon November 6, 2013
Iran: The U.S. Calvary is NOT coming Times of Israel November 6, 2013
DC Intelligence leaks a growing concern for Israeli government Time November 4, 2013
AIPAC says sanctions lobbying will not be delayed Jewish Telegraphic Agency November 4, 2013
Anti-American crowds protest at former US Embassy in Tehran AP via Washington Post November 4, 2013
Saudis infuriated, insulted by U.S. efforts at rapprochement with Iran MEMRI November 4, 2013
Report: NSA spied on 'high priority Israeli military targets' Israel Hayom November 4, 2013
Israel furious at Obama for outing Syria strike Times of Israel November 4, 2013
Americans sabotaging Israel security policy Ynet News November 4, 2013
White House fighting new Senate sanctions bill on Iran Jerusalem Post October 31, 2013
US knew of settlement construction plans Jerusalem Post October 31, 2013
US opposes building in East Jerusalem Ynet News October 31, 2013
Mr. Kerry's empty words on Syria Washington Post October 29, 2013
New Benghazi information - same Clinton incompetence Commentary October 29, 2013
Obama, Netanyahu discuss Iran; Kerry: We won't succumb to fear tactics AFP via Ynet News October 29, 2013
Turkey - friend or foe? Foundation for Defense of Democracies October 27, 2013
US message to Israel on Iran: military option off the table Council on Foreign Relations October 27, 2013
Rice advocates a more modest strategy for the Middle East New York Times October 27, 2013
Analysis: Saudis standing up for US allies in Middle East Jerusalem Post October 24, 2013
Netanyahu unmoved by Kerry's reassurances on Iran Times of Israel October 24, 2013
Iran talks: 'Kerry didn't persuade Netanyahu' Ynet News October 24, 2013
US Mideast allies highly critical of US New York Times October 24, 2013
Obama ME credibility is melting Wall Street Journal October 24, 2013
Rogue state: Israel would be ready to defy US on Iran Foreign Policy October 23, 2013
Saudi Arabia warns of shift away from U.S. over Syria, Iran Reuters October 23, 2013
Why Israel opposes international forces in the Jordan Valley Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs October 22, 2013
Report: US cancels drone deal with Turkey Ynet News October 22, 2013
The New York Times vs. Netanyahu The American Thinker October 20, 2013
Egypt 'looking to Russia' for arms after US aid freeze Times of Israel October 20, 2013
Erdogan's backstabbing continues Israel Hayom October 17, 2013
Appeasement won't reduce the peril of a nuclear Iran The Telegraph October 14, 2013
Angering everyone in Egypt Wall Street Journal October 10, 2013
Israel dismayed at cutback of U.S. aid to Egypt New York Times October 10, 2013
U.S. suspends significant military aid to Egypt CNN October 10, 2013
U.S. said to hold Al-Qaeda suspect on navy ship New York Times October 7, 2013
Saudis stung by Obama Iran initiative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies October 4, 2013
For our Arab allies, it's 'east of Suez' again Commentary October 4, 2013
America musn't be naive about Iran New York Times October 3, 2013
Kerry says talks with Iran will not be based on trust New York Times October 3, 2013
Iran sanctions in U.S. Senate delayed before Geneva talks Reuters October 2, 2013
A carefully crafted US-Israel message on Iran Jerusalem Post October 2, 2013
New York Times: Bibi sabotaging Obama efforts on Iran Ynet News October 2, 2013
Bibi the bad cop: Can Israel prevent a deal with Iran? Council on Foreign Relations October 2, 2013
Surprise! Syria chemical count falls short Wall Street Journal September 30, 2013
Obama's wishful thinking MEMRI September 30, 2013
Report: Obama call prevented French strikes on Syria 'hours before launch' Ynet News September 30, 2013
Iran's charm offensive Foreign Policy September 25, 2013
Not really about Syria Foundation for the Defense of Democracies September 25, 2013
Incitement is the obstacle to peace Commentary September 25, 2013
After Syria, US Congress wary of Obama's Iran thaw Reuters via Ynet News September 25, 2013
New Islamic bloc declares opposition to national coalition and US strategy Syria Comment September 25, 2013
Al Qaeda's African surge threatens U.S. Wall Street Journal September 25, 2013
Rouhani just not into Obama Wall Street Journal September 25, 2013
Israel's stunning response to Palestinian aggression Middle East Forum September 24, 2013
Israel protests to US over Palestinian Authority incitement Jerusalem Post September 24, 2013
Iran's president faces no easy task in bid to ease Western sanctions AP via Washington Post September 24, 2013
Israel likes its U.S. presidents strong Commentary September 20, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood official, former Clinton Foundation employee arrested Washington Free Beacon September 20, 2013
Israel calls Iranian president's nuclear comments deceptive Reuters September 20, 2013
Kerry pressing Security Council on Syria accord New York Times September 20, 2013
The fruits of epic incompetence Washington Post September 18, 2013
Obama says ready to 'test' Iran's willingness to talk israel Hayom September 18, 2013
Symposium: America, Syria and the World Wall Street Journal September 18, 2013
West lobbies U.N. nuclear meeting to reject Arab push on Israel Reuters September 18, 2013
Former CIA deputy: no way Assad gives up his nerve gas Foreign Policy September 18, 2013
Rebels deflated after Syria deal New York Times September 17, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times Online September 17, 2013
Mission impossible in Syria World Affairs September 17, 2013
One-state delusion The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
The Syria deal Council on Foreign Relations September 17, 2013
Inside White House, a head-spinning reversal on chemical weapons Wall Street Journal September 17, 2013
American ineffctualism National Review September 16, 2013
Lessons for Jerusalem: First - don't count on Washington Weekly Standard September 16, 2013
Obama lost more than style points in Syria Commentary September 16, 2013
Kerry warns Syria: Even Russia agrees there will be consequences for non-compliance Reuters September 16, 2013
Assad's biological weapons absent from US-Russia deal Times of Israel September 16, 2013
An anchorless world New York Times September 16, 2013
Syria Deal: As Good As It Gets? The National Interest September 16, 2013
Syria deal will have direct impact on Iran Israel Hayom September 16, 2013
Amateur hour: Obama got played by Putin and Assad The New Republic September 11, 2013
Obama's Samantha Powers speech National Review September 11, 2013
Obama's weak and contradictory speech Commentary September 11, 2013
Obama's call for action - and inaction Commentary September 11, 2013
On Syria University of Utah September 11, 2013
Between the sublime and the ridiculous Israel Hayom September 11, 2013
Obama gets an 'F' for handling of Syria crisis Foreign Policy September 11, 2013
Forget Syria, target Iran National Review September 10, 2013
Obama's farce National Review September 10, 2013
The Great Syrian Train Wreck American Spectator September 10, 2013
How NOT to win over Congress National Review September 10, 2013
The United States of weakness Politico September 10, 2013
Obama utterly trashes his reputation Commentary September 10, 2013
Obama administration's message on Syria is muddled Washington Post September 10, 2013
Obama sees potential breakthrough in Russia proposal on Syria Washington Post September 10, 2013
Goldberg rips J Street Israel Matzav September 10, 2013
The Bed Obama and Kerry made Wall Street Journal September 10, 2013
Kerry under fire for "unbelievably small" comment Politico September 9, 2013
To stop Iran, stop Assad Washington Post September 9, 2013
Vote for Syria strike but add Iran to the list PJ Media September 9, 2013
Doubts about Obama's Iran resolve Commentary September 9, 2013
In America we trust? Israel Hayom September 9, 2013
Obama's successful foreign failure Wall Street Journal September 9, 2013
Unserious Commander-in-Chief National Review September 6, 2013
Top Obama aide: No US military action without okay from Congress Reuters via Jerusalem Post September 6, 2013
Obama to address American people on Syria AP via Times of Israel September 6, 2013
Hezbollah told Iran 'chemical weapons use a big mistake' The Telegraph September 6, 2013
Humanitarian crisis, geo-politics and the dilemma facing Congress U. of Utah Law School September 6, 2013
The Muddle East Foundation for Defense of Democracies September 6, 2013
Why America is saying 'no' Wall Street Journal September 6, 2013
Jewish organizations in US support Syria strike JTA and Times of Israel September 4, 2013
Obama stopped Israeli strike on Iran Mida September 4, 2013
Allies' intelligence differs but still points to Assad New York Times September 4, 2013
U.S. still hasn't armed Syria rebels Wall Street Journal September 3, 2013
Syria: are we trying to lose? Council on Foreign Relations September 3, 2013
The price of vacillation Commentary September 3, 2013
In Syria, anger and mockery as Obama delays plan New York Times September 3, 2013
'Next time Obama tells us he has our back, can we trust him?' Israel Hayom September 3, 2013
Israel, US conduct joint missile defense test in Mediterranean Israel Hayom September 3, 2013
Arab allies of US exasperated by Western stance on Syria Jerusalem Post September 3, 2013
Kissinger's good option for Syria Financial Post September 3, 2013
Obama unleashes horror in Jerusalem The Times of Israel September 2, 2013
White House girds for battle with Congress Wall Street Journal September 2, 2013
Forget Obama - do it yourself The Times of Israel September 2, 2013
US, Russia move battleships into position for Syria showdown Israel Hayom September 2, 2013
Shamed into war National Review September 1, 2013
Obama's bizarre Syria policy Commentary September 1, 2013
At last minute, Obama made call alone to go to Congress Wall Street Journal September 1, 2013
Obama's credibility on line in reversal The Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Weak world response on Syria boosts chance of strong Israeli action on Iran Jerusalem Post September 1, 2013
Kerry: We have proof sarin used in chemical attack AP via Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Ynet News September 1, 2013
Leading from behind the polls Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
War, what is it good for? New York Times September 1, 2013
Obama puts politics above morals on Syria New York Post September 1, 2013
Obama on Egypt: the clueless presidency Commentary August 20, 2013
The world learns to manage without the US PJ Media August 20, 2013
Is Erdogan the new Ahmadinejad? Jerusalem Post August 20, 2013
The Middle East: all bad choices National Review August 20, 2013
Lebanon, Syria — and the CIA The Weekly Standard August 20, 2013
A policy on Egypt—support Al Sisi Wall Street Journal August 20, 2013
Cairo is burning. Where is Obama? PJ Media August 20, 2013
Jordan asks for assistance in securing Syrian border New York Times August 16, 2013
The citizen of the world presidency Commentary August 16, 2013
Obama's dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria on display Washington Post August 16, 2013
America's problems in the Middle East just beginning PJ Media August 16, 2013
Is Obama turning into Woodrow Wilson? Israel Hayom August 16, 2013
CIA official says Syria top threat to US security Wall Street Journal August 7, 2013
Former IDF intel chief: US coming around to an Israeli strike on Iran Times of Israel August 7, 2013
"It turns out that al-Qaeda has not been defeated" Bloomberg August 6, 2013
Official: Israel capable of unilateral strike on Iran, if US not committed Jerusalem Post August 6, 2013
If Huma and Hillary were emailing Wall Street Journal August 5, 2013
Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer in Washington PJ Media August 5, 2013
Obama's fundamental failure on Iran Ynet News August 5, 2013
Senate urges Barack Obama to step up Iran sanctions The Telegraph August 5, 2013
Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt's military coup, settling score for Mubarak ouster Debka July 4, 2013
Morsi's ouster and American incoherence The Times of Israel July 4, 2013
Obama offers revisionist history of his approach to Egypt The Daily Beast July 4, 2013
Banned cleric's outspoken deputy visits White House The Investigative Project on Terrorism June 26, 2013
Israeli officials say Turkey humiliating Israel Ynet News June 26, 2013
Who is Ben Rhodes? The LRC Blog June 26, 2013
Obama decision to supply light arms doesn't alter U.S. strategy in Syria NOW Lebanon June 26, 2013
For Kerry, little new traction as yet another visit to Israel awaits Washington Post June 26, 2013
Pentagon shoots down Kerry's air strike plan Bloomberg June 20, 2013
Syria and the 700 sorties Council on Foreign Relations June 20, 2013
Netanyahu on Iran vote: We're not deluding ourselves Ynet News June 16, 2013
Obama's Syria policy a mess Weekly Standard June 16, 2013
Turkish protests expose Obama hypocrisy Commentary June 2, 2013
Russia standing firm on Syria - U.S not Israel Hayom May 29, 2013
Israeli or U.S. action against Iran: who will do It If It must be done? Institute for National Security Studies May 29, 2013
Contrary to Obama, the terror war has barely begun PJ Media May 28, 2013
Memo to Kerry: It's not the economy, stupid The Times of Israel May 27, 2013
Obama's head in the sand speech on terror PJ Media May 27, 2013
Obama's cynical war speech National Review Online May 27, 2013
Iran policy reaches day of reckoning Washington Post May 22, 2013
Iranian soldiers fighting for Assad in Syria Washington Post May 22, 2013
U.S. must exploit Hezbollah vulnerability Commentary May 22, 2013
The Mideast Crack-up Tablet May 22, 2013
Dumb and dumber: catastrophe by consensus in the Middle East Tablet May 22, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
Iran sanctions hurt Hezbollah and Assad Al-Arabiya May 21, 2013
The problem with Iran sanctions Foundation for Defense of Democracies May 21, 2013
Russia makes a fool of Kerry (again) Commentary May 17, 2013
CIA chief makes unannounced Israel visit AP via Washington Post May 17, 2013
Radioactive regime: Iran and its apoligists The Weekly Standard May 14, 2013
Who Is James Dobbins? PJ Media May 14, 2013
IRS also targeted conservative pro-Israel organizations PJ Media May 13, 2013
The Benghazi scandal grows The Weekly Standard May 13, 2013
The liberal wall of Benghazi denial cracks Commentary May 13, 2013
When myths collide in the capital New York Times May 13, 2013
Benghazi emails put White House on the defensive New York Times May 13, 2013
Silly man: How John Kerry got rolled by Vladimir Putin on a plan to save Syria Foreign Policy May 13, 2013
Benghazi: a smoking gun PJ Media May 12, 2013
The Benghazi lie National Review Online May 12, 2013
Hillary hasn't heard the end of Benghazi Commentary May 9, 2013
Diplomat airs Benghazi attack details Wall Street Journal May 9, 2013
Obama's timidity on Syria: Lessons from a fiasco The New Republic May 9, 2013
Syria, Russia and American weakness Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
Middle East diplomacy: Forgetting the past Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
Kerry betting on the wrong horses Gatestone Institute May 9, 2013
Senate bill would halt Iran access to $1b cash New York Times May 9, 2013
U.S. is warned Russia plans Syria arms sale Wall Street Journal May 9, 2013
Israeli airstrikes may have exposed Syrian flaw, U.S. officials say Los Angeles Times May 6, 2013
'Flaky' Evidence, False Flags and Ha'aretz's Front-Page CAMERA May 6, 2013
Israel steps up to the plate Washington Post May 6, 2013
Reported Israeli airstrikes in Syria could accelerate U.S. decision process Washington Post May 6, 2013
Report: Israel strike killed elite Iran troops, hit Syrian chemical facility Ynet News May 6, 2013
Israel attacks on Syria fuel debate on U.S-led effort New York Times May 6, 2013
The misleading Fayyad blame game Commentary April 25, 2013
Has Assad crossed Obama's red line? Commentary April 25, 2013
Kerry compares Boston and Mavi Marmara victims Jerusalem Post April 25, 2013
Hagel: Mideast arms deal 'a very clear signal' to Iran Washington Post April 21, 2013
U.S.arms deal with Israel is force multiplier Israel Hayom April 21, 2013
With nothing to lose: the limits of a rational Iran American Interest April 13, 2013
State Department blasts Egypt for issuing arrest warrant against Jon Stewart The Tower April 5, 2013
Now Obama needs to pressure Turkey CNN March 27, 2013
Stopping an undetectable Iranian bomb Wall Street Journal March 27, 2013
Iraq on the way to dissolution as U.S. doing nothing to stop it Los Angeles Times March 27, 2013
Obama Syria policy in shambles as opposition squabbles McClatchy March 27, 2013
Friction behind the smiles Ynet News March 21, 2013
Obama and Netanyahu show unusual solidarity Washington Post March 21, 2013
Cairo undone? Obama says 'Israel is historic homeland of the Jewish people' Israel Hayom March 21, 2013
Analysis: Obama, he had us at 'Shalom' Jerusalem Post March 21, 2013
Reversing policy of first term, Obama says no preconditions to talks The Times of Israel March 21, 2013
Gaza rockets hit southern Israel during Obama visit Israel Hayom March 21, 2013
Despite sanctions' toll on Iran, U.S. sees no shift in nuclear behavior Washington Post March 19, 2013
Mr. Kerry's old linkage rhetoric Council on Foreign Relations March 19, 2013
Bethlehem: Swastikas on Obama billboard Ynet News March 19, 2013
Israel ready for 'historic compromise' with Palestinians, Netanyahu says Washington Post March 19, 2013
US embassy keeps Ariel U. out of Obama visit Jerusalem Post March 14, 2013
Barack Obama invites first black Miss Israel to dinner The Guardian March 14, 2013
Targeted killing: when proportionality gets all out of proportion University of Utah March 14, 2013
Obama to keep Passover dietary laws during trip to Israel The Telegraph March 14, 2013
The misplaced faith in Abbas Commentary March 12, 2013
Syria, Bosnia and the Old Mistakes The New Republic March 12, 2013
Palestinians planning anti-Obama demonstrations for his visit Gatestone Institute March 11, 2013
West training Syrian rebels in Jordan The Guardian March 11, 2013
State Department halts award for Egyptian accused of anti-Semitic remarks Washington Times March 10, 2013
Obama deadline raises coalition pressure on Bibi Commentary March 1, 2013
Washington's last chance to help Syria Washington Post February 28, 2013
Kerry confronts clashing interests in Syria, Iran and Russia Los Angeles Times February 28, 2013
Kerry sending mixed signals on Syria Syria Comment February 28, 2013
American humanitarian aid in Syria going mostly to Assad Council on Foreign Relations February 27, 2013
Report: Hagel in 2010 said Israel headed toward Apartheid; Netanyahu a "radical" Washington Free Beacon February 20, 2013
Why Iran already has the bomb Tablet February 14, 2013
U.S. weakness provokes N. Korea and Iran Commentary February 12, 2013
Former Israel Ambassador to the US, Rabinovich, calls Hagel 'bad choice' The Times of Israel February 12, 2013
Are Iran sanctions working? Iran Watch February 11, 2013
Syria: everybody wanted action except Obama Council on Foreign Relations February 11, 2013
'Friends of Hamas' may have provided funding for Hagel Breitbart February 11, 2013
Netanyahu: Meeting with Obama to focus on Iran, Syria, peace process Israel Hayom February 11, 2013
Hagel in 2008 video: U.S. shouldn't even think about bombing Iran The Algemeiner February 11, 2013
Hagel's greatest hits The Weekly Standard January 31, 2013
Are you serious, Mr. President? Asharq Alawsat January 31, 2013
The Senate and Chuck Hagel American Enterprise Institute January 31, 2013
Consequences of U.S. inaction in Syria are clear Washington Post January 31, 2013
Hagel: Israel keeps 'Palestinians caged up like animals' Washington Free Beacon January 30, 2013
How the West was duped by the Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Policy January 30, 2013
Chuck Hagel's colleague: So many Jews, so much disloyalty Washington Post January 29, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood, the UAE, and the United States Council on Foreign Relations January 28, 2013
Kissinger says Iran nuclear crisis close BBC News January 27, 2013
Feds up pressure on suspects in Stuxnet leak Ynet News January 27, 2013
Israel's choices and America's failure PJ Media January 24, 2013
Morsi implies Jews control American media Foreign Policy January 24, 2013
Following the elections in Israel, a reset Washington Post January 23, 2013
Prospects for nuclear talks with Iran dim Washington Post January 17, 2013
Netanyahu responds to Obama: Only Israel's citizens will decide Israel Hayom January 17, 2013
Some hostages in Algeria forced to wear explosives Ynet News January 17, 2013
Storm warning: when a hardline reelected Israeli leadership meets an inflexible second-term president The Times of Israel January 17, 2013
Worries about a 'failed state' in Syria Washington Post January 17, 2013
Secret State Dept cable: chemical weapons used in Syria Foreign Policy January 17, 2013
Netanyahu aides: Obama meddling in Israeli elections Israel Hayom January 17, 2013
Obama v. Israel, cont'd Politico January 17, 2013
U.S. criticizes Egypt's leader for Antisemitic remarks New York Times January 17, 2013
Chuck Hagel and linkage The Weekly Standard January 17, 2013
Israelis haven't become radicals; they've just abandoned a delusion. Tablet January 17, 2013
The meaning of Hagel Fox News January 11, 2013
Some of my best friends are Antisemites: Obama nominates Hagel Algemeiner January 11, 2013
Kerry getting a free pass on Israel American Thinker January 3, 2013
Iranian nuclear talks need to come to a close Washington Post January 3, 2013
Obama's Middle East mess PJ Media December 21, 2012
Israel - 22; Rest of the World - 4 The Algemeiner December 21, 2012
Pollard's defenders vindicated Tablet December 21, 2012
Is Chuck Hagel toast? Washington Post December 21, 2012
4 are out at State Dept. after scathing report on Benghazi attack New York Times December 20, 2012
Pressure mounts to appoint first female secretary of defense BuzzFeed December 19, 2012
Democrats speak out against Hagel as Flournoy's star rises Washington Post December 19, 2012
Hagel could face rough tide to confirmation Roll Call December 19, 2012
Chuck Hagel is not the right choice for defense secretary Washington Post December 19, 2012
Daniel Inouye: American hero and true friend of Israel Ynet News December 19, 2012
Obama, Hagel and Iran Council on Foreign Relations December 18, 2012
Declassified CIA assessment: Pollard collaborated with U.S. in 'good faith' Jewish Telegraphic Agency December 18, 2012
U.S. plans for possibility that Assad could lose control of chemical arms cache Washington Post December 18, 2012
Check Hagel's Jewish problem Wall Street Journal December 18, 2012
Gaza's tunnels rebound from Israeli offensive Associated Press December 12, 2012
Stop scapegoating Israeli settlements New York Daily News December 12, 2012
New York Times article explains E1 New York Times December 12, 2012
U.S. designates Syria's Al-Nusra as terrorist group New York Times December 12, 2012
US approves sales of precision bomb kits to Israel Israel Hayom December 12, 2012
Israel gets a better reception from Berlin than Washington PJ Media December 12, 2012
Watching Syria's descent Washington Post December 12, 2012
Be careful what you wish for in Syria The Daily Beast December 12, 2012
U.S. going for three-time mistake in Syria Philadelphia Enquirer December 12, 2012
US recognizes Syria opposition coalition BBC December 12, 2012
US military facing fresh questions over targeting of children in Afghanistan The Guardian December 10, 2012
Sources: US behind European protest measures Ynet News December 4, 2012
Netanyahu refuses to rescind settlement decision Jerusalem Post December 4, 2012
Obama warns Assad against chemical weapons CNN December 4, 2012
Europe shows again that Palestinian violence pays Commentary December 4, 2012
E-1 issue is not new Council on Foreign Relations December 3, 2012
Washington, Ankara on collision course over Turkey sales of gold to Iran Wall Street Journal December 3, 2012
How Israel lost Europe December 3, 2012
White House opposed new Iran sanctions Foreign Policy December 3, 2012
To grant invasion legitimacy, Netanyahu gives diplomacy time Israel Hayom November 20, 2012
Israel freezes plans for ground operation as Clinton heads to the region The Times of Israel November 20, 2012
A pillar of problems Foreign Policy November 20, 2012
Sitting out the Syria game NOW Lebanon November 20, 2012
Morsi in a bind Foundation for Defense of Democracies November 20, 2012
Obama asks Palestinians to back off statehood push Politico November 12, 2012
Administration still does not grasp the significance of Libya National Review Online October 31, 2012
Dempsey arrives in Israel to oversee joint air defense drill Jerusalem Post October 29, 2012
U.S. urges Europe to label Hezbollah a terrorist group Washington Post October 29, 2012
They got it right: America is their enemy Jerusalem Post October 22, 2012
Obama is gambling on Iran Israel Hayom October 22, 2012
Clinton attempts to deflect from Obama - takes 'responsibility' for Benghazi Reuters October 16, 2012
Obama campaign shifting Benghazi blame to Hillary, making Clinton's furious Daily Caller October 14, 2012
U.S. officer got no reply to requests for more security in Benghazi Reuters October 10, 2012
Before attack on U.S. mission in Libya, State Dept. concluded risk of violence was high Washington Post October 10, 2012
Decision time on Iran fast approaching Commentary October 10, 2012
Al Qaeda responsible for 4 attacks on U.S. embassies in September The Weekly Standard October 10, 2012
Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East Chicago Sun-Times October 10, 2012
Netanyahu envoy: 'Our positions on red lines has not changed' Foreign Policy October 9, 2012
48 hours in Syria Washington Post October 9, 2012
US said to mull 'surgical strike' on Iran Ynet News October 9, 2012
FEATURED: CIA, U.S. intelligence community revolts against Obama administration Washington Free Beacon October 9, 2012
A red line Iran would take seriously Washington Post October 7, 2012
Robert Gates and Israel: there he goes again Council on Foreign Relations October 7, 2012
Obama's weakness, Sudan's tragedy PJ Media October 7, 2012
Washington showing Lebanese Banks who's boss Al-Bawaba October 7, 2012
U.S. likely to agree to Sri Lanka bypassing Iran sanctions Steelguru October 7, 2012
Panetta warns about Syria-Turkey AP via October 7, 2012
UAV intrusion: Iranian act of belligerence against Israel, US Debka October 7, 2012
West should be wary of playing Turkey's game in Syria The Telegraph October 5, 2012
Iran plan to end nuclear crisis dismissed by U.S. New York Times October 5, 2012
Within hours Obama administration had indications Libya attack tied to organized militants Reuters October 5, 2012
The case for humility Foreign Policy October 3, 2012
Hunt for Obama's Middle East policy comes up empty Bloomberg October 3, 2012
Obama and Clinton in defense of Islam Algemeiner September 30, 2012
5 reasons to intervene in Syria now New York Times September 30, 2012
Obama's speech at the UN: the disconnect from reality PJ Media September 30, 2012
Obama was free to meet Netanyahu Israel Matzav September 30, 2012
Panetta: U.S. has lost track of some Syrian chemical weapons Foreign Policy September 30, 2012
Obama does not agree to red line in call with Netanyahu Washington Examiner September 30, 2012
A nuclear Iran for dummies Israel Hayom September 30, 2012
Obama, Ahmadinejad make separate statements on Israeli "noise" Israel Hayom September 24, 2012
Obama block out Israeli "noise" on Iran Commentary September 24, 2012
Attack in Libya was major blow to CIA efforts New York Times September 24, 2012
Collapse of the Cairo Doctine National Review Online September 24, 2012
Obama says 'blocking out' Israeli 'noise' Ynet News September 24, 2012
Obama downgrades U.S.-Israel alliance Washington Free Beacon September 24, 2012
Referencing Netanyahu, Obama says he'll 'block out any noise out there' on Iran The Times of Israel September 24, 2012
Obama: Israel "one of out closest allies in the region" Real Clear Politics September 24, 2012
Obama refers to Israel concern over Iran as 'noise' The Weekly Standard September 24, 2012
CNN reported on slain ambassador's diary over State Dept objectons AP via New York Daily News September 23, 2012
FEATURED: Benny Morris on why he's written his last word on the Israel-Arab conflict Ha'aretz September 23, 2012
America's dangerous lethargy on Syria NOW Lebanon September 23, 2012
'Israel cannot rely on world to act against Iran,' Barak says Israel Hayom September 23, 2012
U.S. aid to Egypt stalled Washington Post September 21, 2012
Pro-Tehran group NIAC loses defamation suit Washington Free Beacon September 21, 2012
The video didn't do it The Weekly Standard September 19, 2012
Maureen Dowd charged with Antisemitism Politico September 19, 2012
On Afghanistan, Obama must speak up Commentary September 19, 2012
FEATURED: The abandonment Washington Post September 14, 2012
Netanyahu: what if the U.S. does not intervene on Iran Israel Hayom September 14, 2012
The Democratic Party and a second Holocaust PJ Media September 14, 2012
Sanctions won't stop Iran Foundation for Defense of Democracies September 14, 2012
Obama's terror touchdown dance is over Commentary September 13, 2012
Several questions on Cairo and Benghazi National Review September 13, 2012
Cairo, Benghazi and Obama foreign policy Wall Street Journal September 13, 2012
US 'red line' is that Iran cannot have nuclear weapons, Obama declares The Times of Israel September 13, 2012
Struggling to grasp the Middle East Israel Hayom September 13, 2012
Rioters storm US embassy in Yemen as protests spread Evening Standard September 13, 2012
Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush Reuters September 13, 2012
Israel chides Clinton for 'speeding up Iran's centrifuges' Israel Hayom September 11, 2012
US opposes renewed Palestinian UN bid The Times of Israel September 11, 2012
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Israel and U.S. postpone massive defense drill - Washington trying to avoid further tension in region Ha'aretz January 16, 2012
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Joint US-Israel drill postponed to 'defuse Iran tensions' Ynet News January 16, 2012
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Joint US-Israeli military drill cancelled due to 'budgetary reasons' Israel Hayom January 15, 2012
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Israeli vice PM claims 'election considerations' behind Obama caution on Iran Reuters January 15, 2012
U.S. warns Iran not to close Straits of Hormuz New York Times January 13, 2012
Romney singles out Israel in NH victory speech Jerusalem Post January 11, 2012
Senior U.S. official to Turks: 'eager to work with you on Iran' Hurriyet January 11, 2012
Clinton slams latest Iran moves - urges 'serious' talks Reuters January 11, 2012
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Downed U.S. drone on CIA mission CBS News December 16, 2011
Soviet armed Iraq switches to U.S. weapons Asia Times Online December 15, 2011
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U.S. continuing to subsidize Hamas Commentary December 4, 2011
Syrian government hit with new sanctions Bloomberg December 2, 2011
Despite Obama objection, Senate votes unanimously to sanction Iran central bank Wall Street Journal December 2, 2011
Iran planning to attack U.S. bases in Germany Ynet December 1, 2011
All aboard except for the U.S.: Britain pledges support for Iran oil embargo Reuters December 1, 2011
Top U.S. military chief unclear if Israel would give advance warning on Iran attack Reuters December 1, 2011
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Majority of American voters say Iran sanctions not working Quinnipac University November 24, 2011
U.S. national security adviser tries to defend Obama Iran policy Al Arabiya November 24, 2011
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Dennis Ross to resign New York Times November 11, 2011
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U.S. may sell precision-guided bombs to UAE Reuters November 11, 2011
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PA funds officially blocked by Congress Ha'aretz October 4, 2011
Administration defends Awlaki killing Washington Post October 3, 2011
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Senior Haqqani leader in Afghanistan captured Los Angeles Times October 2, 2011
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Israel Not Included in U.S. Global Counterterrorism Forum U.S. Department of State September 12, 2011
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Saudis Threaten U.S. Relationship Over Palestinian State New York Times September 12, 2011
Bomb at Afghan Base Wounds 80 American Soldiers The Independent September 11, 2011
State Dept Official Says U.S. Will Veto Palestinian UN Bid Ha'aretz September 9, 2011
Abbas Rebuffs U.S. on UN Vote Wall Street Journal September 9, 2011
U.S. Urges Abbas to Drop Palestinian State Bid Ha'aretz September 9, 2011
Iran Angry Over Missile-Defense Shield in Turkey Hurriyet September 7, 2011
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Former U.S. Officials Making Millions Lobbying for Terrorist Organization Huffington Post August 8, 2011
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U.S. Accuses Iran of Aiding Al-Qaeda Washington Post July 31, 2011
U.S. Foreign Aid Package May Put Conditions on PA Funding Jerusalem Post July 27, 2011
Lockerbie Bomber Seen At Pro-Qadaffi Rally in Tripoli The Guardian July 27, 2011
U.S. General Warns Iran on Nukes and Iraq Attacks Reuters Africa July 27, 2011
Israel, U.S. to Hold Massive Joint Defense Drill Next Year Jerusalem Post July 26, 2011
Turkey Threatens Further Action if No Israeli Apology Forthcoming Israel Hayom July 25, 2011
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House Committee Saves Israel in Foreign Aid Cut Globes July 21, 2011
U.S. Lawmaker Opposes Further Tank Sales to Egypt Defense News July 21, 2011
U.S. Came Within Inches of Killing Al-Qaeda Mastermind The Telegraph July 21, 2011
U.S. Fears Al-Qaeda Gains in Yemen Washington Times July 20, 2011
American Intelligence Denial on Iran Ruthfully Yours July 20, 2011
Turkey Pressures Assad to Step Down New York Post July 20, 2011
Clinton Presses Pakistan on Terrorism Wall Street Journal July 20, 2011
Iran Says It Has Shot Down U.S. Drone Over Nuclear Site Reuters via Arab News July 20, 2011
Assad's Survival Threatens U.S. Interests Commentary July 20, 2011
U.S. Recognizes Libya Rebels as Legitimate Government Washington Post July 20, 2011
House Bill to Cut Aid to Lebanon NOW Lebanon July 19, 2011
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White House in Shift Turns Against Syrian Leader New York Times July 13, 2011
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Obama: "Nobody Can Be Messing with Our Embassy" CBS News July 13, 2011
Bolton: Worst President for Israel - Ever Jerusalem Post July 13, 2011
Killing of Karzai Brother Setback for U.S. Washington Post July 13, 2011
Obama Administration Defends U.S. Aid to PA AP via Ha'aretz July 12, 2011
Washington Stance on Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Dispute Makes War More Likely Commentary July 12, 2011
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It's Time to Park the Peace Process Financial Times July 12, 2011
Obama Missing the Syrian Moment The Weekly Standard July 12, 2011
Empty Gestures as Killing Goes On in Syria The Guardian July 12, 2011
Better to be Feared than Liked Pajamas Media July 12, 2011
No Sign of Talks After Quartet Meeting Reuters via Jerusalem Post July 12, 2011
Quartet Meeting Excellent Ha'aretz July 12, 2011
Clinton: Assad Has Lost Legitimacy to Rule Washington Post July 12, 2011
Response to Damascus Embassy Attack Will be Crucial Commentary July 12, 2011
U.S. Moves Toward Afghan Guerilla War Asia Times Online July 12, 2011
Assad Loyalists Storm U.S., French Embassies in Syria Reuters July 11, 2011
U.S., France Confront Syria Over Embassy Protest July 11, 2011
Mideast Quartet to Include Obama's '67 Formula in Peace Push Ha'aretz July 11, 2011
U.S. Presses Yemen's Saleh to Accept Deal Wall Street Journal July 11, 2011
Panetta: Iranian Arms Used to Attack Americans in Iraq Los Angeles Times July 11, 2011
In Iran, Sanctions Aim at Shipping Lifeline Washington Post July 11, 2011
No End in Sight for Syria Uprising Syria Comment July 11, 2011
Stop Obama's Egypt Tank Sale Commentary July 10, 2011
Is Yemen Trapped by Saudi/American Influence July 10, 2011
U.S. to Defer Military Aid to Pakistan Al-Jazeera July 10, 2011
U.S., Jewish Groups Demand UN Rep Falk Resign Over Blog Entry Jerusalem Post July 10, 2011
Task Force Recommends Delaying All Aid to Pakistan Washington Times July 10, 2011
Iraq Takes 2 More Weeks to Decide if to Extend U.S. Troop Presence Reuters via Asharq Alawat July 10, 2011
Panetta: Defeat of Al-Qaeda 'Within Reach" New York Times July 10, 2011
House Pushes to Suspend Aid to PA if State Plans Go Forward Ha'aretz July 8, 2011
Syria Condemns U.S. Ambassador's Visit to Hama Al-Jazeera July 8, 2011
Iran Engaging in War With the U.S. The Atlantic July 7, 2011
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Patraeus: Afghan War Focus to Shift to Pakistan Border AP via Politico July 5, 2011
U.S. Waffles on Supporting Syrian Protesters Commentary July 4, 2011
U.S. Mistaken in Continued Support of Assad Yisrael Hayom July 4, 2011
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U.S. Still Flying Hundreds of Strike Missions Over Libya Defense News July 1, 2011
Clinton: Syria Running Out of Time to Implement Reforms Reuters via Jerusalem Post July 1, 2011
U.S. to Resume Limited Contacts With Muslim Brotherhood Reuters July 1, 2011
Obama Dismisses "Fuss" Over Libya Conflict Washington Times June 30, 2011
U.S. Senate Delivers Message: Palestinian Statehood Risks Funding Jewish Telegraphic Agency June 30, 2011
State Department More Proactive Against Flotilla Jerusalem Post June 29, 2011
Republicans Press for Recall of Ambassador to Syria Washington Post June 28, 2011
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