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Title Publication Date
Why's Syria Kurds are beating al-Qaeda Syria Comment December 18, 2013
The changing of the tide in the Syrian civil war The Institute for National Security Studies December 18, 2013
Syrian rebels, al Qaeda factions reach peace deal The Hill November 20, 2013
Putin gets it and the US does not PJ Media November 16, 2013
Syrian army retakes important towns in Aleppo, Damascus and Homs Syria Comment November 16, 2013
Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander reported killed in Syria Los Angeles Times November 6, 2013
Israel furious at Obama for outing Syria strike Times of Israel November 4, 2013
In first, Syrian woman gives birth in Israeli hospital Times of Israel November 4, 2013
Syrian rebels lose ground to Assad forces in Syria Washington Post November 4, 2013
Syria becomes largest home to al Qaeda; jihadists find safe haven to plot attacks Washington Times November 1, 2013
Hezbollah deploys 15,000 troops for anticipated Qalamoun battle Al-Arabiya November 1, 2013
Syria's chemical weapons plants destroyed – but actual weapons remain Christian Science Monitor November 1, 2013
Israel strikes Russian weapons shipment in Syria AP November 1, 2013
Israeli planes strike Syrian military base, U.S. official says CNN November 1, 2013
Report: Israel strikes Syrian military base near Latakia Israel Hayom October 31, 2013
Report: missile launched from sea hits Syrian base Ynet News October 31, 2013
Iran's secret night flights to arm Syria's Assad revealed The National October 29, 2013
Syria: 'Over 60,000 Iranians fighting alongside Assad forces' AKI October 29, 2013
Mr. Kerry's empty words on Syria Washington Post October 29, 2013
Syrian civil war spreads to Lebanese city of Tripoli Jerusalem Post October 29, 2013
Rice advocates a more modest strategy for the Middle East New York Times October 27, 2013
Elite Hezbollah fighters are spearheading battle in Syria, IDF commander warns Jerusalem Post October 25, 2013
US Mideast allies highly critical of US New York Times October 24, 2013
Saudi Arabia warns of shift away from U.S. over Syria, Iran Reuters October 23, 2013
Report: IAF jets destroy weapons shipment from Syria to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post October 23, 2013
Rebels kill top Syrian intelligence chief Washington Post October 20, 2013
Syria rebel groups announce split from opposition coalition Asharq al-Awsat October 17, 2013
Despite Nobel, full removal of Syria's chemical weapons unlikely PJ Media October 17, 2013
The mind of Netanyahu Council on Foreign Relations October 7, 2013
Jihad tourism The Investigative Project on Terrorism October 6, 2013
Assad warns Turkey of 'heavy price' for backing Syrian rebels Reuters October 4, 2013
Syria refugees facing an increasingly horrible situation in Turkey Foundation for the Defense of Democracies October 4, 2013
Kerry says talks with Iran will not be based on trust New York Times October 3, 2013
New York Times: Bibi sabotaging Obama efforts on Iran Ynet News October 2, 2013
Bibi the bad cop: Can Israel prevent a deal with Iran? Council on Foreign Relations October 2, 2013
Syria's top 5 insurgent leaders Syria Comment October 2, 2013
Surprise! Syria chemical count falls short Wall Street Journal September 30, 2013
Most of Syria's toxins can be destroyed more easily than officials initially thought Washington Post September 30, 2013
Largest Syrian rebel groups form Islamic alliance Washington Post September 30, 2013
Report: Obama call prevented French strikes on Syria 'hours before launch' Ynet News September 30, 2013
Erdogan's ideological next of kin in Egypt Hurriyet September 25, 2013
Not really about Syria Foundation for the Defense of Democracies September 25, 2013
'If the world had acted morally, 50,000 Syrians could have been saved' Times of Israel September 25, 2013
New Islamic bloc declares opposition to national coalition and US strategy Syria Comment September 25, 2013
Open season on Christians in Syria and across the Muslim world National Post September 24, 2013
Sarin, germs and the Syria deal New York Daily News September 24, 2013
Iranian operative who is directing Assad's war in Syria. New Yorker September 24, 2013
Israel likes its U.S. presidents strong Commentary September 20, 2013
Rebel-on-rebel violence seizes Syria Wall Street Journal September 20, 2013
Israel has best intelligence on Syria Foreign Policy September 20, 2013
Kerry pressing Security Council on Syria accord New York Times September 20, 2013
The fruits of epic incompetence Washington Post September 18, 2013
Symposium: America, Syria and the World Wall Street Journal September 18, 2013
Israeli general says Assad could survive in Syria for years Reuters September 18, 2013
West lobbies U.N. nuclear meeting to reject Arab push on Israel Reuters September 18, 2013
Former Syrian army general defects - tells of dozens of chemical attacks The National September 18, 2013
Former CIA deputy: no way Assad gives up his nerve gas Foreign Policy September 18, 2013
Rebels deflated after Syria deal New York Times September 17, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times Online September 17, 2013
'Rogue countries that develop WMD will in fact use them' Israel Hayom September 17, 2013
Mission impossible in Syria World Affairs September 17, 2013
The Syria deal Council on Foreign Relations September 17, 2013
Inside White House, a head-spinning reversal on chemical weapons Wall Street Journal September 17, 2013
Lessons for Jerusalem: First - don't count on Washington Weekly Standard September 16, 2013
Obama lost more than style points in Syria Commentary September 16, 2013
Kerry warns Syria: Even Russia agrees there will be consequences for non-compliance Reuters September 16, 2013
Assad's biological weapons absent from US-Russia deal Times of Israel September 16, 2013
An anchorless world New York Times September 16, 2013
Syria Deal: As Good As It Gets? The National Interest September 16, 2013
Syria transferring chemical weapons to Iraq, Lebanon Israel Hayom September 16, 2013
Syria deal will have direct impact on Iran Israel Hayom September 16, 2013
Amateur hour: Obama got played by Putin and Assad The New Republic September 11, 2013
Obama's Samantha Powers speech National Review September 11, 2013
Obama's weak and contradictory speech Commentary September 11, 2013
Obama's call for action - and inaction Commentary September 11, 2013
On Syria University of Utah September 11, 2013
Between the sublime and the ridiculous Israel Hayom September 11, 2013
Obama gets an 'F' for handling of Syria crisis Foreign Policy September 11, 2013
Forget Syria, target Iran National Review September 10, 2013
Obama's farce National Review September 10, 2013
The Great Syrian Train Wreck American Spectator September 10, 2013
How NOT to win over Congress National Review September 10, 2013
The United States of weakness Politico September 10, 2013
Russia's absurd proposals on Syria's weapons Commentary September 10, 2013
Obama utterly trashes his reputation Commentary September 10, 2013
Obama administration's message on Syria is muddled Washington Post September 10, 2013
Obama sees potential breakthrough in Russia proposal on Syria Washington Post September 10, 2013
Goldberg rips J Street Israel Matzav September 10, 2013
Israelis sneaking Into Jordan to help Syrian refugees Il4syrians,.org September 10, 2013
Russians evacuate civilians from Syria Russia - Behind the Headlines September 10, 2013
The Bed Obama and Kerry made Wall Street Journal September 10, 2013
Kerry under fire for "unbelievably small" comment Politico September 9, 2013
Significant regime defection in Syria Washington Institute September 9, 2013
To stop Iran, stop Assad Washington Post September 9, 2013
Vote for Syria strike but add Iran to the list PJ Media September 9, 2013
In America we trust? Israel Hayom September 9, 2013
Obama's successful foreign failure Wall Street Journal September 9, 2013
Unserious Commander-in-Chief National Review September 6, 2013
Top Obama aide: No US military action without okay from Congress Reuters via Jerusalem Post September 6, 2013
Obama to address American people on Syria AP via Times of Israel September 6, 2013
Hezbollah told Iran 'chemical weapons use a big mistake' The Telegraph September 6, 2013
Syria hiding weapons, moving troops AP/ABC News September 6, 2013
Humanitarian crisis, geo-politics and the dilemma facing Congress U. of Utah Law School September 6, 2013
The Muddle East Foundation for Defense of Democracies September 6, 2013
Why America is saying 'no' Wall Street Journal September 6, 2013
Jewish organizations in US support Syria strike JTA and Times of Israel September 4, 2013
Allies' intelligence differs but still points to Assad New York Times September 4, 2013
U.S. still hasn't armed Syria rebels Wall Street Journal September 3, 2013
Syria: are we trying to lose? Council on Foreign Relations September 3, 2013
Jihadists not necessarily running the rebellion in Syria Wall Street Journal September 3, 2013
The price of vacillation Commentary September 3, 2013
In Syria, anger and mockery as Obama delays plan New York Times September 3, 2013
Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after 'civil unrest' began Daily Record and Sunday Mail September 3, 2013
Arab allies of US exasperated by Western stance on Syria Jerusalem Post September 3, 2013
Kissinger's good option for Syria Financial Post September 3, 2013
Obama unleashes horror in Jerusalem The Times of Israel September 2, 2013
White House girds for battle with Congress Wall Street Journal September 2, 2013
Forget Obama - do it yourself The Times of Israel September 2, 2013
US, Russia move battleships into position for Syria showdown Israel Hayom September 2, 2013
Shamed into war National Review September 1, 2013
Obama's bizarre Syria policy Commentary September 1, 2013
At last minute, Obama made call alone to go to Congress Wall Street Journal September 1, 2013
Obama's credibility on line in reversal The Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Weak world response on Syria boosts chance of strong Israeli action on Iran Jerusalem Post September 1, 2013
Kerry: We have proof sarin used in chemical attack AP via Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Ynet News September 1, 2013
Leading from behind the polls Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
War, what is it good for? New York Times September 1, 2013
Obama puts politics above morals on Syria New York Post September 1, 2013
The world learns to manage without the US PJ Media August 20, 2013
Lebanon, Syria — and the CIA The Weekly Standard August 20, 2013
Jordan asks for assistance in securing Syrian border New York Times August 16, 2013
Obama's dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria on display Washington Post August 16, 2013
Iran, Syria trying to smuggle weapons to West Bank Forbes August 16, 2013
Is Obama turning into Woodrow Wilson? Israel Hayom August 16, 2013
CIA official says Syria top threat to US security Wall Street Journal August 7, 2013
Syria: Islamists advance towards Assad bastion of Latakia Asharq Alawsat August 7, 2013
Syria consolidates into 3 cantons Syria Comment August 7, 2013
Rebels gain control of government air base in Syria New York Times August 6, 2013
Syria rebels capture 4 villages in Assad's territory Associated Press August 6, 2013
Doctors in Israel quietly tend to Syria's wounded New York Times August 6, 2013
The fall of Hezbollah's leader Bloomberg June 26, 2013
Who is Ben Rhodes? The LRC Blog June 26, 2013
Obama decision to supply light arms doesn't alter U.S. strategy in Syria NOW Lebanon June 26, 2013
Pentagon shoots down Kerry's air strike plan Bloomberg June 20, 2013
Syria and the 700 sorties Council on Foreign Relations June 20, 2013
Iran's new Syrian territory NOW Lebanon June 16, 2013
Obama's Syria policy a mess Weekly Standard June 16, 2013
Egypt cuts ties with Syria, backs no-fly zone via Reuters June 16, 2013
Iran to send 4,000 troops to help Syria's Assad The Times of Israel June 16, 2013
Two more wounded Syrians treated in Israel The Times of Israel June 16, 2013
New study exposes Hezbollah role in Syria The June 11, 2013
Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard kiilled in Syria Yanshuf June 11, 2013
In Syria, Hezbollah forces appear ready to attack rebels in city of Aleppo Washington Post June 2, 2013
The Qusayr Rules: the Syrian regime's changing way of war Washington Institute June 2, 2013
Nasrallah caught in his own web Yanshuf June 2, 2013
Iran, via Hezbollah, come to Assad's rescue PJ Media June 2, 2013
Russian, Iranian technology is boosting Assad's assault on Syrian rebels Washington Post June 2, 2013
Israel won't let S-300 become operational in Syria Israel Hayom May 30, 2013
Russia sends arms to Syria as it tries to reassert its role in region Washington Post May 30, 2013
Has the war in Syria reached Lebanon? Syria Comment May 29, 2013
Russia standing firm on Syria - U.S not Israel Hayom May 29, 2013
Russian missile shipment has yet to depart for Syria Ynet News May 29, 2013
By inserting itself into Syrian war, Hezbollah makes dramatic gamble New York Times May 29, 2013
Chemical warfare in Syria Le Monde May 28, 2013
Hezbollah commits to an all-out fight to save Assad New York Times May 28, 2013
Hezbollah, Syria and the Brezhnev Doctrine Council on Foreign Relations May 28, 2013
Syrian opposition shake-up falters ahead of peace conference Reuters May 28, 2013
Hizbullah's Travails in a Graphic Middle East Forum May 28, 2013
How Iranian weapons go through Syria to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post May 27, 2013
Two rockets hit Hezbollah strongholds in Beirut Washington Post May 27, 2013
Dozens of Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria Agence France Presse May 24, 2013
Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and the Middle East in flames The American Interest May 22, 2013
IDF chief issues stern warning to Assad The Times of Israel May 22, 2013
Syrian rebels target Hezbollah militia, fire rockets into Lebanon CNN May 22, 2013
Syria rebels threaten to wipe out Shiite, Alawite towns Bloomberg May 22, 2013
Iranian soldiers fighting for Assad in Syria Washington Post May 22, 2013
For Russia, Syria is not in the Middle East Reuters May 22, 2013
Israeli Thinking on the Future of the Assad Regime Institute for National Security Studies May 21, 2013
Hezbollah aids Syrian military in key battle New York Times May 21, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
Iran sanctions hurt Hezbollah and Assad Al-Arabiya May 21, 2013
Netanyahu: "We will continue stopping weapons transfer to Hezbollah" Jerusalem Post May 19, 2013
Erasing Sykes-Picot Council on Foreign Relations May 19, 2013
From Russia to Assad with love Wall Street Journal May 19, 2013
Time for Israel to reassess on Syria The Times of Israel May 19, 2013
Russia makes a fool of Kerry (again) Commentary May 17, 2013
Who's more dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? The Rubin Report May 17, 2013
Expect Israeli strikes on Russian arms shipment to Syria-Hezbollah Israel Hayom May 17, 2013
CIA chief makes unannounced Israel visit AP via Washington Post May 17, 2013
Top IRGC member to lead fight against Israel in Syria Ynet News May 17, 2013
Russia sends more missiles, has ships near Syria NPR May 17, 2013
New phase in Syria's war will bring blood to the coast The National May 14, 2013
Do the Massacres in Bayda and Banyas Portend Ethnic Cleansing to Create an Alawite State? Syria Comment May 14, 2013
As Netanyahu meets Putin, report suggests S-300 already in Syria Israel Hayom May 14, 2013
Silly man: How John Kerry got rolled by Vladimir Putin on a plan to save Syria Foreign Policy May 13, 2013
Assad forces gaining ground in Syria Washington Post May 12, 2013
The logic of Israel's Syria policy The Weekly Standard May 12, 2013
Russia hopes to prevent intervention with sale of S-300 missiles to Syria Ynet News May 12, 2013
Free Syrian Army rebels defect to Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra The Guardian May 12, 2013
Israel's man in Damascus Foreign Affairs May 12, 2013
How Israel's annexation of the Golan continues to keep the peace Tablet May 9, 2013
Obama's timidity on Syria: Lessons from a fiasco The New Republic May 9, 2013
Syria, Russia and American weakness Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
U.S. is warned Russia plans Syria arms sale Wall Street Journal May 9, 2013
Israeli airstrikes may have exposed Syrian flaw, U.S. officials say Los Angeles Times May 6, 2013
Syria attacks show there is no alternative to neutralizing Iran PJ Media May 6, 2013
Israel steps up to the plate Washington Post May 6, 2013
Reported Israeli airstrikes in Syria could accelerate U.S. decision process Washington Post May 6, 2013
Israel attacks on Syria fuel debate on U.S-led effort New York Times May 6, 2013
Assad reading the signs NOW Lebanon April 30, 2013
Syria: Al-Qaeda's battle for control of Assad's chemical weapons plant The Telegraph April 30, 2013
Hundreds of Europeans fighting in Syria, says EU expert BBC News April 25, 2013
Israel claims that Syria has used chemical weapons New York Times April 25, 2013
Has Assad crossed Obama's red line? Commentary April 25, 2013
Unconfirmed report re: dissent within Hezbollah over involvement in Syria Jerusalem Post April 21, 2013
Britain, France claim Syria used chemical weapons Foreign Policy April 21, 2013
Syria and opposition: heavy fighting near Lebanese border AP via Fox News April 21, 2013
The Shiite crescent eclipsed Sandbox April 18, 2013
Assad's forces break rebel blockade in north Syria Reuters April 18, 2013
Syria regime gains ground - for now Syria Comment April 18, 2013
Curtains for Hezbollah? Daily Beast April 13, 2013
Syria's war could inflame Turkey's Hatay province Washington Institute April 5, 2013
Sorting out the Syrian opposition Washington Post April 5, 2013
Sorting out David Ignatius Syria Comment April 5, 2013
Hamas training Syrian rebels in Damascus Ynet News April 5, 2013
Syrian government guerrilla fighters being sent to Iran for training Reuters April 5, 2013
Jordan doubles troops along Syrian border Al-Jazeera April 5, 2013
Assad supporters assault Al-Jazeera reporter in Sakhnin Ynet News March 31, 2013
Syrian financial capital's loss is Turkey's gain NPR March 31, 2013
Jabhat al-Nusra shaikh promises to decapitate every oppressive Arab leader Syria Comment March 31, 2013
Israel's insightful cynicism Stratfor March 28, 2013
Iraq on the way to dissolution as U.S. doing nothing to stop it Los Angeles Times March 27, 2013
Obama Syria policy in shambles as opposition squabbles McClatchy March 27, 2013
In Syria rebels have begun to fight among themselves Time March 27, 2013
Syrian opposition leader resigns Asharq Alawsat March 24, 2013
Kerry asks Iraq to stop Syria arms flow Washington Post March 24, 2013
Syrian regime loses last credible ally among Sunni ulama Syria Comment March 24, 2013
Netanyahu says Syria was main reason for apology Ynet News March 24, 2013
Israel fires into Syria after Golan attack on troops Reuters March 24, 2013
Israeli official: chemical weapons used in Syria Associated Press March 21, 2013
The Free Syrian Army doesn't exist Syria Comment March 19, 2013
Mr. Kerry's old linkage rhetoric Council on Foreign Relations March 19, 2013
38 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria to be buried secretly in Lebanon Ya Libnan March 19, 2013
Iran steps up weapons lifeline to Assad Reuters March 14, 2013
Syria army shows signs of strain New York Times March 14, 2013
Erosion of Syrian power accelerating Washington Post March 12, 2013
Syria, Bosnia and the Old Mistakes The New Republic March 12, 2013
West training Syrian rebels in Jordan The Guardian March 11, 2013
Vast majority of Syria aid going to Assad New York Times March 10, 2013
Iran's Lebanon arm NOW Lebanon March 1, 2013
It's too late to stop Syria from disintegrating Standpoint March 1, 2013
Flow of Syrians into Jordan surges Al-Jazeera March 1, 2013
Syrian rebels say they killed Hezbollah deputy chief Jerusalem Post February 28, 2013
At least 141 killed in missile strikes on Aleppo Washington Post February 28, 2013
Washington's last chance to help Syria Washington Post February 28, 2013
Kerry confronts clashing interests in Syria, Iran and Russia Los Angeles Times February 28, 2013
Kerry sending mixed signals on Syria Syria Comment February 28, 2013
American humanitarian aid in Syria going mostly to Assad Council on Foreign Relations February 27, 2013
Syrian rebels attack Hezbollah's positions in Lebanon Hurriyet February 25, 2013
Hezbollah expands and intensifies involvement in Syria NOW Lebanon February 25, 2013
In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad Washington Post February 25, 2013
Croatian connection to Syrian rebels? NOW Lebanon February 25, 2013
Troops pour into Syria's Aleppo The Australian February 20, 2013
Syrian rebels threaten to hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon Washington Post February 20, 2013
Syrian National Council cites Hezbollah role in Syria Al-Monitor February 20, 2013
Syrian opposition threatens to strike Hezbollah The Times of Israel February 20, 2013
Hundreds of thousands fleeing Syria for Turkey NPR February 20, 2013
Israel treats wounded from Syria BBC News February 18, 2013
Russia continuing arms sales to Syria Voice of America February 14, 2013
Syrian troops bombard rebel posts around Damascus Reuters February 14, 2013
Iranian general killed in Syria Los Angeles Times February 14, 2013
Syria's battle royale Foreign Policy February 13, 2013
What path now for Syria? Washington Post February 13, 2013
Report from Syria: How to start a battalion in 5 easy lessons London Review of Books February 13, 2013
Fall of Damascus will not mean end of civil war Fathom February 12, 2013
Syria's rebels prepare to take a province from Assad Time February 12, 2013
Hezbollah's Syria problem Fikra Forum February 11, 2013
Syria: everybody wanted action except Obama Council on Foreign Relations February 11, 2013
Image indicates Syria building unscathed by Israel strike Reuters February 11, 2013
The Islamist mess in Damascus Syria Comment February 11, 2013
Iran, Hezbollah build militia networks in Syria Washington Post February 11, 2013
Hezbollah, Russia condemn Israeli airstrike inside Syria Washington Post January 31, 2013
Are you serious, Mr. President? Asharq Alawsat January 31, 2013
'Assad transferred chemical weapons to Hezbollah' Jerusalem Post January 31, 2013
Hezbollah hints Syrian target was military The Times of Israel January 31, 2013
Consequences of U.S. inaction in Syria are clear Washington Post January 31, 2013
Syrian refugees overwhelm Jordan camp AP via ABC News January 30, 2013
Aleppo executions: 79 bodies pulled from Syria river The Telegraph January 30, 2013
Report: 'Israel hits target on Syria-Lebanon border' Ynet News January 30, 2013
Syria: Hezbollah sets up camps near WMD facilities Ynet News January 28, 2013
israeli NSC chief to Moscow over Syria chemical weapons worries The Times of Israel January 28, 2013
Jihadists and secular activists clash in Syria New York Times January 28, 2013
Russia PM: Assad made "grave error" over reforms Agence France Presse January 28, 2013
IDF deploys Iron Dome in north Jerusalem Post January 28, 2013
Syrian regime builds new paramilitary force with help of Iran Naharnet January 23, 2013
Russia sending aircraft to evacuate its citizens from Syria Washington Post January 23, 2013
Syrian refugees overwhelm Lebanon, region Washington Post January 23, 2013
Worries about a 'failed state' in Syria Washington Post January 17, 2013
Secret State Dept cable: chemical weapons used in Syria Foreign Policy January 17, 2013
Syrian rebels free Iranians in prisoner swap Wall Street Journal January 11, 2013
Grant Kurds an autonomous state in Southeast Asia Syria Comment January 3, 2013
UN estimates 60,00 dead in Syria Associated Press January 3, 2013
Golah Heights residents say Israel ignoring ongoing shooting from Syria Algemeiner December 30, 2012
Assad's roll of the dice: Is winter coming for the Syrian rebellion? TIME December 30, 2012
Is an Alawite state in Syia's future? Syria Comment December 21, 2012
UN: Hezbollah fighting for Assad in overtly sectarian battle New York Times December 20, 2012
UN adopts 9 resolutions on Palestinians and Golan - none on Syrian massacre of Palestinians UN Watch December 19, 2012
Latakia will become focus of Alawi-Sunni contest Syria Comment December 19, 2012
Russia sends ships to Syria for possible evacuation of citizens Israel Hayom December 19, 2012
A defector's account of Syrian chemical weapons on the move Washington Post December 19, 2012
Syrian rebels fight Palestinian pro-Assad group AP via Ynet News December 18, 2012
U.S. plans for possibility that Assad could lose control of chemical arms cache Washington Post December 18, 2012
U.S. designates Syria's Al-Nusra as terrorist group New York Times December 12, 2012
Watching Syria's descent Washington Post December 12, 2012
Be careful what you wish for in Syria The Daily Beast December 12, 2012
U.S. going for three-time mistake in Syria Philadelphia Enquirer December 12, 2012
US recognizes Syria opposition coalition BBC December 12, 2012
Syrian rebels tied to Al Qaeda play key role in war New York Times December 10, 2012
End drawing close for Syria's Assad: German spy chief Reuters December 10, 2012
Israel sees no immediate threat from Syrian chemical weapons Israel Hayom December 10, 2012
Fearful of a nuclear Iran? The real WMD nightmare is Syria Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists December 4, 2012
Obama warns Assad against chemical weapons CNN December 4, 2012
Syria violence spills over into Turkey, Lebanon Al Arabiya December 3, 2012
A pillar of problems Foreign Policy November 20, 2012
Sitting out the Syria game NOW Lebanon November 20, 2012
Syrian opposition groups strike reorganization deal Washington Post November 12, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: IDF scores direct hit on Syria mortar battery The Times of Israel November 12, 2012
Israel changes rules of engagement along Syrian border Israel National News November 12, 2012
Iraqi Sects Join Battle in Syria on Both Sides New York Times October 29, 2012
Airstrikes, casualties and fingerpointing leave Syrian truce in shambles CNN October 29, 2012
Hizbollah debates dropping support for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad The Telegraph October 29, 2012
US 'peace' envoy says Syria conflict going from bad to worse AFP via NOW Lebanon October 29, 2012
Deadly car bomb strikes Syria's capital Al-Jazeera October 29, 2012
Hezbollah firing hundreds of rockets into Syria on daily basis Asharq Alawsat October 22, 2012
Jordanian authorities say terror suspects stockpiled Syrian rockets, planned to target Western embassies The Times of Israel October 22, 2012
"Slim' hopes of truce as fighting rages in Syrian cities The Daily Star October 22, 2012
Erdogan ambitions driving Turkey towards war National Review Online October 16, 2012
Is a Turkey-Syria conflict inevitable? Al-Jazeera October 16, 2012
Jihadists getting weapons meant for Syrian rebels Slate October 16, 2012
Syria bans Turkish flights as ties plummet Al-Jazeera October 14, 2012
Plane incident brings Russia into play in Syria crisis Today's Zaman October 14, 2012
Syrian air defense a paper tiger NOW Lebanon October 14, 2012
Turkey warns Syria it may use 'greater force' New York Times October 10, 2012
Wealthy Syrian businessmen fleeing with their money to Egypt, Gulf Global Arab Network October 10, 2012
Free Syria Army threatens to take fight to Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut The Daily Star October 10, 2012
48 hours in Syria Washington Post October 9, 2012
A sect in the middle: Alawites endure considerable resentment The Daily Star October 9, 2012
Report: Iran pulls elite army unit from Syria in wake of Tehran protests Ha'aretz and Reuters October 7, 2012
Panetta warns about Syria-Turkey AP via October 7, 2012
West should be wary of playing Turkey's game in Syria The Telegraph October 5, 2012
No end in sight: on the ground in Syria PJ Media October 5, 2012
Lebanon: Syrian spillover laps at Lebanese economy Oxford Business Group October 5, 2012
Turkey says it has no intention for war with Syria Los Angeles Times October 5, 2012
Hezbollah military commander 'killed in Syria' BBC News October 3, 2012
Hezbollah can no longer deny Syria role after commander's death Israel Hayom October 3, 2012
Syrian conflict draws in Assad ally Hezbollah, widens his rift with Hamas October 3, 2012
Report: Iran transfers $10 billion to Syria Ynet News October 3, 2012
Hunt for Obama's Middle East policy comes up empty Bloomberg October 3, 2012
Hezbollah increases support for Syrian regime Washington Post September 30, 2012
5 reasons to intervene in Syria now New York Times September 30, 2012
Panetta: U.S. has lost track of some Syrian chemical weapons Foreign Policy September 30, 2012
Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not in crash: leaked documents Al-Arabiya September 30, 2012
Aleppo burns Syria Comment September 30, 2012
300 killed in single day in Syria, group says Reuters September 27, 2012
Syria state has not collapsed Syria Comment September 24, 2012
Turkey deploys heavy weapons to Syrian border Al-Arabiya September 23, 2012
America's dangerous lethargy on Syria NOW Lebanon September 23, 2012
PKK advisor: PKK wants to liberate parts of Turkey Rudaw September 23, 2012
State of the internal Syrian opposition Syria Comment September 23, 2012
Analysis: Donors not walking the talk on humanitarian aid to Syria IRIN - United Nations September 21, 2012
As Syrian conflict worsens, concerns soar in Turkey Jerusalem Post September 21, 2012
Assad's army unlikely to crumble Syria Comment September 19, 2012
In Syria, who are the Saudis and Qataris arming? Time September 19, 2012
Syrian Christians head for Tartus Syria Comment September 19, 2012
Assad's sister defects amid 'disputes' between ruling Alawites: source Al-Arabiya September 19, 2012
Syria tested chemical weapons systems Der Spiegel September 19, 2012
Syrian battle rages on Turkish border Irish Times September 19, 2012
Turkey moving Syrian refugees inland or to camps Washington Post September 13, 2012
Turkey facing questions on Syria policy Washington Post September 11, 2012
The Kurdish factor: interview with Tony Badran The Weekly Standard September 11, 2012
Where is the flotilla for Syria? Wall Street Journal September 5, 2012
Iran supplying Syrian military via Iraqi airspace New York Times September 5, 2012
More than 100,000 refugees flee Syria in one month CNN September 5, 2012
No red lines on Syria The Weekly Standard September 5, 2012
The Syrian curse Ynet News August 30, 2012
Assad draws shock troops from Syria's Alawite community Wall Street Journal August 30, 2012
Flood of Syrian refugees threatens regional stability Syria Comment August 30, 2012
Syria's escalating slaughter Washington Post August 28, 2012
Iran's Syria policy, and ours Council on Foreign Relations August 28, 2012
Syria accused of massacre near Damascus Al-Jazeera August 26, 2012
Turkish opposition says government ignoring presence of al-Qaeda Voice of America August 26, 2012
Turkey's Syria conundrum The National Interest August 26, 2012
Syria: a long war lies ahead The Guardian August 24, 2012
Gruesome killings mark escalation of violence in Syria Washington Post August 24, 2012
Wait out the war in Syria Washington Times August 21, 2012
FEATURED: Assad's Kurish strategy Syria Comment August 21, 2012
A dead "lion" is better than an injured one Asharq Alawsat August 17, 2012
Iran building influence in future Alawi enclave NOW Lebanon August 17, 2012
U.S. accuses Hezbollah of aiding Syria crackdown New York Times August 13, 2012
Lords of chaos rule the Middle East Gatestone Institute August 13, 2012
What underlies Russia's ongoing support for Assad? Institute for National Security Studies August 13, 2012
Insufficient economic growth major factor in Syria uprising Syria Comment August 13, 2012
Washington's self-defeating Syria policy NOW Lebanon August 10, 2012
With diplomacy dead, US banks on Syrian rebel win Associated Press August 7, 2012
Syrian prime minister's defection in the dark jolts the country New York Times August 7, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: Syrian prime minister joins opposition Al-Jazeera August 6, 2012
Hezbollah in trouble World Affairs August 6, 2012
Kurdistan: the next flashpoint between Turkey, Iraq and the Syrian revolt Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs August 6, 2012
Assad's arms under strain New York Times August 5, 2012
The Syrian conflict's new phase NOW Lebanon August 5, 2012
The cost of Kofi The Weekly Standard August 5, 2012
Annan quits as Syrian envoy Al-Jazeera August 3, 2012
No happy outcome in Syria as conflict turns into proxy war Reuters August 3, 2012
Obama authorizes secret US support for Syrian rebels Reuters August 3, 2012
FEATURED: Will Syria remain fragmented for years? Syria Comment July 31, 2012
U.S. authorizes financial support for the Free Syrian Army Al-Monitor July 31, 2012
Managing the endgame in Syria The Diplomat July 30, 2012
Civilians continue to flee Aleppo as assault contunues Al-Jazeera July 30, 2012
Nasrallah to place Hezbollah at al-Assad's disposal Asharq Alawsat July 29, 2012
Should Turkey be afraid of Kurd rule in Syria Washington Institute July 29, 2012
Turkey warns about Kurd rule in Syria Wall Street Journal July 29, 2012
Syria's Kurds stand alone after rejecting rebels and regime The National July 26, 2012
Liberated Kurdish cities in Syria move into next phase Rudaw July 26, 2012
Four new security chiefs named by Assad - all hawks Syria Comment July 25, 2012
Hopeless but not Syr-ius PJ Media July 25, 2012
Cause for celebration in Syria tab July 25, 2012
Kurdish control over Syria's north raises concerns in Turkey Today's Zaman July 24, 2012
Syria threatens chemical attack on foreign force New York Times July 24, 2012
Will al-Assad step down? Asharq Alawsat July 24, 2012
Israel complains to UN after Syrian troops enter Golan demilitarized zone The Times of Israel July 23, 2012
Druze students in Syria: 'Send us back to Israel' Ynet News July 23, 2012
Iraq arming Kurd rebels Syria Comment July 23, 2012
Emboldened Syrian rebels push into Aleppo Business Week July 23, 2012
Syria rebels' gains in Damascus surprise even them Los Angeles Times July 23, 2012
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UN-backed Court Indicts 4 Hezbollah Members for Hariri Murder NOW Lebanon June 30, 2011
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Warning to Assad: 'Attack Us and We'll Hit You Personally' Jerusalem Post June 29, 2011
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U.S. Defends Participation In Organized Tour Washington Times June 24, 2011
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Former Mossad Chief Says Sunni Replacement in Syria Would Be Positive; Doubts 'Arab Spring' Ynet News June 22, 2011
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Assad Seemed Nervous and Uncomfortable June 20, 2011
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Obama Keeps (Ambassador) Ford Parked in Syria NOW Lebanon June 16, 2011
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Angelina Jolie to Visit Syrian Refugees AP via Ynet News June 15, 2011
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Barak: Syria's Assad Has Lost His Legitimacy Ha'aretz June 15, 2011
Syrian Troops Expand Carckdown Washington Post June 15, 2011
Syria Unrest Stirs New Fears of Deeper Sectarian Divide New York Times June 14, 2011
Syrian State Documents Show Assad Orchestrated 'Nakba Day' Raids on Golan Heights The Telegraph June 14, 2011
Lebanon on the Verge of Crisis Al-Arabiya June 14, 2011
Syria and the Arab Silence...Again Asharq Alawsat June 14, 2011
Assad May Succeed in Quelling Syrian Protests Ha'aretz June 14, 2011
UN: 10,000 Syrians Flee Country AP via Ynet News June 14, 2011
More Syrians Waiting to Cross Turkish Border Al-Jazeera June 14, 2011
Refugees Serving as Mouthpiece for Silenced Syrians Ha'aretz June 14, 2011
Analysis: In Syria, Army Will Be the Key Jerusalem Post June 14, 2011
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Syrian Army Defectors Tell of Rape, Indiscriminate Murder Jerusalem Post June 12, 2011
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No Wonder Turkey is Upset: Syria Releasing PKK Members Strategy Page June 10, 2011
Fleeing Violence, Syrians Warn of Potential Massacre Christian Science Monitor June 10, 2011
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Erdogan: Syrian Troops Barbaric, 'Don't Behave Like Humans' Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
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Devil Israel Knows in Syria Worse Than the One It Doesn't WSJ via Challah Hu Akbar June 9, 2011
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The Two Homs Harper's Magazine June 9, 2011
AADC Blocks Singer Over 'Freedom' Song Politico June 9, 2011
More Than 1,000 Syrian Refugees Fleeing to Turkey Reuters via Ha'aretz June 9, 2011
Defying Russia, EU Nations Condemn Syria Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 9, 2011
Blind Eye Won't End Syrian Oppression Boston Globe June 7, 2011
Syrian Activists Fear Retaliation After 120 Soldiers Are Killed The Independent June 7, 2011
Syria's Worrisome Alternatives Front Page June 7, 2011
Does the Real Violence in Syria Start Now? Commentary June 7, 2011
120 Police, Security Personnel Killed in Syria New York Times June 7, 2011
14 Palestinians Killed in Syria Camp as 100,000 Attack PFLP-GC HQ Ma'an News Agency June 7, 2011
IAEA Chides Israel for Bombing Syrian Nuclear Reactor Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 7, 2011
Mashaal Visit Sparks Riot in Syrian Refugee Camp Ynet News June 7, 2011
Death Toll in NW Syria Rises to 35 June 6, 2011
Syria Protesters Kill Ten of Their Own CNN June 6, 2011
Besieging the Israeli Border: A Syrian Production Front Page June 6, 2011
Hillary 'Deeply Concerned' Syria Cuts Off Internet Hillicon Valley June 6, 2011
Demonstrator Admits Hezbollah Paid Him to Demonstrate The Guardian June 6, 2011
New York Times' Strange Reporting on Syria The Atlantic June 6, 2011
UN Head Expresses Deep Concern Over Syrian Border Clashes Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Syrian Opposition: Anti-Israel Rioters Paid $1000 Ynet News June 6, 2011
Assad's Paranoia Fuels Syria Crackdown New York Daily News June 6, 2011
Syrian Forces Injure Scores Trying to Topple Statue Reuters via Arab News June 6, 2011
IDF Actions Indicate Israel's Seriousness Over Sovereignty Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Majdal Shams Residents Unhappy With Syria Infiltration Attempts Ha'aretz June 6, 2011
Violence on Syrian Border Leaves Israel In No-Win Situation Ha'aretz June 6, 2011
IDF Rebuffs 'Naksa' Rioters Trying to Cross Syrian Border Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Obama Finished With Assad: Don't Pull a Jimmy Carter Pajamas Media June 5, 2011
Death Toll in Syria's Friday Violence At Least 70 Arab News June 5, 2011
IDF on High Alert for "Naksa Day": 30 Protesters Near Syrian Border? Jerusalem Post June 5, 2011
Hamas Gaza and Meshaal Gap Seems to Widen Agence France Presse June 3, 2011
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Israel Will Defend Borders During Planned Protests Ha'aretz June 3, 2011
Syria Continues Attacks on Protesters While Calling for 'Dialogue' New York Times June 3, 2011
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IDF Sources: Assad Regime Will Eventually Succumb to Protests Ha'aretz June 3, 2011
Turkey and Syria - Is the Honeymoon Period Over Asharq Alawsat June 2, 2011
Israel Warns Syria, Lebanon Ahead of "Naksa" Day Ynet News June 2, 2011
Clinton: Position of Syrian Leader Less Tenable by the Day June 1, 2011
Syrian Troops Kill 8 in Southern Town AP via Ynet News June 1, 2011
Syrians Are Tired of Assad's 'Reforms' The Guardian June 1, 2011
Syrian Opposition Dismisses Amnesty Gesture Al-Jazeera June 1, 2011
Syrian President Grants General Amnesty Arab News June 1, 2011
In Syria, Accounts of Widening Torture Wall Street Journal May 31, 2011
Armed Residents Put Up Resistance to Syrian Army Arab News May 31, 2011
The Endgame for Syria's Bloody Junta The Guardian May 31, 2011
Iran Reportedly Aiding Syrian Crackdown Washington Post May 31, 2011
Syria and That Sinking Feeling Strategy Page May 30, 2011
13 Year Old Syrian Boy Tortured to Death Becomes Symbol of Uprising Gulf News May 30, 2011
Assad, Nasrallah Discuss 'Syrian Reforms' Ynet News May 30, 2011
Syrian Troops Bombard Town in Home - 9 Killed Arab News May 30, 2011
Syrian Death Toll Rises as Forces Widen Military Crackdown Reuters via The Guardian May 30, 2011
When the Syrians Burnt Nasrallah's Picture Asharq Alawsat May 30, 2011
Syrian Tanks Attack Two Central Towns Arab News May 29, 2011
Hezbollah Forces Helping Syria in Crackdown on Protestors Ha'aretz May 29, 2011
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Iran's Syria Strategy: Heavy Meddle Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 28, 2011
'Sources' Hint Syria Involved in UNIFIL Attack Jerusalem Post May 28, 2011
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Protests Sweep Syria's East, Nasrallah Pictures Burnt Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 27, 2011
The Assads or Bust The National Interest May 27, 2011
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Nasrallah Comes to the Rescue of Assad Media Line via Jerusalem Post May 27, 2011
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Hamas' Gaza Strongman Criticizes Khaled Meshal Asharq Alawsat May 26, 2011
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UN Report Concludes That Syrian Site Destroyed in 2007 Was Nuclear Reactor Washington Post May 25, 2011
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What if the Arab Spring Springs a Leak? Bad Rachel May 23, 2011
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Give Syria the Libya Treatment: After Qaddafi, Assad The New Republic May 20, 2011
Business As Usual: Syria Forces Fire on Homs Protesters Al-Jazeera May 20, 2011
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Leader and Six Aides New York Times May 19, 2011
No Compromise With the Blood-Stained Dictator of Damascus Commentary May 19, 2011
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U.S. Criticizes Syria for 'Cynical' Golan Heights Incident May 17, 2011
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IDF: Northern Border Incidents Are Iranian Provocation Jerusalem Post May 15, 2011
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Fearing Assad Demise, Hezbollah May Move Assets Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
Syrian Christians Worried 'Arab Spring' Could Hasten Extinction Bloomberg May 13, 2011
Protests Erupt in Hama, Eastern Syria as Death Toll Rises Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
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Some See Hand of Iran in Syria Crackdown Los Angeles Times May 11, 2011
'Doomsday Scenario' if Syria Fails Washington Post May 11, 2011
Syria Crackdown Continues Unabated Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 11, 2011
Iran Helping Syrian Regime Crack Down on Protesters The Guardian May 9, 2011
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Hezbollah's Most Serious Challenge Foreign Policy May 3, 2011
Lebanese PM-Designate Calls Hezbollah "Tumor" Agence France Presse May 3, 2011
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Asma Assad: What Can She Be Thinking? Daily Mirror May 1, 2011
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UN Watchdog Confirms Syria Tried to Build Nuclear Reactor AP via Ha'aretz April 29, 2011
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Assad State of Affairs The Weekly Standard April 11, 2011
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