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Title Publication Date
Syrian rebels, al Qaeda factions reach peace deal The Hill November 20, 2013
What was the true target of the Beirut bombing? Times of Israel November 20, 2013
Iran aligns with US to counter Sunni world Today's Zaman November 16, 2013
New Islamic bloc declares opposition to national coalition and US strategy Syria Comment September 25, 2013
Strong Arab Sunni bloc doesn't see Israel as enemy Jerusalem Post September 9, 2013
Jihadists not necessarily running the rebellion in Syria Wall Street Journal September 3, 2013
Arab allies of US exasperated by Western stance on Syria Jerusalem Post September 3, 2013
Kissinger's good option for Syria Financial Post September 3, 2013
Syria consolidates into 3 cantons Syria Comment August 7, 2013
New Sunni-Shiite violence in Lebanon Avi Melamed June 26, 2013
Sectarian strike infects Mideast New York Times June 2, 2013
In Lebanon, Salafists are on the move Daily Star May 27, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
Who's more dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? The Rubin Report May 17, 2013
New phase in Syria's war will bring blood to the coast The National May 14, 2013
Jabhat al-Nusra shaikh promises to decapitate every oppressive Arab leader Syria Comment March 31, 2013
Bahrain parliament names Hezbollah a terror group Jerusalem Post March 27, 2013
Kerry asks Iraq to stop Syria arms flow Washington Post March 24, 2013
Syrian regime loses last credible ally among Sunni ulama Syria Comment March 24, 2013
Fall of Damascus will not mean end of civil war Fathom February 12, 2013
The Islamist mess in Damascus Syria Comment February 11, 2013
Jihadists and secular activists clash in Syria New York Times January 28, 2013
Is an Alawite state in Syia's future? Syria Comment December 21, 2012
UN: Hezbollah fighting for Assad in overtly sectarian battle New York Times December 20, 2012
Latakia will become focus of Alawi-Sunni contest Syria Comment December 19, 2012
Iraqi Sects Join Battle in Syria on Both Sides New York Times October 29, 2012
West should be wary of playing Turkey's game in Syria The Telegraph October 5, 2012
In Syria, who are the Saudis and Qataris arming? Time September 19, 2012
Islam's civil war comes to Russia: Shiites and Sunnis battle in the Caucasus Kommersant September 19, 2012
FEATURED: Assad's Kurish strategy Syria Comment August 21, 2012
Five reasons there will not be an Alawite state Syria Comment July 22, 2012
Will Syria remain a unified state? Gatestone Institute July 11, 2012
Syrian top Sunni and confidante to Assad defects to Turkey Syria Comment July 6, 2012
'The Syrian Rebellion' by Fouad Ajami New York Times June 19, 2012
Scores die in attacks on Shiite targets in Iraq New York Times June 13, 2012
Mideast analysts, mea culpa time NOW Lebanon June 6, 2012
Staying on the sidelines in Syria NOW Lebanon May 31, 2012
Short of military intervention in Syria - few good options NPR May 31, 2012
Syrians must be encouraged to talk about sectarianism Syria Comment May 29, 2012
Syria conflict "real threat" to Lebanon, says Russia NOW Lebanon May 23, 2012
The Syrian crisis and its impact on Lebanon Institute for National Security Studies May 20, 2012
Syrian rebels become more lethal Syria Comment May 15, 2012
Bloody sectarian battles in Tripoli, Lebanon NOW Lebanon May 14, 2012
Assad Plays the Sectarian Card World Affairs May 3, 2012
Bahraini sectarianism and al-Sadr exposed Asharq Alawsat April 23, 2012
Erdogan warns Iraqi against stirring sectarian, ethnic tensions Reuters April 22, 2012
Why Syria is still a war zone World Affairs April 19, 2012
U.S. policy on Iraq questioned as influence wanes Washington Post April 9, 2012
Neighbor shoots neighbor in Syrian crackdown New York Times April 1, 2012
Dozens dead in string of Iraq blasts Al-Jazeera March 21, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker: Arab Spring headed to Iran Ha'aretz February 29, 2012
Iraq: the world's next failed state Foreign Afffairs February 28, 2012
Many dead in Iraq mayhem Al-Jazeera February 23, 2012
Alawites in Syria starting to flee amid fears of ethnic cleansing The Independent February 21, 2012
Turning Point In Bahrain Council on Foreign Relations February 12, 2012
Why Syria civil war may be a long one TIME February 9, 2012
Syria outcome has high stakes for entire Middle East Washington Post February 5, 2012
Bahrain is heading for a bloodbath Commentary February 2, 2012
Kurds seize on Iraqi crisis to advance bid for oil, land Wall Street Journal February 2, 2012
FASCINATING! Report from a trip to Syria Syria Comment February 1, 2012
Review: 'A terrifying menu for Syria's endgame' The Daily Star (Lebanon) January 29, 2012
To Syrian rebels, Hezbollah is the "party of Satan' The Telegraph January 20, 2012
Is al-Qaeda Infiltrating Syria through Lebanon's Beka'a Valley? The Jamestown Foundation January 19, 2012
Iran and the Saudi Shiites Asharq Alawsat January 3, 2012
The Sunni-Shia war Hurriyet January 2, 2012
How to save Iraq from civil war The Daily Beast January 2, 2012
Iraq in political crisis following U.S. withdrawal PJ Media December 29, 2011
Revenge of the Sunnis Foreign Policy December 11, 2011
Sunnis and Shiites racing toward a bloody showdown in Iraq The Daily Beast December 6, 2011
Last chance for Bahrain Council on Foreign Relations November 27, 2011
A Saudi-Iranian cold war takes shape Daily Star (Lebanon) October 19, 2011
Iran is losing from the Arab uprisings The Daily Star (Lebanon) October 5, 2011
Saudis blame Iranians for internal clashes Financial Times October 5, 2011
Rivals: Iran vs. Saudi Arabia Carnegie Endowment for International Peace September 21, 2011
At Least 29 Killed in Iraq Sunni Mosque Attack Al-Jazeera August 29, 2011
Will Iran Give Up on Assad? Hudson Institute August 26, 2011
Emboldened by Uprising, Syrian Clerics Speak Out Reuters August 17, 2011
Saudis Move to Take Down Syria, Iran and Hezbollah The National Interest August 16, 2011
Growing Sunni-Shi'ite Split Jerusalem Post August 16, 2011
My Minaret is Bigger Than Yours Asia Times Online August 11, 2011
Anti-Assad Sunni Rally in Lebanon's Tripoli NOW Lebanon August 4, 2011
A Saudi Beacon for Iraq's Sunni Militias Asia Times Online July 26, 2011
Pakistan's Iran Overtures Test Saudis Faith Asia Times Online July 25, 2011
Syria Protests Turning Into Potential Civil War? Syria Comment July 19, 2011
In Iraqi City, Rift Between Residents and Soldiers Imperils Stability June 27, 2011
Former Mossad Chief Says Sunni Replacement in Syria Would Be Positive; Doubts 'Arab Spring' Ynet News June 22, 2011
What Do Sunnis Intend for Alawis After Regime Change Syria Comment June 19, 2011
New Sunni Arab Alignment Against Iran MEMRI June 17, 2011
Israel Vows to Demolish Migron Outpost Homes in 45 Days Jerusalem Post June 13, 2011
Inside Iran's Most Secretive Region - Iran Represses Sunnis in Balochistan The Diplomat May 20, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Is Turkey purchasing Hamas from Iran? The Blog January 29, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood leaders vow 'to kill all the Jews' The Blog November 27, 2011
Syrian Unrest Dries Lebanese Tinderbox The Blog August 5, 2011
Syria's Senior Sunni Cleric Ejected from Mosque The Blog July 28, 2011
Syria: Civil War or Democracy? The Blog July 21, 2011
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