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Title Publication Date
Putin gets it and the US does not PJ Media November 16, 2013
Egypt to expand Russia cooperation after fall out with US AFP, Ynet News November 10, 2013
US removing navy from Mideast as Russia enters Arutz Sheva November 10, 2013
Israel strikes Russian weapons shipment in Syria AP November 1, 2013
Egypt 'looking to Russia' for arms after US aid freeze Times of Israel October 20, 2013
Sarin, germs and the Syria deal New York Daily News September 24, 2013
Rebels deflated after Syria deal New York Times September 17, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times Online September 17, 2013
Mission impossible in Syria World Affairs September 17, 2013
The Syria deal Council on Foreign Relations September 17, 2013
Kerry warns Syria: Even Russia agrees there will be consequences for non-compliance Reuters September 16, 2013
Syria deal will have direct impact on Iran Israel Hayom September 16, 2013
Amateur hour: Obama got played by Putin and Assad The New Republic September 11, 2013
Between the sublime and the ridiculous Israel Hayom September 11, 2013
Russia to sell Iran anti-aircraft system, nuclear reactor Times of Israel September 11, 2013
Russia's absurd proposals on Syria's weapons Commentary September 10, 2013
Obama sees potential breakthrough in Russia proposal on Syria Washington Post September 10, 2013
Russians evacuate civilians from Syria Russia - Behind the Headlines September 10, 2013
US, Russia move battleships into position for Syria showdown Israel Hayom September 2, 2013
Russian, Iranian technology is boosting Assad's assault on Syrian rebels Washington Post June 2, 2013
Israel won't let S-300 become operational in Syria Israel Hayom May 30, 2013
Russia sends arms to Syria as it tries to reassert its role in region Washington Post May 30, 2013
Russia standing firm on Syria - U.S not Israel Hayom May 29, 2013
Russian missile shipment has yet to depart for Syria Ynet News May 29, 2013
For Russia, Syria is not in the Middle East Reuters May 22, 2013
Will Israel destroy Russian missiles? Ynet News May 19, 2013
From Russia to Assad with love Wall Street Journal May 19, 2013
Russia makes a fool of Kerry (again) Commentary May 17, 2013
Expect Israeli strikes on Russian arms shipment to Syria-Hezbollah Israel Hayom May 17, 2013
Russia sends more missiles, has ships near Syria NPR May 17, 2013
As Netanyahu meets Putin, report suggests S-300 already in Syria Israel Hayom May 14, 2013
Silly man: How John Kerry got rolled by Vladimir Putin on a plan to save Syria Foreign Policy May 13, 2013
Russia hopes to prevent intervention with sale of S-300 missiles to Syria Ynet News May 12, 2013
Syria, Russia and American weakness Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
Middle East diplomacy: Forgetting the past Council on Foreign Relations May 9, 2013
U.S. is warned Russia plans Syria arms sale Wall Street Journal May 9, 2013
Israeli airstrikes may have exposed Syrian flaw, U.S. officials say Los Angeles Times May 6, 2013
Russian footprints National Review Online March 11, 2013
Kerry confronts clashing interests in Syria, Iran and Russia Los Angeles Times February 28, 2013
Russia continuing arms sales to Syria Voice of America February 14, 2013
israeli NSC chief to Moscow over Syria chemical weapons worries The Times of Israel January 28, 2013
Russia PM: Assad made "grave error" over reforms Agence France Presse January 28, 2013
Russia sending aircraft to evacuate its citizens from Syria Washington Post January 23, 2013
Russia sends ships to Syria for possible evacuation of citizens Israel Hayom December 19, 2012
Plane incident brings Russia into play in Syria crisis Today's Zaman October 14, 2012
Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not in crash: leaked documents Al-Arabiya September 30, 2012
Islam's civil war comes to Russia: Shiites and Sunnis battle in the Caucasus Kommersant September 19, 2012
Radical Islamic attacks in moderate region unnerve the Kremlin New York Times August 26, 2012
What underlies Russia's ongoing support for Assad? Institute for National Security Studies August 13, 2012
Will al-Assad step down? Asharq Alawsat July 24, 2012
Turkey, US seek countering Russian naval dominance in east Med Today's Zaman July 22, 2012
Russia's endgame in Syria The National Interest July 18, 2012
Russia increases troops in Armenia - sends message to Erdogan Moon of Alabama July 12, 2012
Is Russia really the weak link in support for Assad? Syria Comment July 12, 2012
Russia suspends new arms shipments to Syria CNN July 10, 2012
Russian responsibility for Middle East conflicts Tablet July 2, 2012
Erdo─čan says Russia is "like Syria's mouthpiece" on downed Turkish jet Today's Zaman June 27, 2012
Putin told Israel he is not obligated to Syria's Assad Ha'aretz June 26, 2012
It does not remain to be seen Israel Hayom June 26, 2012
Putin's Middle East gambit BBC News June 25, 2012
Russia sending missile systems to shield Syria New York Times June 19, 2012
Obama fails to secure support from Putin on solution to Syria crisis The Guardian June 19, 2012
Putin to visit Israel, not Obama Commentary June 13, 2012
Stay out of the Syroan morass National Review Online June 13, 2012
Clinton accuses Russia of sending attack helicopters to Syria Christian Science Monitor June 13, 2012
Russian manufacturer selling missile equipment to Iran Ynet News June 11, 2012
Russia and China eye role in Afghanistan and Pakistan BBC News June 8, 2012
To help Syria, we must fight as dirty as Russia The Telegraph June 8, 2012
The truth about the Russians in the Middle East Asharq Alawsat June 4, 2012
Russia's rigidity on Syria has roots in another civil war The National June 1, 2012
Syria conflict "real threat" to Lebanon, says Russia NOW Lebanon May 23, 2012
Is Israel on the way to becoming a Russian ally? Russia Today May 17, 2012
Russia and Israel: The unexpected alliance Ha'aretz May 17, 2012
Russia's strategic clarity in Syria NOW Lebanon April 26, 2012
Hard to see how Syria truce will hold Syria Comment April 12, 2012
Russia-China victory in Syria a sign of declining US power The Drum April 11, 2012
Obama does Russia's bidding in Syria Tablet March 29, 2012
Russian special forces arrive in Syrian port: opposition sources Al-Arabiya March 20, 2012
Mounting tension with Russia over U.S., Israel involvement in Caucasus Moscow Times March 19, 2012
The Russian bear does a backflip Asharq Alawsat March 19, 2012
Is the wind turning in favor of Assad? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs March 7, 2012
World powers agree to reopen talks with Iran Washington Post March 7, 2012
Russia urges swift resumption of Iran nuclear talks Reuters March 6, 2012
Putin backs away from Assad regime The Globe and Mail March 2, 2012
China, Russia and India: Iran's enablers New York Times February 15, 2012
Assad forces using chemical weapons against Syrian rebels Middle East Clarity Reports February 14, 2012
Iran's Achilles' Heel New York Times February 9, 2012
Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate CNN February 6, 2012
Only Putin will decide when - and if - Assad steps down Ha'aretz February 5, 2012
Russia threatens to veto Syria resolution at UN The Telegraph February 3, 2012
Why Russia won't back down on Syria Kommersant February 2, 2012
Last Battle of the Cold War: Putin stands by Assad Wall Street Journal February 1, 2012
World pressures Russia on Syria Security Council resolution Washington Post February 1, 2012
Fighting escalates in Syria as opposition rejects Russian plan New York Times January 31, 2012
Russia supporting Assad - its last friend in the Middle East Huffington Post January 30, 2012
Russia rebukes Arab League over Syria Al-Jazeera January 29, 2012
Russia closes on $550 million military deal with Syria Christian Science Monitor January 24, 2012
Syria Rejects Qatar's Call for Arab Troops January 18, 2012
The great gas race: Turkey plays paltry hand Asia Times Online January 15, 2012
Russia naval flotilla docks in Syria AFP via Ynet News January 8, 2012
Obama to share missile defense systems with Russia?!? January 6, 2012
Turk-Russian gas deal follows Azeri accord Hurriyet December 29, 2011
The wages of appeasement Washington Post December 19, 2011
The Syria-Russia relationship NOW Lebanon December 19, 2011
Russia seizes radioactive material en route to Iran Reuters December 16, 2011
Soviet armed Iraq switches to U.S. weapons Asia Times Online December 15, 2011
Israel FM Lieberman meets Putin in surprise Moscow meeting Jerusalem Post December 8, 2011
Russia delivers cruise missiles to Syria Agence France Presse December 2, 2011
Russia sending warships to Syria in support of Assad Daily Mail November 30, 2011
Russia backing for Iran and Syria: why and for how long? Institute for National Security Studies November 27, 2011
Russia draws red line around Syria NOW Lebanon November 25, 2011
U.S., Russia, UK back Israel at Mideast meeting Boston Globe November 24, 2011
Why China and Russia help Iran The Diplomat November 20, 2011
Russian scientist at heart of Iran riddle Washington Post November 14, 2011
'Soviet scientist denies helping Iran develop bomb' Real Clear World November 10, 2011
IAEA: foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability Washington Post November 7, 2011
Russia: Israeli military strike on Iran would be grave mistake Reuters via Ha'aretz November 7, 2011
U.S. outraged at Russia, China UN veto on Syria Washington Post October 5, 2011
Abbas rejects Quartet plan AP via the Guardian September 25, 2011
Lieberman: Israel should accept Quartet proposal Jerusalem Post September 25, 2011
Quartet Unveils Plan for Talks Los Angeles Times September 25, 2011
Russia Gives Cold Shoulder to Arab Revolutions Today's Zaman September 18, 2011
Syria May Buy More Russia Air Defense Systems RIA Novosti September 17, 2011
Russia Sends Nuclear Subs to Patrol Cyprus Waters Cyprus News Report September 16, 2011
Turkey Set to Host NATO Early Warning Radar Reuters September 4, 2011
Tehran to Sue Russia Over S-300 Air Defense Missile Contract Jerusalem Post August 25, 2011
Assad Resignation Would Destabliize Syria-Moscow Russia Today August 21, 2011
Russia Plan to Appease Iran Pleases Tehran...and Obama Commentary August 18, 2011
Russia Presents New Nuclear Plan to Iran NOW Lebanon August 17, 2011
Iran Blaming Russia for Delay in Nuclear Plant Launch HuffPost World August 8, 2011
Arab Spring Raises Questions Over Alliances for Moscow The Australian July 21, 2011
Potential Caspian Naval War Between Russia and Iran? Jutia Group July 12, 2011
Iran Nuclear Program Helped by China, Russia Washington Times July 6, 2011
Russia, NATO Clash Over Libya Campaign July 5, 2011
Russia Sees Iran Nuclear Plant Running in August Reuters via Arab News June 28, 2011
Nuclear Experts Killed in Russia Plane Crash Helped Build Iran Facility Ha'aretz June 23, 2011
Pro-Assad Syrians Rally Near Chinese, Russian Embassies in Lebanon NOW Lebanon June 19, 2011
No Breakthrough in Russian Envoy's Trip to Libya Los Angeles Times June 17, 2011
U.S., Russia and Syria Intrigue Asia Times Online June 15, 2011
Specter of Chaos Haunts Libya Asia Times Online June 2, 2011
Russia's Islamist War in the Caucasus The Moscow Times June 2, 2011
G8 Calls for Qadaffi to Go As Russia Hardens Line The Guardian May 27, 2011
Palestinian Sources: Abbas Deeply Disappointed With Obama; Russians Praise Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal Ha'aretz May 24, 2011
Russians Wanted IDF Attache As Double Agent Globes May 19, 2011
IDF Military Attache to Russia Deported for Alleged Spying Jerusalem Post May 19, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
They died for Westphalia The Blog June 11, 2012
FEATURED: The Iran-Washington Conspiracy? The Blog February 27, 2012
Russia, China also to blame for Syria massacre The Blog February 5, 2012
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