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Title Publication Date
Suez Canal targeted as war in Sinai spreads The Telegraph November 20, 2013
Targeted killing and the law - who is a legitimate target and when is the target legitimate? Foreign Policy Research Institute November 16, 2013
Syria becomes largest home to al Qaeda; jihadists find safe haven to plot attacks Washington Times November 1, 2013
Israel dismayed at cutback of U.S. aid to Egypt New York Times October 10, 2013
Tackle incitement, stop the killings Times of Israel September 25, 2013
Al Qaeda's African surge threatens U.S. Wall Street Journal September 25, 2013
Turkey abetting terrorism - sheltering a dangerous Hamas operative Foreign Policy September 18, 2013
West Bank camps becoming haven for terrorists Ynet News September 18, 2013
Gulf countries meet to coordinate further sanctions against Hezbollah The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
Egypt shutting economic lifeline for Gaza Strip, in move to isolate Hamas Washington Post September 9, 2013
Terrorists 'aim to hit Israeli, Jewish targets worldwide' in coming weeks The Times of Israel August 20, 2013
Is Obama turning into Woodrow Wilson? Israel Hayom August 16, 2013
"It turns out that al-Qaeda has not been defeated" Bloomberg August 6, 2013
Banned cleric's outspoken deputy visits White House The Investigative Project on Terrorism June 26, 2013
Rowhani tied to 1994 Argentina bombing Washington Free Beacon June 20, 2013
Obama's head in the sand speech on terror PJ Media May 27, 2013
'Everywhere an Iranian embassy exists, they plan terror on Jews, Israelis' Israel Hayom May 6, 2013
Hundreds of Europeans fighting in Syria, says EU expert BBC News April 25, 2013
Kerry compares Boston and Mavi Marmara victims Jerusalem Post April 25, 2013
Grad rockets fired at Eilat Jerusalem Post April 18, 2013
Report warns of Hezbollah, Iran threats in Balkans Jerusalem Post April 13, 2013
Jabhat al-Nusra shaikh promises to decapitate every oppressive Arab leader Syria Comment March 31, 2013
Troubling times for once mighty Hezbollah The Investigative Project on Terrorism March 28, 2013
Now Obama needs to pressure Turkey CNN March 27, 2013
Peres tells Europeans to call terror - 'terror' The Algemeiner March 14, 2013
Russian footprints National Review Online March 11, 2013
Europe and Hamas Council on Foreign Relations February 25, 2013
IDF reservists fight back against Oscar-nominated film The Algemeiner February 25, 2013
Why doesn't Europe think Hezbollah is a terror group? National Interest February 18, 2013
EU reportedly loath to blacklist Hezbollah The Times of Israel February 18, 2013
How Europe bankrolls terrorism New York Times February 18, 2013
Hezbollah unmasked New York Times February 18, 2013
Hezbollah's Bulgaria problem February 11, 2013
Blaming terrorists for terrorism The Weekly Standard February 11, 2013
Turkey scrambles to avoid international financial blacklist Reuters January 28, 2013
Raised on hatred New York Times January 23, 2013
Bulgaria has evidence linking Hezbollah to Burgas bombing The Daily Star January 23, 2013
Mali: French troops begin land assault AP via TIME January 17, 2013
Some hostages in Algeria forced to wear explosives Ynet News January 17, 2013
The war rages, the White House ducks, death abounds PJ Media January 17, 2013
4 are out at State Dept. after scathing report on Benghazi attack New York Times December 20, 2012
Europe obsessed with Israel - and not dealing with the real problems Ynet News December 12, 2012
Mashal's incendiary Gaza speech Gulf News December 12, 2012
U.S. designates Syria's Al-Nusra as terrorist group New York Times December 12, 2012
Legitimization of Hamas creates 3-state option Ynet News November 12, 2012
Sderot residents desperate after 10 years of suffering Jerusalem Post November 12, 2012
Toulouse gunman's brother blames parents for killing of Jews AP and Ynet News November 12, 2012
U.S. urges Europe to label Hezbollah a terrorist group Washington Post October 29, 2012
Jordan disrupts major al-Qaeda terrorist plot Washington Post October 22, 2012
Jordanian authorities say terror suspects stockpiled Syrian rockets, planned to target Western embassies The Times of Israel October 22, 2012
Militant jihadists' rise in Arab world imperils region's stability Washington Post October 16, 2012
IAF airstrike kills Palestinian Jihadi leader Jerusalem Post October 14, 2012
Reports of al-Qaeda's death have been greatly exaggerated Foreign Policy October 10, 2012
Struggling to grasp the Middle East Israel Hayom September 13, 2012
Muhammad-film consultant: 'Sam Bacile' is not Israeli, and not a real name The Atlantic September 13, 2012
Iran, Hezbollah establish training base in Nicaragua The Times of Israel September 6, 2012
Where is the flotilla for Syria? Wall Street Journal September 5, 2012
Rachel Corrie died for her parents' sins PJ Media September 5, 2012
Gaza rocket hits home in Sderot, causes damage to property Ha'aretz August 31, 2012
Rachel Corrie was no peace activist Commentary August 28, 2012
The secular beatification of Rachel Corrie: everything that is wrong with solidarity with Palestine The Telegraph August 28, 2012
FEATURED: Court rejects Corrie family civil suit Ynet News August 28, 2012
Radical Islamic attacks in moderate region unnerve the Kremlin New York Times August 26, 2012
Iran's supreme leader orders fresh attacks on the west The Telegraph August 24, 2012
Iran targeted Israeli embassy in D.C. The Weekly Standard August 22, 2012
Europe letting Hezbollah operate openly New York Times August 16, 2012
No future in France - dire time for French Jews PJ Media August 13, 2012
Hezbollah smuggles high-grade explosives into Israel Jerusalem Post August 10, 2012
EU continues to split hairs on Hezbollah Ynet News August 9, 2012
Israeli intelligence cracks massive Hezbollah bomb plot Israel Hayom August 8, 2012
Sinai terror attack: 15 minutes start to finish Ynet News August 7, 2012
Sinai attack tests new Egyptian president's relationship with Israel New York Times August 7, 2012
Hamas' Haniyeh joins Muslim Brotherhood in accusing Israel of orchestrating Sinai attack Ynet News August 7, 2012
After terror attack, Egyptian president vows to retake Sinai The Times of Israel August 6, 2012
Barak: Attack on Israel-Sinai border is 'wake-up call' for Egypt government Ha'aretz August 6, 2012
15 Egyptian soldiers killed in attack on army checkpoint CNN August 6, 2012
A reminder from Hamas Council on Foreign Relations August 3, 2012
Iran behind car blast near Israeli embassy in Delhi Ha'aretz July 30, 2012
African migrants unwittingly funding Hamas terrorists Ha'aretz July 24, 2012
Cyprus: Similarities between Burgas bomber, terror suspect Reuters via Ynet News July 24, 2012
I.O.C. rejects Israeli remembrance request New York Times July 22, 2012
U.S. blames Hezbollah for attack on Israeli tourists New York Times July 20, 2012
From Assad's palace to terror in Burgas Israel Hayom July 20, 2012
Obama's exclusion of Israel at counterterrorism conference raises concerns The Algemeiner July 18, 2012
More than 10 Sinai terrorist networks destroyed recently Israel Hayom July 18, 2012
Israel being excluded from counterterrorism parley Jerusalem Post July 16, 2012
Mossad alerted Cyprus on Hezbollah plot to down Israeli plane Israel Hayom July 15, 2012
Israel excluded again from counterterrorism forum Washington Free Beacon July 11, 2012
Mumbai terror group now more dangerous than Al Qaeda The Daily Beast July 2, 2012
Barak warns Egypt on terror from Sinai Jerusalem Post June 26, 2012
Putin's Middle East gambit BBC News June 25, 2012
Hamas losing control Jerusalem Post June 25, 2012
Chavez hosts close ally Ahmadinejad AFP via Hurriyet June 23, 2012
Gaza terrorists fire barrage of rockets at Sderot AP and Times of Israel June 23, 2012
Member of Egyptian terror group goes to Washington The Daily Beast June 22, 2012
Iran was behind bomb plot against Israeli diplomats, investigators find The Guardian June 19, 2012
US excludes Israel from anti-terror forum because of Turkey Globes June 11, 2012
Al-Qaeda's new West Africa map Moshe Dayan Center June 7, 2012
Iran's calculus of terror The Globe and Mail June 5, 2012
Azerbaijan foils Eurovision terror attack AFP via Ynet News May 30, 2012
Shin Bet head: rise in terror plots against Israelis, Jews Jerusalem Post May 30, 2012
Iran exile group MEK to be taken off terror list Wall Street Journal May 15, 2012
Hamas wears out its welcome in Gaza Washington Post April 19, 2012
Israel to 'thank' fly-in activists in mocking letter Jerusalem Post April 15, 2012
Israel warns airlines ahead of Sunday 'Flytilla' protest The Times of Israel April 12, 2012
Tom Friedman extols Palestinian murderer Front Page April 12, 2012
IDF weighs interceptors for offshore gas platforms Jerusalem Post April 10, 2012
New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline serving Jordan, Israel Reuters April 9, 2012
Egypt launches operation to gain control of Sinai Jerusalem Post April 8, 2012
Hezbollah ties in New York City Reuters/Ynet News April 6, 2012
Israel presents new deterrence policy Ynet News April 6, 2012
Sinai is becoming a terrorist launching pad Israel Hayom April 5, 2012
Ex-Argentina leader to face terror cover-up trial Jerusalem Post April 3, 2012
Inside the 'Al-Quds' Iranian global terror unit Israel Hayom April 1, 2012
Iran units planning attacks on Israelis, Jews in Turkey Sky News April 1, 2012
France's Jihadist shooter was no lone wolf Wall Street Journal March 26, 2012
Israeli leftist activists: 'We are being sexually harassed in the West Bank' Ha'aretz March 23, 2012
U of Utah students in counter-terrorism simulation program ULaw Today - Univ. of Utah Law School March 23, 2012
When will Jewish children no longer be killed for their religion? The Times of Israel March 23, 2012
Ashton denies equating Toulouse and Gaza deaths The Times of Israel March 20, 2012
French Jews fear terror wave Ynet News March 19, 2012
Iran: the leading state sponsor of international terrorism Jerusalem Post March 19, 2012
India seeks Interpol warrants for Iranians AFP via The Times of India March 19, 2012
Netivot parents rush to get kids after rocket lands near school The Times of Israel March 15, 2012
ALERT! Azerbaijan arrests 22 over terror plot against US, Israel embassy AFP via Ynet News March 14, 2012
Israel issues travel warning on Turkey AP via Hurriyet March 14, 2012
Israeli ministers blast 'soft response' to escalation Ynet News March 13, 2012
Barak: I stand by decision to assassinate al-Qaissi The Times of Israel March 13, 2012
Hamas group to Cairo to discuss IDF strikes Jerusalem Post March 11, 2012
Video: IAF makes direct hit on Gaza weapons factory Ynet News March 11, 2012
U.S., EU condemn rocket fire in south Ynet News March 11, 2012
Al Qaeda in Iraq mounts comeback Washington Times March 6, 2012
Somali pirates move towards the UAE in hunt for easier prey The National March 5, 2012
Rockets from Gaza OK with the UN Ynet News February 29, 2012
The agony of Hamas The Times of Israel February 28, 2012
India playing down New Delhi attacks to avoid rift with Iran Ha'aretz February 27, 2012
IDF foils terror attack on Egypt border Israel Defense Forces February 21, 2012
Israelis around the world cautioned to be on high alert Israel Hayom February 19, 2012
Bangkok bolsters security amid Israeli terror warning Jerusalem Post February 17, 2012
India arrests 5 in connection with terror attack Ynet News February 15, 2012
Israel claims Iran behind Thailand blasts The Guardian February 15, 2012
Iran's measure of desperation Washington Post February 14, 2012
The Iranian threat to New York City Wall Street Journal February 14, 2012
Israel blames Iran for embassy bomb attacks The Independent February 14, 2012
Israeli diplomat wounded following New Delhi car blast Ha'aretz February 13, 2012
Israeli officials: Terrorists may get Syria's weapons Ha'aretz February 7, 2012
Peres, at Davos, blasts Turkey for funding terrorist Hamas Israel Hayom January 29, 2012
U.S. forces rescue kidnapped aid workers in Somalia Washington Post January 25, 2012
Azerbaijan thwarts terror attack against Israeli, Jewish targets Ha'aretz January 23, 2012
Israel to probe Jerusalem mufti's call to kill Jews Israel Hayom January 22, 2012
Israeli hackers fight back Ynet News January 18, 2012
Sinai: a new front Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 16, 2012
Saudi hacker takes down Tel Aviv stock exchange, El Al websites Israel Hayom January 16, 2012
Killing Iranian scientists is not terrorism Commentary January 13, 2012
Israeli hacker warns against future anti-Israel attacks Jerusalem Post January 11, 2012
India, Israel pledge cooperation on counterterrorism, trade January 11, 2012
IDF thwarts major terror attack near Jenin Jerusalem Post January 8, 2012
Where in the world is Omar the hacker? Israel Hayom January 8, 2012
Deadly explosion hits central Damascus Al-Jazeera January 6, 2012
Abbas appoints released terrorist as adviser Jerusalem Post January 2, 2012
Israel strikes in Gaza, kills 3 terrorists Israel Hayom December 28, 2011
Suicide attack in Baghdad kills 6 December 26, 2011
Israel electricity prices to rise 30% after attacks on gas lines The Marker December 25, 2011
Two Damascus suicide bombings kill more than 30 BBC December 23, 2011
More than dozen explosions, 63 dead, in Baghdad attacks Washington Post December 22, 2011
Beirut bank seen as hub of Hezbollah financing December 15, 2011
Panetta: Djibouti critical to U.S. terror fight Associated Press December 13, 2011
Libya gives Lockerbie inquiry green light The Guardian December 8, 2011
Al-Qaeda claims to have kidnapped Jewish aid worker in Pakistan Reuters via Ynet News December 2, 2011
Al-Qaeda targets dwindle as group shrinks Washington Post November 23, 2011
Bahrain: Alleged terror cell had Iran links Associated Press November 14, 2011
Al-Qaeda returns to Egypt under Iranian cover Asharq Alawsat November 13, 2011
Gilad Shalit and the rising price of an Israeli life New York Times November 11, 2011
Suicide bomber kills 3 in SE Turkey Today's Zaman October 30, 2011
ALERT: Terror warning in Jerusalem Ynet News October 24, 2011
Why Hamas is losing Gaza Time Magazine October 17, 2011
Notorious Iranian commander tied to Saudi assassination plot Washington Post October 16, 2011
Were 'red lines' crossed in Schalit deal? Middle East Clarity Reports October 14, 2011
Israel ambassador Oren: all options still on table for Iran Jerusalem Post October 13, 2011
Smuggled Libyan weapons flood Egypt, Sinai Washington Post October 13, 2011
The logic - and illogic - of Iran plans to assassinate Saudi ambassador to the U.S. The Atlantic October 12, 2011
Did Ahmedinejad know about the Iranian terror plot on Washington? Pajamas Media October 12, 2011
Despite death of Awlaki, U.S.-Yemen ties strained Washington Post October 6, 2011
Awlaki death rekindles legal debate on targeting Americans Los Angeles Times October 5, 2011
Obama's terrorist dilemma Los Angeles Times October 4, 2011
Administration defends Awlaki killing Washington Post October 3, 2011
Al-Qaeda surges in northern Algeria CTC at West Point October 3, 2011
Senior Haqqani leader in Afghanistan captured Los Angeles Times October 2, 2011
Alwaki killing may violate U.S., int'l law ACLU October 2, 2011
Justice brought to Alwaki Commentary October 2, 2011
Israel raises alarm over Sinai-Gaza cooperation The Daily Star (Lebanon) September 28, 2011
Pakistan: more enemy than friend Commentary September 23, 2011
Assassin Deals Blow to Peace Process in Afghanistan New York Times September 21, 2011
U.S. Building Secret Drone Bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula Washington Post September 21, 2011
Four Civilians Killed in PKK Attack in SE Turkey Hurriyet September 21, 2011
Why Won't Obama List Israelis Among Victims of Terror? The New Republic September 16, 2011
Al-Qaeda Firming Up Foothold in Sinai Reuters September 16, 2011
5 Israeli Arabs Arrested for Plotting Terror Attacks Ha'aretz September 15, 2011
Israel Not Included in U.S. Global Counterterrorism Forum U.S. Department of State September 12, 2011
Saudis Still Getting Free Pass on Terror National Review Online September 12, 2011
9/11 Redux: No Greater Hate - What Inspires the Muslim Kamikazes? Sandbox September 11, 2011
From 9/11 to the Arab Spring Wall Street Journal September 9, 2011
Al-Qaeda is Down, Not Out Los Angeles Times September 7, 2011
IDF Kills PRC Commander in Gaza Ynet News September 7, 2011
IPO Concert Stopped at Royal Albert Hall After Protests The Telegraph September 2, 2011
Obama's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy National Review Online August 31, 2011
Iranian Anti-tank Missile May Fall Into Terrorist Hands Jerusalem Post August 30, 2011
At Least 29 Killed in Iraq Sunni Mosque Attack Al-Jazeera August 29, 2011
Barak: Gaza Groups Planning New Terror Attack on Israel Ha'aretz August 29, 2011
IDF Bolsters Troops Near Gaza After Terror Warning Jerusalem Post August 29, 2011
Lockerbie Bomber 'At Death's Door' The Guardian August 29, 2011
Soldier Killed By Friendly Fire in Eilat Terror Attack Israel Hayom August 28, 2011
Al-Qaeda No. 2 Killed in Pakistan Washington Post August 28, 2011
Al-Rahman Death Another Heavy Blow to Al-Qaeda The Daily Beast August 28, 2011
Al-Qaeda Linked to Israel Bus Ambush Washington Times August 24, 2011
Scottish Council Wants to Contact Lockerbie Bomber AP via Washington Post August 23, 2011
Libya: The Fat Lady Has Sung Middle East Clarity August 23, 2011
Al-Qaeda's New Sinai Front The Daily Beast August 22, 2011
Vacuum in Sinai Ha'aretz August 19, 2011
Vacuum in Sinai Ha'aretz August 19, 2011
Why Egypt Plays the Terror Card Commentary August 19, 2011
Those Who Sent Eilat Terrorists Already Dead Israel Hayom August 19, 2011
Hamas Senior Commanders Go Into Hiding Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
Egyptians Say Eilat Attack Not from Egypt Territory Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
Timeline of Eilat Triple Terror Attack Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
As Mubarak Falls, Terror Rises in Sinai Ha'aretz August 18, 2011
Sinai: A Terror Hotbed Ynet News August 18, 2011
Muslim Militant Calls for David Letterman 'Tongue to be Cut Out' Reuters via Ha'aretz August 18, 2011
Al-Qaeda Trying to Harness Toxin for Bombs New York Times August 14, 2011
Lessons from the 2nd Lebanon War Wall Street Journal August 12, 2011
Yemen Looks Like New Al-Qaeda Heartland Family Security Matters August 11, 2011
Norway and Terror: Repressing Discussion Doesn't Help Jerusalem Post August 7, 2011
The 'Oslo Syndrome' and the Terror Attack in Norway The Rubin Report August 1, 2011
TSA Readies Israel-Style 'Behavior Detection Plan' Politico July 31, 2011
Taliban, Hezbollah Operatives Nabbed in Drugs, Arms Stings ABC July 27, 2011
Barak Outlaws Israeli-Arab Group Over Terror Ties Ha'aretz July 27, 2011
In UK, Islamist Attacks Still the Main Threat The Telegraph July 26, 2011
A Ridiculous Rapid Response Slate July 25, 2011
Israel Intercepts 'Weapons Boat' in Dead Sea BBC July 25, 2011
U.S. Came Within Inches of Killing Al-Qaeda Mastermind The Telegraph July 21, 2011
U.S. Fears Al-Qaeda Gains in Yemen Washington Times July 20, 2011
Clinton Presses Pakistan on Terrorism Wall Street Journal July 20, 2011
Patraeus's Next Battle Newsweek July 18, 2011
Istanbul Bombing Was Iran Job Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
Why Remember AMIA? Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
Iranians May Kiss and Make Up with Argentinians Commentary July 17, 2011
Ripples Over Planned Al-Qaeda Base in Nigeria Vanguard July 17, 2011
Somalia & Yemen: Al-Shabaab's Widening Ambitions July 14, 2011
Renewed Terror Attacks in Mumbai Stratfor Global Intelligence July 14, 2011
Yemen's Saleh Warns US: It's Me or Al-Qaeda Anointed Blog July 13, 2011
Saudis Indict 16 in Al-Qaeda Linked Group Trend (Azerbaijan) July 13, 2011
Glorifying Gaza's Rocket Men Slate July 10, 2011
Panetta: Defeat of Al-Qaeda 'Within Reach" New York Times July 10, 2011
Growing Terror Threat: Hezbollah in Latin America Town Hall July 8, 2011
Iran's Execution Binge Los Angeles Times July 6, 2011
US Indicts Somali on Terrorism Charges Washington Post July 6, 2011
Al-Qaeda Being Reborn in Yemen The Daily Beast June 28, 2011
Israeli Holding Security Prisoners Involved with Murder of Israelis in Isolation Ha'aretz June 27, 2011
Suspected Radical Islamists Kill 25 in Nigeria Bombing Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 27, 2011
Zawahiri Profile: Al-Qaeda's Arrogant Doctor of Death The Guardian June 19, 2011
Piracy Too Lucrative for Somalis to Refuse Der Spiegel June 17, 2011
Al-Qaeda Creates Hit List of Prominent Americans New York Daily News June 16, 2011
Third Major Al-Qaeda Leader Slain in Somaila Washington Post June 12, 2011
India Disappointed With Acquittal in Mumbai Terror Attack Case The Times of India June 10, 2011
Uzbek Militants Carve Northern Afghan Niche Asia Times Online June 10, 2011
Iran Minister Accused of Planning Argentina Jewish Center Bombing Forced to Leave Bolivia Reuters via Ha'aretz June 1, 2011
Pentagon Says Cyber Attack is Act of War Wall Street Journal May 31, 2011
Bibi: Global Terror Organizations Strengthening in Sinai Jerusalem Post May 30, 2011
The Al-Qaeda - Iran Connection The Daily Beast May 30, 2011
Sheikh Yassin's House Declared Terror Shrine Ynet News May 30, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: One-eyed Taliban Leader Mullah Omar May Have Been Killed in Pakistan Asia Times Online May 24, 2011
Sudan Jeopardizes Removal from Terrorist List Washington Times May 24, 2011
Obama to BBC: US Would Repeat bin-Laden Raid; Talks of Israel BBC May 22, 2011
Gaza-Based 'Army of Islam' Added to U.S. Terror List Reuters via Ynet News May 20, 2011
PA to Pay Salaries to All Terrorists in Israeli Prisons Palestinian Media Watch May 20, 2011
Goldstone Report Failed to Address Issues of Asymmetric Warfare Ha'aretz May 18, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
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