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Title Publication Date
Iran-North Korea missile cooperation undermines Geneva nuke deal Washington Free Beacon November 27, 2013
IDF's Home Front Command chief arrives in Philippines to oversee aid delegation Jerusalem Post November 20, 2013
Suez Canal targeted as war in Sinai spreads The Telegraph November 20, 2013
Israel says David's Sling missile interceptor passes new test Reuters November 20, 2013
Israel can strike Iran alone, says PM's former security aide Times of Israel November 18, 2013
Targeted killing and the law - who is a legitimate target and when is the target legitimate? Foreign Policy Research Institute November 16, 2013
Syrian army retakes important towns in Aleppo, Damascus and Homs Syria Comment November 16, 2013
Israel negotiating historic alliance with Saudi Arabia over Iran's nuclear weapons International Business Times November 16, 2013
Israel reacts with alarm at bad Iran deal Brookings November 12, 2013
Hamas on its heels Foundation for the Defense of Democracies November 12, 2013
The case for stronger sanctions on Iran Foundation for the Defense of Democracies November 12, 2013
US removing navy from Mideast as Russia enters Arutz Sheva November 10, 2013
Iran: The U.S. Calvary is NOT coming Times of Israel November 6, 2013
DC Intelligence leaks a growing concern for Israeli government Time November 4, 2013
Israel furious at Obama for outing Syria strike Times of Israel November 4, 2013
Syrian rebels lose ground to Assad forces in Syria Washington Post November 4, 2013
5 Israeli soldiers hurt, 4 Palestinian gunmen killed as IDF, Hamas clash on Gaza border Jerusalem Post November 1, 2013
Israel strikes Russian weapons shipment in Syria AP November 1, 2013
Israeli planes strike Syrian military base, U.S. official says CNN November 1, 2013
Report: Israel strikes Syrian military base near Latakia Israel Hayom October 31, 2013
Report: missile launched from sea hits Syrian base Ynet News October 31, 2013
Iran's secret night flights to arm Syria's Assad revealed The National October 29, 2013
Syrian civil war spreads to Lebanese city of Tripoli Jerusalem Post October 29, 2013
US message to Israel on Iran: military option off the table Council on Foreign Relations October 27, 2013
Ya'alon: Civil war between Hezbollah and Global Jihad has erupted in Lebanon Jerusalem Post October 25, 2013
Elite Hezbollah fighters are spearheading battle in Syria, IDF commander warns Jerusalem Post October 25, 2013
Rogue state: Israel would be ready to defy US on Iran Foreign Policy October 23, 2013
Report: US cancels drone deal with Turkey Ynet News October 22, 2013
U.S. said to hold Al-Qaeda suspect on navy ship New York Times October 7, 2013
'Hezbollah's long-range missiles can carry chemical weapons' Times of Israel October 6, 2013
Report: Obama call prevented French strikes on Syria 'hours before launch' Ynet News September 30, 2013
Iranian operative who is directing Assad's war in Syria. New Yorker September 24, 2013
Evolution in Anti-IED technologies Aviation Week September 20, 2013
Former Syrian army general defects - tells of dozens of chemical attacks The National September 18, 2013
'Rogue countries that develop WMD will in fact use them' Israel Hayom September 17, 2013
Assad's biological weapons absent from US-Russia deal Times of Israel September 16, 2013
Amateur hour: Obama got played by Putin and Assad The New Republic September 11, 2013
Between the sublime and the ridiculous Israel Hayom September 11, 2013
Russia to sell Iran anti-aircraft system, nuclear reactor Times of Israel September 11, 2013
Russia's absurd proposals on Syria's weapons Commentary September 10, 2013
Obama utterly trashes his reputation Commentary September 10, 2013
Significant regime defection in Syria Washington Institute September 9, 2013
Vote for Syria strike but add Iran to the list PJ Media September 9, 2013
In America we trust? Israel Hayom September 9, 2013
Unserious Commander-in-Chief National Review September 6, 2013
Top Obama aide: No US military action without okay from Congress Reuters via Jerusalem Post September 6, 2013
Obama to address American people on Syria AP via Times of Israel September 6, 2013
Hezbollah told Iran 'chemical weapons use a big mistake' The Telegraph September 6, 2013
Syria hiding weapons, moving troops AP/ABC News September 6, 2013
Humanitarian crisis, geo-politics and the dilemma facing Congress U. of Utah Law School September 6, 2013
The Muddle East Foundation for Defense of Democracies September 6, 2013
Why America is saying 'no' Wall Street Journal September 6, 2013
Jewish organizations in US support Syria strike JTA and Times of Israel September 4, 2013
Obama stopped Israeli strike on Iran Mida September 4, 2013
El-Sissi's army goes to war in the Sinai The Times of Israel September 3, 2013
U.S. still hasn't armed Syria rebels Wall Street Journal September 3, 2013
Israel, US conduct joint missile defense test in Mediterranean Israel Hayom September 3, 2013
US, Russia move battleships into position for Syria showdown Israel Hayom September 2, 2013
Shamed into war National Review September 1, 2013
Obama's bizarre Syria policy Commentary September 1, 2013
At last minute, Obama made call alone to go to Congress Wall Street Journal September 1, 2013
Obama's credibility on line in reversal The Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Weak world response on Syria boosts chance of strong Israeli action on Iran Jerusalem Post September 1, 2013
Kerry: We have proof sarin used in chemical attack AP via Times of Israel September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Ynet News September 1, 2013
Leading from behind the polls Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
Obama blinked first Israel Hayom September 1, 2013
War, what is it good for? New York Times September 1, 2013
Obama puts politics above morals on Syria New York Post September 1, 2013
Former IDF intel chief: US coming around to an Israeli strike on Iran Times of Israel August 7, 2013
Rebels gain control of government air base in Syria New York Times August 6, 2013
Official: Israel capable of unilateral strike on Iran, if US not committed Jerusalem Post August 6, 2013
Obama decision to supply light arms doesn't alter U.S. strategy in Syria NOW Lebanon June 26, 2013
Pentagon shoots down Kerry's air strike plan Bloomberg June 20, 2013
Syria and the 700 sorties Council on Foreign Relations June 20, 2013
Iran to send 4,000 troops to help Syria's Assad The Times of Israel June 16, 2013
Israel won't let S-300 become operational in Syria Israel Hayom May 30, 2013
Has the war in Syria reached Lebanon? Syria Comment May 29, 2013
Israeli or U.S. action against Iran: who will do It If It must be done? Institute for National Security Studies May 29, 2013
Russian missile shipment has yet to depart for Syria Ynet News May 29, 2013
Chemical warfare in Syria Le Monde May 28, 2013
Hezbollah commits to an all-out fight to save Assad New York Times May 28, 2013
How Iranian weapons go through Syria to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post May 27, 2013
Dozens of Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria Agence France Presse May 24, 2013
Is Egypt heading toward a military regime? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs May 22, 2013
Netanyahu: "We will continue stopping weapons transfer to Hezbollah" Jerusalem Post May 19, 2013
Will Israel destroy Russian missiles? Ynet News May 19, 2013
Expect Israeli strikes on Russian arms shipment to Syria-Hezbollah Israel Hayom May 17, 2013
CIA chief makes unannounced Israel visit AP via Washington Post May 17, 2013
Top IRGC member to lead fight against Israel in Syria Ynet News May 17, 2013
Russia sends more missiles, has ships near Syria NPR May 17, 2013
As Netanyahu meets Putin, report suggests S-300 already in Syria Israel Hayom May 14, 2013
Assad forces gaining ground in Syria Washington Post May 12, 2013
The logic of Israel's Syria policy The Weekly Standard May 12, 2013
Russia hopes to prevent intervention with sale of S-300 missiles to Syria Ynet News May 12, 2013
U.S. is warned Russia plans Syria arms sale Wall Street Journal May 9, 2013
Israeli airstrikes may have exposed Syrian flaw, U.S. officials say Los Angeles Times May 6, 2013
Syria attacks show there is no alternative to neutralizing Iran PJ Media May 6, 2013
Reported Israeli airstrikes in Syria could accelerate U.S. decision process Washington Post May 6, 2013
Confident strikes on Syria send a message to the nervous US The Times of Israel May 6, 2013
Report: Israel strike killed elite Iran troops, hit Syrian chemical facility Ynet News May 6, 2013
Israel attacks on Syria fuel debate on U.S-led effort New York Times May 6, 2013
IDF airstrike kills top terrorist in north Gaza Ynet News April 30, 2013
Israel claims that Syria has used chemical weapons New York Times April 25, 2013
Has Assad crossed Obama's red line? Commentary April 25, 2013
Britain, France claim Syria used chemical weapons Foreign Policy April 21, 2013
Syria and opposition: heavy fighting near Lebanese border AP via Fox News April 21, 2013
Hagel: Mideast arms deal 'a very clear signal' to Iran Washington Post April 21, 2013
U.S.arms deal with Israel is force multiplier Israel Hayom April 21, 2013
Syrian government guerrilla fighters being sent to Iran for training Reuters April 5, 2013
Jordan doubles troops along Syrian border Al-Jazeera April 5, 2013
Kerry asks Iraq to stop Syria arms flow Washington Post March 24, 2013
Netanyahu says Syria was main reason for apology Ynet News March 24, 2013
Israel fires into Syria after Golan attack on troops Reuters March 24, 2013
IDF commandos disappointed by apology to Turkey The Times of Israel March 24, 2013
Israeli official: chemical weapons used in Syria Associated Press March 21, 2013
The Free Syrian Army doesn't exist Syria Comment March 19, 2013
Iran steps up weapons lifeline to Assad Reuters March 14, 2013
Ya'alon will bring balance to Israel defense minstry Al-Monitor March 14, 2013
Targeted killing: when proportionality gets all out of proportion University of Utah March 14, 2013
Syria army shows signs of strain New York Times March 14, 2013
China and Israeli drones The Daily Beast March 12, 2013
At least 141 killed in missile strikes on Aleppo Washington Post February 28, 2013
In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad Washington Post February 25, 2013
Croatian connection to Syrian rebels? NOW Lebanon February 25, 2013
Troops pour into Syria's Aleppo The Australian February 20, 2013
Russia continuing arms sales to Syria Voice of America February 14, 2013
Syrian troops bombard rebel posts around Damascus Reuters February 14, 2013
Iranian general killed in Syria Los Angeles Times February 14, 2013
Report from Syria: How to start a battalion in 5 easy lessons London Review of Books February 13, 2013
Syria's rebels prepare to take a province from Assad Time February 12, 2013
Image indicates Syria building unscathed by Israel strike Reuters February 11, 2013
Hagel in 2008 video: U.S. shouldn't even think about bombing Iran The Algemeiner February 11, 2013
Hezbollah, Russia condemn Israeli airstrike inside Syria Washington Post January 31, 2013
'Assad transferred chemical weapons to Hezbollah' Jerusalem Post January 31, 2013
Hizballah and the Qods Force in Iran's Shadow War with the West Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 31, 2013
Hezbollah hints Syrian target was military The Times of Israel January 31, 2013
Report: 'Israel hits target on Syria-Lebanon border' Ynet News January 30, 2013
Israel shores up its defenses while Iran remains quiet Weekly Standard January 29, 2013
Report: Syria chemical arsenal within Hezbollah reach Israel Hayom January 29, 2013
Large arms shipment intercepted off Yemen, Iran eyed as source Reuters January 29, 2013
Syria: Hezbollah sets up camps near WMD facilities Ynet News January 28, 2013
Israel's Red Line: won't hesitate to attack should Syrian chemical weapons reach Hezbollah Ynet News January 28, 2013
IDF deploys Iron Dome in north Jerusalem Post January 28, 2013
Egypt's Morsi declares state of emergency Washington Post January 28, 2013
Is Turkey the new Pakistan? Commentary January 27, 2013
Hamas to establish military academy for schoolkids Jerusalem Post January 27, 2013
Kissinger says Iran nuclear crisis close BBC News January 27, 2013
Mali: French troops begin land assault AP via TIME January 17, 2013
Iran to deploy warships to Mediterranean Sea Jerusalem Post January 17, 2013
In Gaza restocking to Operation Pillar of Defense levels Algemeiner January 11, 2013
UN estimates 60,00 dead in Syria Associated Press January 3, 2013
Iran navy simulates enemy invasion Ynet News December 30, 2012
Destroyed Hezbollah weapons depot held missiles capable of being chemically equipped The Algemeiner December 20, 2012
Syrian rebels fight Palestinian pro-Assad group AP via Ynet News December 18, 2012
U.S. plans for possibility that Assad could lose control of chemical arms cache Washington Post December 18, 2012
Check Hagel's Jewish problem Wall Street Journal December 18, 2012
New computer virus wiping Iranian hard drives Washington Free Beacon December 18, 2012
Khartoum allowing Iran to establish Red Sea base Jerusalem Post December 12, 2012
US approves sales of precision bomb kits to Israel Israel Hayom December 12, 2012
Watching Syria's descent Washington Post December 12, 2012
US military facing fresh questions over targeting of children in Afghanistan The Guardian December 10, 2012
Israel sees no immediate threat from Syrian chemical weapons Israel Hayom December 10, 2012
Fearful of a nuclear Iran? The real WMD nightmare is Syria Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists December 4, 2012
Obama warns Assad against chemical weapons CNN December 4, 2012
Israel freezes plans for ground operation as Clinton heads to the region The Times of Israel November 20, 2012
A decisive conclusion is necessary Jerusalem Post November 20, 2012
Israel's Iron Dome - a breakout performance for missile defense Wall Street Journal November 20, 2012
Israel's Iron Dome missile defense drawing praise Los Angeles Times November 20, 2012
IDF strikes 200 Gaza targets Ynet News November 15, 2012
British FM: Hamas principally responsible for escalation Jerusalem Post November 15, 2012
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Sever ties with Israel Jerusalem Post November 15, 2012
Israel and Hamas wage online war of words France 24 November 15, 2012
Washington says it stands behind Israel's right to defend itself The Times of Israel November 15, 2012
A stunning initial success for the IDF. Now what? The Times of Israel November 15, 2012
Rocket fire from Gaza slows as IDF strikes take their toll The Times of Israel November 15, 2012
Israel returns to agility and deception Israel Hayom November 15, 2012
Israel, Hamas escalate fire as IDF prepares ground troops Israel Hayom November 15, 2012
Powder keg in Gaza Washington Institute November 12, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: IDF scores direct hit on Syria mortar battery The Times of Israel November 12, 2012
Israel changes rules of engagement along Syrian border Israel National News November 12, 2012
Dempsey arrives in Israel to oversee joint air defense drill Jerusalem Post October 29, 2012
Israel used Sudan bombing as 'dry run' for attack on Iran The Times of Israel October 29, 2012
Hezbollah firing hundreds of rockets into Syria on daily basis Asharq Alawsat October 22, 2012
"Slim' hopes of truce as fighting rages in Syrian cities The Daily Star October 22, 2012
Erdogan ambitions driving Turkey towards war National Review Online October 16, 2012
Is a Turkey-Syria conflict inevitable? Al-Jazeera October 16, 2012
Jihadists getting weapons meant for Syrian rebels Slate October 16, 2012
Did IDF hack into Hezbollah drone? The Times of Israel October 16, 2012
Obama campaign shifting Benghazi blame to Hillary, making Clinton's furious Daily Caller October 14, 2012
Syrian air defense a paper tiger NOW Lebanon October 14, 2012
IAF airstrike kills Palestinian Jihadi leader Jerusalem Post October 14, 2012
An escalation following the killing of a Jihad militant by Israel? Avi Melamed Blog October 14, 2012
Turkey warns Syria it may use 'greater force' New York Times October 10, 2012
Decision time on Iran fast approaching Commentary October 10, 2012
Free Syria Army threatens to take fight to Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut The Daily Star October 10, 2012
US said to mull 'surgical strike' on Iran Ynet News October 9, 2012
Hamas fires dozens of rockets, mortars into Israel The Times of Israel October 9, 2012
FEATURED: CIA, U.S. intelligence community revolts against Obama administration Washington Free Beacon October 9, 2012
Report: Iran pulls elite army unit from Syria in wake of Tehran protests Ha'aretz and Reuters October 7, 2012
Panetta warns about Syria-Turkey AP via October 7, 2012
Israeli planes trigger sonic booms over Lebanon in possible response to drone dispatch AP and Times of Israel October 7, 2012
Israel checking: Was drone headed to Dimona? Ynet News October 7, 2012
UAV intrusion: Iranian act of belligerence against Israel, US Debka October 7, 2012
IAF shoots down UAV in northern Negev Jerusalem Post October 7, 2012
Turkey says it has no intention for war with Syria Los Angeles Times October 5, 2012
Why Israel may go it alone The National Interest October 5, 2012
Hezbollah can no longer deny Syria role after commander's death Israel Hayom October 3, 2012
Panetta: U.S. has lost track of some Syrian chemical weapons Foreign Policy September 30, 2012
Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not in crash: leaked documents Al-Arabiya September 30, 2012
Attack in Libya was major blow to CIA efforts New York Times September 24, 2012
Obama says 'blocking out' Israeli 'noise' Ynet News September 24, 2012
Angry Libyans target militias New York Times September 23, 2012
Turkey deploys heavy weapons to Syrian border Al-Arabiya September 23, 2012
Listening device disguised as rock blown up at Fordo nuclear site The Times of Israel September 23, 2012
As Syrian conflict worsens, concerns soar in Turkey Jerusalem Post September 21, 2012
Yom Kippur War revelations underline gravity of Iran dilemma facing Israel today The Times of Israel September 21, 2012
IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan Jerusalem Post September 19, 2012
Syria tested chemical weapons systems Der Spiegel September 19, 2012
On Afghanistan, Obama must speak up Commentary September 19, 2012
Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush Reuters September 13, 2012
US warns of Sudan-South Sudan border conflict Al-Jazeera September 7, 2012
Top US military official visits Israel Ynet News September 6, 2012
About Israel, Iran, Bibi and Obama The Atlantic September 5, 2012
General Dempsey is 'complicit' in goading Israel to attack Iran Ha'aretz September 5, 2012
U.S. denies Israeli newspaper report of secret Iran contacts Reuters September 5, 2012
Washington won't back Israeli strike if Iran steers clear of US interests Ynet News September 5, 2012
Top general makes clear that U.S. doesn't have Israel's back on Iran The Guardian August 31, 2012
No American leader will ever attack Iran Tablet August 24, 2012
Israel asks Egypt to remove tanks from Sinai New York Times August 22, 2012
Panetta trying to secure Sinai with intel aid CNN August 22, 2012
'The cavalry is not going to ride to Israel's side Israel Hayom August 21, 2012
Report: Obama 'cancelled missions to kill bin Laden three times' Daily Mail August 21, 2012
Former Israel MI chief: 'Show us that you'll really stop Iran, or we may have to' The Times of Israel August 17, 2012
'Israeli defense officials: Iran won't hit back at US targets if Israel attacks' The Times of Israel August 16, 2012
Americans didn't foresee 9/11 - can't foresee an Iranian bomb either The Times of Israel August 13, 2012
Egypt's Morsi replaces military chiefs in bid to consolidate power Washington Post August 13, 2012
Morsi dismisses heads of Egyptian military Israel Hayom August 13, 2012
Lords of chaos rule the Middle East Gatestone Institute August 13, 2012
A trip report from Israel: 'We have entered the phase of strategic decisions' Foreign Policy August 8, 2012
Sinai terror attack: 15 minutes start to finish Ynet News August 7, 2012
Islamists sidelined in new Egypt cabinet The Telegraph August 5, 2012
Assad's arms under strain New York Times August 5, 2012
Rumsfeld: Israel needn't notify US about strike Ynet News August 5, 2012
Obama authorizes secret US support for Syrian rebels Reuters August 3, 2012
Civilians continue to flee Aleppo as assault contunues Al-Jazeera July 30, 2012
Romney 'would respect' Israeli strike on Iran Israel Hayom July 29, 2012
Four new security chiefs named by Assad - all hawks Syria Comment July 25, 2012
Syria threatens chemical attack on foreign force New York Times July 24, 2012
In Syria conflict, U.S. struggles to fill intelligence gaps Washington Post July 24, 2012
Israel complains to UN after Syrian troops enter Golan demilitarized zone The Times of Israel July 23, 2012
IDF bus with soldiers comes under fire near Eilat YnetNews July 22, 2012
Turkey, US seek countering Russian naval dominance in east Med Today's Zaman July 22, 2012
Syria fighting spreads to Aleppo Al-Jazeera July 22, 2012
Israeli navy to stage drills in coordination with Greece Hurriyet July 16, 2012
FEATURED: U.S. and Israel: very different red lines on Iran The Times of Israel July 16, 2012
US fears Assad relocating chemical stockpiles Ynet News July 13, 2012
Turkey skirting Iran sanctions by trading gold for crude Washington Free Beacon July 13, 2012
Turks conduct unauthorized naval drills near Cyprus Jerusalem Post July 13, 2012
Obama running out of excuses on Iran Commentary July 12, 2012
Why the U.S. could bomb Iran Tablet July 12, 2012
Iran's ballistic missiles improving Bloomberg July 11, 2012
Morsi convenes Egypt's parliament in defiance of court and military Washington Post July 10, 2012
Israel plans for naval expansion to protect gas deposits Foreign Policy July 10, 2012
Iran and Syria crises are closely connected Washington Examiner July 10, 2012
Russia suspends new arms shipments to Syria CNN July 10, 2012
Not clear who's in charge in Egypt Los Angeles Times July 10, 2012
Assad confidante Tlas' defection confirmed Syria Comment July 8, 2012
Netanyahu promises 'historic change' in equality of national burden Israel Hayom July 8, 2012
Can Hezbollah give war a chance? NOW Lebanon July 6, 2012
Israel to upgrade with F-35 stealth aircraft Al-Monitor July 6, 2012
US ship pulls out bodies of Turkish pilots Hurriyet July 5, 2012
U.S. adds forces to Persian Gulf New York Times July 4, 2012
Mounting pressure on the Syrian army Washington Institute July 4, 2012
Syrian general among 85 troops defecting to Turkey Los Angeles Times July 4, 2012
Iran war games: dozens of ballistic missiles fired Ynet News July 3, 2012
Assad regrets downing of Turkish jet The Guardian July 3, 2012
Grad rockets smuggled from Libya to Egypt AFP via Defense News July 2, 2012
Iranian general threatens to 'wipe Israel off map of the earth' Israel Hayom July 2, 2012
Egypt's Tantawi to remain defense minister Reuters June 28, 2012
Turkey deploys anti-aircraft guns on Syrian border AP via Washington Post June 28, 2012
Israeli official: Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel Ha'aretz June 27, 2012
Erdoğan says Russia is "like Syria's mouthpiece" on downed Turkish jet Today's Zaman June 27, 2012
Israel must redefine casus belli parameters for Egypt Israel Hayom June 27, 2012
Assad says Syria in state of 'real war' SANA - Syrian Arab News Agency June 27, 2012
Syrian insurgents attack elite guards New York Times June 27, 2012
Barak warns Egypt on terror from Sinai Jerusalem Post June 26, 2012
After an Israeli strike on Iran Israel Hayom June 26, 2012
Iran's likely responses to an Israeli preventive strike Washington Institute June 26, 2012
IDF to deploy radar systems along Egyptian border Jerusalem Post June 26, 2012
Turkey wants more pressure on Syria - but not confrontation Washington Post June 26, 2012
Weapons supply in Syria: who decides who gets what? Syria Comment June 26, 2012
Six Syrian army officers and 33 soldiers defect, arrive in Turkey: state TV Al-Arabiya June 25, 2012
Window for Iran diplomacy just closed Commentary June 23, 2012
IAF strikes Gaza terrorist launching strike into Israel Jerusalem Post June 23, 2012
Turkey will take 'steps' after Syria shoots down jet Washington Post June 23, 2012
Syria says rebels massacred 25 in Aleppo NOW Lebanon June 22, 2012
Syria opposition forces doing better than expected The Economist June 22, 2012
Barak on how long Israel might wait on Iran Slate June 22, 2012
Israeli strike on Iran on hold - for now Wall Street Journal June 22, 2012
Syria fighter pilot defects to Jordan Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 22, 2012
A looming power struggle in Egypt NOW Lebanon June 19, 2012
8 Turkish soldiers killed, 16 wounded in clashes with PKK Hurriyet June 19, 2012
Russia sending missile systems to shield Syria New York Times June 19, 2012
IDF hits terror cell near Gaza fence Ynet News June 19, 2012
Israel, Hamas trade fire as Gaza violence escalates Israel Hayom June 19, 2012
Civil war looming in Egypt? PJ Media June 17, 2012
Israel: Hamas ordered Grad attack at behest of Muslim Brotherhood Ha'aretz June 17, 2012
Report: Turkish IHH financially linked to al-Qaeda Ynet News June 15, 2012
Olmert bombed Syria despite US diplomacy Jerusalem Post June 15, 2012
U.N. monitors find vast devastation in Syria New York Times June 15, 2012
Hezbollah may move Syrian arms to Lebanon Jerusalem Post June 13, 2012
Clinton accuses Russia of sending attack helicopters to Syria Christian Science Monitor June 13, 2012
Peres in US warns of Iran drive to obtain nukes Jerusalem Post June 12, 2012
Syria is in civil war Jerusalem Post June 11, 2012
Russian manufacturer selling missile equipment to Iran Ynet News June 11, 2012
Syria's chemical arsenal world's largest The Times of Israel June 11, 2012
Israel completes Lebanon border wall around Metulla The Times of Israel June 10, 2012
Swift action will be required in Syria The New Republic June 10, 2012
Egyptian women decry abuse by soldiers Washington Post June 8, 2012
To help Syria, we must fight as dirty as Russia The Telegraph June 8, 2012
Former recent top Pentagon official says Israel attack on Iran 'bad idea' The Atlantic June 7, 2012
8 killed in Armenia-Azeri clashes New York Times June 7, 2012
Possible Iran responses to Israeli preventive strike Washington Institute for Near East Policy June 7, 2012
Military intervention not the answer in Syria Crown Center for Middle East Studies June 7, 2012
Elbit complete development of cyber security simulator Israel Defense June 6, 2012
Draft dodging increasing in Syria AP via Washington Post June 6, 2012
Mystery Iranian deaths amid shadow war June 6, 2012
Al-Qaeda's No. 2 leader killed in U.S. airstrike Washington Post June 6, 2012
Syria rebels 'kill 80 soldiers' in weekend clashes BBC News June 5, 2012
IDF to establish 3 new ultra-Orthodox battalions ahead of new enlistment law Ha'aretz June 5, 2012
Syrian military casualties rose in May McClatchy June 5, 2012
White House leaking Iran intel to NYT is a scandal Fox News June 3, 2012
Cyberwar leaks put politics over national security National Post June 3, 2012
Mutually assured cyberdestruction New York Times June 3, 2012
Damascus expects the worst The Independent June 3, 2012
IAF bombs weapons workshops, smuggling tunnels in Gaza Israel Hayom June 3, 2012
Syria doing all it can to destabilize Lebanon Real Clear World June 1, 2012
NATO kills senior al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan Associated Press May 30, 2012
Egypt now stuck between army and Islamists Stratfor Global Intelligence May 29, 2012
Talking turkey about Turkey Israel Hayom May 29, 2012
New Syrian bombardment of Hama kills 41 Jerusalem Post May 28, 2012
Syrian rebels say Turkey is arming and training them The Telegraph May 27, 2012
Iran confirms sending troops to Syria Ynet News May 27, 2012
Command and control on Iran Foreign Policy May 24, 2012
Obama rejects military request for 3rd carrier in Persian Gulf The Daily Beast May 24, 2012
Former Israeli MI chief: Israel right to prepare Iran military option Ynet News May 23, 2012
Report: Turkey seeks 10 life sentences for Israeli commanders Ynet News, Reuters May 23, 2012
Time for Obama to set clear lines for military action on Iran Washington Post May 21, 2012
Iran committed to 'full annihilation of Israel' says top Iranian commander The Daily Caller May 21, 2012
Is Israel on the way to becoming a Russian ally? Russia Today May 17, 2012
Russia and Israel: The unexpected alliance Ha'aretz May 17, 2012
Israeli plane violates north Cyprus airspace Hurriyet May 17, 2012
Free Syrian Army: Hezbollah fighters in Syria, carrying out raids Asharq Alawsat May 17, 2012
U.S. can't lead from behind on pirates Commentary May 16, 2012
Israel to send fighter jets for joint exercises in the US The Times of Israel May 16, 2012
Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors' money, U.S. coordination Washington Post May 16, 2012
Israeli naval commandos complete massive exercise Israel Defense Forces May 14, 2012
Between calm and chaos in the West Bank and Gaza Ha'aretz May 11, 2012
Echoes of '67: Israel unites Washington Post May 11, 2012
Iran funding smuggling of Libyan arms into Sinai Asharq Alawsat May 11, 2012
Hamas says it will not go to war for Iran Reuters May 11, 2012
IDF calls up 6 battalions to meet growing Egypt, Syria threat The Times of Israel May 3, 2012
IDF closes probe into 2009 shelling in Gaza that killed 21 Israel Hayom May 2, 2012
U.S. attaches strings to Israeli Iron Dome funds Defense News May 2, 2012
Calls on US to prevent Turkish block of Israel from NATO summit Today's Zaman May 2, 2012
Security fence on Egyptian border breached Ynet News May 2, 2012
Bin Laden gone, but al-Qaeda is not Commentary May 1, 2012
U.S. drone strikes resume in Pakistan Washington Post April 30, 2012
Lebanon halts ship with arms 'destined for Syria' Reuters via France 24 April 30, 2012
Syria rebels 'launch sea raid' as Lebanon seizes weapons BBC April 29, 2012
US moves stealth combat aircraft within striking distance of Iran AP and Israel Hayom April 29, 2012
Russia's strategic clarity in Syria NOW Lebanon April 26, 2012
State Dept refuses to support Israel participation at NATO summit Washington Free Beacon April 24, 2012
Barak: Israel not playing games re: Iran The Times of Israel April 24, 2012
Turkey says Israel not welcome at NATO summit Reuters April 23, 2012
Iran building copy of captured U.S. drone AP and Ynet News April 22, 2012
Iranian officials 'observed North Korean rocket launch' The Telegraph April 18, 2012
'Israel never promised not to attack during nuclear talks' Israel Hayom April 17, 2012
German ship carrying weapons stopped near Syria Spiegel Online April 15, 2012
Homs shelled as UN monitors arrive in Syria Associated Press April 15, 2012
Series of attacks shake Kabul Al-Jazeera April 15, 2012
U.S. arming of Iraq is a mistake Israel Hayom April 12, 2012
Egypt army few and far between in Sinai Ha'aretz April 12, 2012
Israel's rocket-hunting ace got his start playing 'Warcraft' The Times of Israel April 12, 2012
IDF weighs interceptors for offshore gas platforms Jerusalem Post April 10, 2012
Israel concerned Iraq becoming potential threat again Jerusalem Post April 9, 2012
Why Israel will attack Iran Forbes April 8, 2012
Egypt launches operation to gain control of Sinai Jerusalem Post April 8, 2012
U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence Washington Post April 8, 2012
Israel presents new deterrence policy Ynet News April 6, 2012
Iran's spymaster counters U.S. moves across the Mideast Wall Street Journal April 4, 2012
Israeli analysts deride notion of a strike on Iran via Azerbaijan The Times of Israel April 2, 2012
The U.S. can meet Israel halfway on Iran Washington Post April 2, 2012
Erdoğan says NATO radar could be dismantled if needed Today's Zaman April 2, 2012
The empty logic of nuclear detterence The New Republic April 1, 2012
Greek involvement in U.S.-Israel drill sends message to Turkey Stratrisks April 1, 2012
Inside the 'Al-Quds' Iranian global terror unit Israel Hayom April 1, 2012
How Washington encourages Israel to bomb Iran Wall Street Journal March 26, 2012
Syrian Air Force intelligence chief killed, opposition websites report Ha'aretz March 26, 2012
N. Korean satellite launch pretext for Iran missile test Israel Hayom March 26, 2012
Syrian rebels running out of ammunition as government presses offensive Washington Post March 23, 2012
If Iran goes nuclear it will change our world New York Times March 22, 2012
Containing Iran is arduous, protracted - and expensive Jerusalem Post March 20, 2012
Playing for time through a strike on Iran Washington Post March 20, 2012
U.S. war game sees peril of Israeli strike against Iran New York Times March 20, 2012
IDF concerned Hezbollah may acquire chemical weapons Israel Hayom March 18, 2012
U.S. talking to Iraq about Iranian arms flights to Syria Washington Times March 18, 2012
IDF says Gaza's Islamic Jihad severely damaged Jerusalem Post March 18, 2012
The Pentagon's cold feet on Syria Washington Post March 16, 2012
Islamic Jihad: We are committed to upholding truce The Times of Israel March 16, 2012
U.K's Cameron: No justification for Israeli attack on Iran Ha'aretz March 16, 2012
Obama the bluffer - not readying U.S. public for Iran attack Tablet March 15, 2012
Obama warns Iran time running out for diplomacy Los Angeles Times March 15, 2012
Difficult. Daring. Doable. Israel Hayom March 15, 2012
Israel's missile shield aces first serious test Boston Globe March 14, 2012
Turkey leading from behind on Syria The New Republic March 13, 2012
Missile defenses offering Israel calm in conflict Wall Street Journal March 13, 2012
VIDEO: Rocket attacks filmed by Israeli citizens Israel Hayom March 13, 2012
Israeli ministers blast 'soft response' to escalation Ynet News March 13, 2012
Scores reported killed in two Syrian cities Al-Jazeera March 12, 2012
Video: IAF makes direct hit on Gaza weapons factory Ynet News March 11, 2012
U.S., EU condemn rocket fire in south Ynet News March 11, 2012
Panetta: Pentagon planning for potential Iran strikes National Journal March 9, 2012
U.S., Jordan discuss securing Syria chemical, biological weapons Wall Street Journal March 9, 2012
Alawite defections from Syrian army may be on rise Jerusalem Post March 8, 2012
Hamas rules out military support for Iran in any war with Israel The Guardian March 8, 2012
Hamas and Hezbollah to sit quietly if Israel hits Iran Council on Foreign Relations March 8, 2012
Obama: Israel's 'best friend' or 'can't be trusted'? Middle East Clarity March 7, 2012
On Iran, questions of detection and response divide U.S. and Israel New York Times March 7, 2012
Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs Ha'aretz March 7, 2012
British PM: Iran going for ICBM with London in range The Daily Mail March 7, 2012
Premature Iran strike may cost US, Israel dearly Ynet News March 7, 2012
Syria turns its guns on new rebel city NOW Lebanon March 5, 2012
Syrian rebels leave embattled Homs stronghold Reuters March 1, 2012
Netanyahu will ask Obama to threaten Iran strike Ha'aretz February 29, 2012
Turkey turning 'blind eye' to arms shipments to Assad regime Today's Zaman and Ynet News February 28, 2012
Israel signs $1.6 billion arms deal with Azerbaijan AP via Israel Hayom February 27, 2012
Saudis pull out of 'Friends of Syrian People' in Tunis citing 'inactivity' Al-Arabiya February 26, 2012
IDF fears Sinai Islamization Ynet News February 24, 2012
IDF strikes targets in Gaza after rockets hit South Jerusalem Post February 24, 2012
An Israeli strike on Iran? Not so fast The Times of Israel February 23, 2012
Israeli finance minister: Iran spending billions on ICBM's aimed at Europe, U.S. Israel Hayom February 23, 2012
Can Israel take out Iran's nuclear facilities? The Weekly Standard February 23, 2012
Israelis seem resigned to a strike on Iran Washington Post February 23, 2012
How come no one wants to help Gaza? Stonegate Institute February 22, 2012
The Israel Air Force: Yes It Can Israel Hayom February 21, 2012
Iran threatens pre-emptive action The Guardian February 21, 2012
IDF foils terror attack on Egypt border Israel Defense Forces February 21, 2012
IAEA inspectors arrive in Iran as West tries to buy time from Israel Israel Hayom February 20, 2012
Iran raid seen as a huge task for Israeli jets New York Times February 20, 2012
U.S. top general calls Iran 'rational actor' Ha'aretz February 19, 2012
Journalist emerges from 2 months in Syria Al-Jazeera February 17, 2012
Congress to fight proposed Obama cuts of Israel missile program Jerusalem Post February 16, 2012
10 PKK terrorists, 2 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes Today's Zaman February 14, 2012
Assad forces using chemical weapons against Syrian rebels Middle East Clarity Reports February 14, 2012
U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf Reuters February 13, 2012
Israel successfully tests Arrow missile defense system Israel Hayom February 12, 2012
'Egypt seizes Gaza-bound anti-aircraft missiles' Jerusalem Post February 12, 2012
IAF responds to rocket, strikes 4 Gaza terror targets Jerusalem Post February 12, 2012
U.S. releases Syria satellite images Ynet News February 12, 2012
Blasts in Aleppo as 'tanks mass outside Homs' Al-Jazeera February 10, 2012
Deadly assault continues on Syria's Homs Al-Jazeera February 9, 2012
Israel and Iran: countdown to war The National Interest February 9, 2012
Turkish report: 15,000 Iranian soldiers in Syria? Sabah February 8, 2012
Top Iran military official aiding Assad's crackdown on Syria opposition Ha'aretz February 8, 2012
Israeli officials: Terrorists may get Syria's weapons Ha'aretz February 7, 2012
CIA drone strikes targeting civilians Sunday Times February 7, 2012
Turkish missiles over Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Rome (and others) Hurriyet February 6, 2012
Israel's intentions toward Iran remain unclear Los Angeles Times February 6, 2012
Obama: Israel has not made decision on Iran attack Reuters February 6, 2012
Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate CNN February 6, 2012
Diplomacy failure at UN leading Syria to war The Guardian February 6, 2012
Israel attack on Iran would aggravate situation New York Times February 5, 2012
Israel's new Cypriot allies National Interest February 3, 2012
Is Israel preparing to attack Iran? Washington Post February 3, 2012
Le Figaro: Israeli Mossad training Iranian exiles in Kurdistan February 2, 2012
Iran was working on rocket 'capable of hitting the USA' Israel Hayom February 2, 2012
Israel warns against Syrian WMD transfer to Hezbollah Israel Hayom February 1, 2012
U.S. maintains full control of Turkish-based radar Defense News February 1, 2012
FASCINATING! Report from a trip to Syria Syria Comment February 1, 2012
IDF covert operations rise over past year Jerusalem Post January 31, 2012
Israel sees narrowing window for attack on Iran Associated Press January 31, 2012
Syrian opposition forces very close to Damascus The Telegraph January 27, 2012
Assad regime is doomed, but the battle will be long and bloody Bitter Lemons January 27, 2012
ALERT! Israeli hacker team brings down Iranian websites Jerusalem Post January 26, 2012
U.S. has lost dozens of drones Asia Times Online January 26, 2012
Time for Israel to play cyber war offense Israel Hayom January 26, 2012
All conditions fulfilled for Israeli attack on Iran New York Times Magazine January 25, 2012
Will Israel attack Iran this year? The Atlantic January 25, 2012
Russia closes on $550 million military deal with Syria Christian Science Monitor January 24, 2012
Israel recruiting nations to stop Iran arms smuggling Jerusalem Post January 24, 2012
Britain, US and France send warships through Strait of Hormuz The Telegraph January 24, 2012
Israel worried about Hezbollah getting Syria's advanced weapons Strategy Page January 23, 2012
Syrian general killed by own troops AGI-Italy January 20, 2012
Assad's tanks withdraw from opposition-held town AP via The Independent January 20, 2012
U.S. general visits Israel for discussions on Iran New York Times January 20, 2012
Is al-Qaeda Infiltrating Syria through Lebanon's Beka'a Valley? The Jamestown Foundation January 19, 2012
The Syrian conflict is already a civil war The Monkey Cage January 19, 2012
Syrian ceasefire collapses as fighting spreads Syria Comment January 19, 2012
The mortal threat from Iran Wall Street Journal January 18, 2012
Hamas, Hezbollah would run riot under Iranian nuclear umbrella, general warns Israel Hayom and Reuters January 18, 2012
Turkish newspaper further stokes tension with Israel over supposed PKK support Today's Zaman January 18, 2012
IDF thwarts terrorist squad attempting to plant explosive device IDF Spokesman January 18, 2012
Iranian Revolutionary Guard/Quds Force could be planning attack in Turkey Today's Zaman January 18, 2012
IDF preparing for major Gaza action within months Jerusalem Post January 17, 2012
Israel, Bulgaria sign arms industry deal Agence France Presse January 16, 2012
Israel and U.S. postpone massive defense drill - Washington trying to avoid further tension in region Ha'aretz January 16, 2012
Syrian general deserts and joins opposition in Turkey AGI-Italy January 16, 2012
Joint US-Israel drill postponed to 'defuse Iran tensions' Ynet News January 16, 2012
Qatar suggests sending Arab troops to Syria Reuters January 15, 2012
Joint US-Israeli military drill cancelled due to 'budgetary reasons' Israel Hayom January 15, 2012
U.S. warns Iran not to close Straits of Hormuz New York Times January 13, 2012
Iran, Hezbollah providing weaponry to Assad Jerusalem Post January 12, 2012
Israel preparing for Alawite refugees in Golan Heights NOW Lebanon January 11, 2012
Saudis double their F-15E fleet Strategy Page January 10, 2012
Don't sell defense secrets to Turkey Commentary January 9, 2012
Assessing the risks of military intervention in Syria Center for Strategic and International Studies January 9, 2012
Scores defect from Syrian army Al-Jazeera January 8, 2012
IDF thwarts major terror attack near Jenin Jerusalem Post January 8, 2012
Russia naval flotilla docks in Syria AFP via Ynet News January 8, 2012
Britain threatens military action against Iran The Telegraph January 6, 2012
Why is Obama selling arms to a theocratic dictatorship? The New Republic January 6, 2012
Can U.S. risk calling Iran's bluff? The Guardian January 6, 2012
Former Turkish chief of staff arrested for sedition Hurriyet January 6, 2012
Obama to share missile defense systems with Russia?!? January 6, 2012
'Saudi' hacker wants to 'hurt Israel' Israel Hayom January 6, 2012
Israel and U.S. to hold joint missile drill AFP via Defense News January 6, 2012
IDF unveils Magic Wand anti-missile system Israel Hayom January 5, 2012
Iran threatens U.S. ships, alarms oll markets Washington Post January 4, 2012
Iran test-fires missiles in Gulf exercise Reuters January 2, 2012
Syrian opposition says troops captured in north Reuters January 2, 2012
Turkey spy satellite to zoom in on Israeli secrets Russia Today January 2, 2012
Gaza: a boiling pot waiting to explode Jerusalem Post December 29, 2011
The dangers of Obama's drone dependence Commentary December 29, 2011
Turkish airstrike against Kurds kills at least 30 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty December 29, 2011
US to sell $30 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia Associated Press December 29, 2011
IDF confirms preparations for Gaza military action Ha'aretz December 29, 2011
Israel strikes in Gaza, kills 3 terrorists Israel Hayom December 28, 2011
Israeli started U.S. drone program Washington Post December 27, 2011
Bunker buster bombs from US may be defective Jerusalem Post December 27, 2011
Somalia: something will have to be done Strategy Page December 26, 2011
Will Syria get Hezbollah's WMD? The Daily Beast December 25, 2011
US earmarks $235 million for Israel's defense systems Ynet News December 23, 2011
Israel concerned by increased Hezbollah violence in southern Lebanon Ha'aretz December 22, 2011
U.S. commander visits Israel to finalize missile drill Jerusalem Post December 21, 2011
No humble pie for opposing Libya war Financial Times December 21, 2011
Assad losing control as 10,000 soldiers desert Syrian military Ha'aretz December 21, 2011
Syria: dozens of army deserters killed December 20, 2011
Obama's 'Rhodes doctrine' Council on Foreign Relations December 19, 2011
U.S. leaves behind troubled Iraq Los Angeles Times December 18, 2011
Egyptian military escalates force against protesters Washington Post December 18, 2011
IDF and Italian Air Force conclude joint maneuvers Ha'aretz December 18, 2011
The three-headed Sphinx Israel Hayom December 18, 2011
Iran hijacked U.S. drone Christian Science Monitor December 18, 2011
Israel announces new 'depth' command for long-range military operations Ha'aretz December 16, 2011
Downed U.S. drone on CIA mission CBS News December 16, 2011
Soviet armed Iraq switches to U.S. weapons Asia Times Online December 15, 2011
Syria heading to civil war? Commentary December 15, 2011
Iraq war draws to a quiet close Washington Post December 15, 2011
Syrian defectors kill 27 soldiers ABC News December 15, 2011
Syria's war against children The Atlantic December 14, 2011
Iran: grim, cynical and desperate Strategy Page December 14, 2011
Netanyahu calls emergency meeting after rightists attack IDF base Ha'aretz December 13, 2011
Iran scorns Obama request to return drone AFP via Ynet News December 13, 2011
How Israel's defense industry can save America Commentary December 13, 2011
The Syrian civil war Council on Foreign Relations December 13, 2011
Iranian capture of U.S. drone bad news all around Defense News December 13, 2011
Settlers raid IDF base, injure officer Ynet News December 13, 2011
Hamas calls for calm with Israel after spike in violence DPA via Ha'aretz December 12, 2011
Heavy fighting reported across Syria ABC Sydney December 12, 2011
Iran renews threat to attack Turkey Hurriyet December 12, 2011
U.S. vacates air base in Pakistan Agence France Presse December 11, 2011
Syrian army and defectors 'battling in south' Al-Jazeera December 11, 2011
Egypt denies report that Hamas set up bases in Sinai Jerusalem Post December 11, 2011
Palestinian terrorist killed in Gaza air strike Ha'aretz December 9, 2011
Top terror operative killed in Gaza strike Ynet News December 8, 2011
IDF thwarts attack from Sinai Jerusalem Post December 8, 2011
Wary U.S. uncertain of Israel's Iran plans Reuters December 7, 2011
Sunnis and Shiites racing toward a bloody showdown in Iraq The Daily Beast December 6, 2011
This women's army Israel Hayom December 4, 2011
Russia delivers cruise missiles to Syria Agence France Presse December 2, 2011
Germany to supply Israel with 6th nuclear submarine Israel Hayom December 1, 2011
Top U.S. military chief unclear if Israel would give advance warning on Iran attack Reuters December 1, 2011
Assad's armed opposition: the Free Syrian Army Washington Institute for Near East Policy December 1, 2011
France training rebels to fight Syria? PressTV December 1, 2011
Who's blowing up Iran? PJ Media November 29, 2011
Before & After: Satellite images show Iran missile base destroyed after mysterious explosion Middle East Clarity Reports November 29, 2011
Israel hits suspected Lebanon rocket sites Al-Jazeera November 29, 2011
Airstrike ravages U.S.-Pakistan ties Wall Street Journal November 28, 2011
Assad regime recruiting Iranian, Hezbollah mercenaries Ha'aretz November 28, 2011
Iran says could target Turkey missile shield Reuters November 27, 2011
Russia draws red line around Syria NOW Lebanon November 25, 2011
U.S. blogger says Israel behind Lebanon blast Ynet News November 23, 2011
Iran may have sent Libya shells for chemical weapons Washington Post November 21, 2011
U.S. Hails Afghan View on Presence Wall Street Journal November 21, 2011
RPG's hit Baath ruling party building in Damascus Reuters November 20, 2011
Did Stuxnet cause Revolutionary Guards base explosions? Debka November 20, 2011
Afghanis want U.S. military to remain Commentary November 17, 2011
Iran trains Gazans to operate anti-tank missiles Jerusalem Post November 17, 2011
Syrian army defectors attack military facilities Washington Post November 17, 2011
French censure of IAF raid on Gaza irks Israel Jerusalem Post November 16, 2011
Gaza violence may lead to IDF military action Ha'aretz November 16, 2011
Was Israel behind deadly explosion at an Iranian missile base? Time Magazine November 15, 2011
For Israel, tough call on attacking Iran Washington Post November 14, 2011
Revolutionary Guards commander killed in Iran blast Jerusalem Post November 13, 2011
Only one response to Iran - and it's not Ron Paul's The American Spectator November 11, 2011
U.S. may sell precision-guided bombs to UAE Reuters November 11, 2011
Report: UK expects Israel to attack Iran 'within 2 months' Ha'aretz November 10, 2011
Peace through victory in Gaza Front Page November 10, 2011
U.S. can win in Afghanistan The Weekly Standard November 10, 2011
5 reasons why Obama won't bomb Iran Real Clear World November 9, 2011
Israel completes 65km of Sinai security fence Jerusalem Post November 9, 2011
Arming Syria's rebels The Duck of Minerva November 8, 2011
Some in Congress balking at arms sales to Turkey Washington Post November 7, 2011
Syrian forces enter Homs district after bombardment Reuters November 7, 2011
Israel accelerates development of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system Israel Hayom November 7, 2011
Russia: Israeli military strike on Iran would be grave mistake Reuters via Ha'aretz November 7, 2011
Weapon for weapon, how Israel and Iran shape up militarily Reuters November 6, 2011
Islamic Jihad ready for all-out war with Israel Reuters November 6, 2011
FEATURED: Iran on the verge of getting the bomb: time for Obama to act The Telegraph November 6, 2011
Israel sends loud warning to Iran Asia Times Online November 6, 2011
Israel Air Force conducts drills for long-range attacks Ha'aretz November 3, 2011
UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears The Guardian November 3, 2011
IDF, terrorists exchange fire along Gaza security fence Ynet News November 3, 2011
Will Israel really attack Iran? Washington Post November 3, 2011
Israel test fires missile that could hit Iran Associated Press November 2, 2011
Hezbollah operation plans for hitting Israel Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs November 2, 2011
Iran's growing presence in the region a menace Washington Institute for Near East Policy October 31, 2011
U.S. troop increase in Persian Gulf won't make up for Iraqi withdrawal Commentary October 31, 2011
Syrian forces pound Homs CNN October 31, 2011
Fragile cease-fire holding in southern Israel Ynet News October 30, 2011
Two Turkish policemen killed in PKK attack Hurriyet October 28, 2011
Senior Israel MoD official: 'Iran is out central priority' Jerusalem Post October 28, 2011
Defections from Assad's forces are growing The Economist October 28, 2011
Syria slips toward sectarian war The Independent October 27, 2011
Israel hits Gaza targets after Grad rocket attack Jerusalem Post October 27, 2011
Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles Ha'aretz October 27, 2011
IDF sets up 'Magic Wand' unit against medium, long-range missiles Ynet News October 26, 2011
Iran navy threatens security of Persian Gulf Foreign Affairs October 26, 2011
Tension mounts along Lebanese-Syrian border NOW Lebanon October 26, 2011
Turkish forces target PKK Iraq camp Reuters via Arab News October 25, 2011
Karzai says Afghanistan would back Pakistan in conflict with U.S. New York Times October 23, 2011
Israel air exercises in Cyprus 'just routine' October 23, 2011
Qaddafi's final legacy: a Middle East awash in weapons? The Telegraph October 23, 2011
Death toll rises in Syria, clashes on Lebanese border NOW Lebanon October 20, 2011
'Duqu': Son of Stuxnet The Telegraph October 20, 2011
ALERT: Turkey 'incursion' into Iraq after 24 soldiers killed, 18 wounded by PKK Hurriyet October 19, 2011
Libyan rebels capture one of the last of Qaddafi strongholds The Guardian October 17, 2011
Syrian forces clash with defectors - 5 troops killed Associated Press October 17, 2011
Syria's slow slip into civil war The Independent October 17, 2011
Patrolling the Gaza skies Jerusalem Post October 13, 2011
Smuggled Libyan weapons flood Egypt, Sinai Washington Post October 13, 2011
Is Iraq the model for the Mideast after all? Washington Post October 11, 2011
Syrian army enters Lebanon 2nd time in a week NOW Lebanon October 11, 2011
Future of Iran regime dependent on outcome of Syrian slaughter Pajamas Media October 11, 2011
U.S. ties to Turkey face new strains Wall Street Journal October 10, 2011
Geagea slams Syria's "flagrant violation" of Lebanese sovereignty NOW Lebanon October 10, 2011
Lebanese FM against "exaggerating" issue of Syria tank entry into Lebanon NOW Lebanon October 10, 2011
Turkey ready for war with Syria Trend (Azerbaijan) October 9, 2011
Awlaki death rekindles legal debate on targeting Americans Los Angeles Times October 5, 2011
Israel weighing attack on Iran? TIME October 5, 2011
Erdogan playing with fire Ynet News October 5, 2011
Homs, Syria head for civil war New York Times October 2, 2011
Alwaki killing may violate U.S., int'l law ACLU October 2, 2011
Justice brought to Alwaki Commentary October 2, 2011
Iranian naval vessels to be deployed near U.S. maritime borders Tehran Times September 28, 2011
Israel raises alarm over Sinai-Gaza cooperation The Daily Star (Lebanon) September 28, 2011
French UN envoy warns of 'strong risk of strike on Iran' Jerusalem Post September 28, 2011
Turks say Facebook Flotilla attackers list done by IHH - not Turkish intelligence Today's Zaman September 26, 2011
Signs of armed rebellion in Syria Washington Post September 26, 2011
Turkey pressures Azerbaijan on Israel ties Ynet News September 25, 2011
Obama gave Israel bunker-buster bombs The Daily Beast September 23, 2011
Pakistan: more enemy than friend Commentary September 23, 2011
Erdogan Calls Israel, Cyprus Offshore Drilling 'Madness' Reuters September 21, 2011
Syria Slides Toward Civil War Strategy Page September 21, 2011
U.S. Considers Military Hot Line with Iran Wall Street Journal September 21, 2011
No Signs of Impending West Bank Violence Ha'aretz September 21, 2011
IDF Overseas NATO Emergency Drill Ynet News September 20, 2011
UAV That Can Reach Iran Ready By End of Year Jerusalem Post September 19, 2011
Yemeni Forces Opens Fire on Protesters, 26 Killed AP via Washington Post September 19, 2011
Turkey Blocks Israel NATO Office Hurriyet September 19, 2011
Turkey to Send Warship to Block Cyprus Drilling Rig Hurriyet September 19, 2011
Syria May Buy More Russia Air Defense Systems RIA Novosti September 17, 2011
Qaddafi Loyalists Say NATO Killed 354 Libyans Reuters September 17, 2011
After Israeli Embassy Attack, Egypt Military Asserts Wider Powers Washington Post September 17, 2011
Russia Sends Nuclear Subs to Patrol Cyprus Waters Cyprus News Report September 16, 2011
Turkey on Collision Course wtih Greece, Cyprus Associated Press September 16, 2011
Doomsday Weapon: Israel's Submarines Ynet News September 16, 2011
Erdgoan: Turkish Ships Can be in Eastern Mediterranean ASAP Jerusalem Post September 15, 2011
Attack Launched on U.S. Embassy in Kabul New York Times September 13, 2011
New Technology Allows Turkey AF to Attack Israeli Targets Jerusalem Post September 13, 2011
Cheney: Israel Could Attack Iran Nuclear Facilities Ynet News September 13, 2011
U.S. Mulls Turkey Request for Drones Reuters September 12, 2011
Turkish Navy Planning to Confront Israeli Warships Today's Zaman September 12, 2011
Erdogan Comments on Turkish Warships 'Misquoted' Israel Hayom September 11, 2011
Bomb at Afghan Base Wounds 80 American Soldiers The Independent September 11, 2011
Meridor Calls Turkish Warship Threat 'Grave and Serious' AFP via Hurriyet September 9, 2011
Israel Deploys Drones Over Egyptian Border News 24 September 9, 2011
Flurry of Desertions from Syrian Army Reuters September 9, 2011
Israel is Sticking Its Head in the Sand Ha'aretz September 9, 2011
Turkey Will Not Stop at Israel Israel Hayom September 7, 2011
Iran Angry Over Missile-Defense Shield in Turkey Hurriyet September 7, 2011
U.S. Military Pushing for Covert Ops Against Iran Fox September 7, 2011
Israel Military Attache to Stay in Turkey for Now Hurriyet September 7, 2011
Turkey to Sign Military Pact with Egypt Ha'aretz September 7, 2011
A Frustrated Gates Slams Israel Middle East Clarity September 6, 2011
Israeli Military Attache to Stay in Ankara? NOW Lebanon September 6, 2011
Turkey, Syria and the Prospects of War Asharq Alawsat September 6, 2011
Saudis Want Drones to Use in Yemen September 6, 2011
Turks Warn Greek Cypriots About Mediterranean Oil Exploration Today's Zaman September 6, 2011
Turkey Threatens Military Showdown with Israel Front Page September 6, 2011
Gates Says Israel is Ungrateful Ally Bloomberg September 6, 2011
IDF Home Front Command: Likelihood of All-out Middle East War Increasing Ha'aretz September 6, 2011
Israel TV: Hezbollah Moving Weapons from Syria NOW Lebanon September 6, 2011
New Guidelines for IDF Reconnaissance Flights Jerusalem Post September 6, 2011
Arab Military Bubble Has Burst Asharq Alawsat September 5, 2011
Iran Critical of NATO Anti-Missile Radar in Turkey Today's Zaman September 5, 2011
Iran Air Defense Base Receives Short-Range Missiles Trend (Azerbaijan) September 5, 2011
Rift with Israel May Hinder Turkey's Anti-Terror Fight Hurriyet September 5, 2011
More to Lose in Crisis with Turkey Than Meets the Eye Jerusalem Post September 5, 2011
Two Soldiers, Two Border Guards Killed in PKK Attack in SE Turkey Hurriyet September 4, 2011
Egypt Begins Operation to Close Gaza Smuggling Tunnels AP via Ha'aretz September 4, 2011
Turkey Set to Host NATO Early Warning Radar Reuters September 4, 2011
Iran Wants Syria Civil War The Diplomat September 2, 2011
Israel to Double Iron Dome Production Globes September 1, 2011
Iron Dome System Deployed Near Ashdod Ynet News September 1, 2011
Iran Sends Navy Into Red Sea DPA via August 31, 2011
Turkey Need for UAV's May Rehab Relationship with Israel Ha'aretz August 31, 2011
IDF Chief Warns Terror Groups: Don't Test Us Ynet News August 31, 2011
Profile of AbdelHakim Belhaj - Tripoli Military Commander New Civilisation August 30, 2011
Some Fear War, Foreign Intervention in Syria The National August 30, 2011
Reports of Syrian Army Desertions New York Times August 30, 2011
Iron Dome Hits 85% of Targets Washington Times August 30, 2011
Rocket Attack on Iraq-Kuwait Border Escalates Tensions The Independent August 30, 2011
Military Wins Over Mosque in Egypt The National Interest August 30, 2011
Israel Says Gaza Gets Anti-plane Arms from Libya Reuters August 30, 2011
Iranian Anti-tank Missile May Fall Into Terrorist Hands Jerusalem Post August 30, 2011
Israel Allows 1500 Egyptian Troops Into Sinai Ynet News August 29, 2011
Bulgaria Cabinet Approves Israel Military Cooperation Agreement Sofia Echo August 29, 2011
IDF Bolsters Troops Near Gaza After Terror Warning Jerusalem Post August 29, 2011
Syria Unrest Raises Fears About Chemical Arsenal Washington Post August 29, 2011
Soldier Killed By Friendly Fire in Eilat Terror Attack Israel Hayom August 28, 2011
Ceasefire? Grad Rocket Falls Near Beersheva Jerusalem Post August 28, 2011
Israel to OK Thousands of Egyptian Troops for Sinai Reuters Africa August 26, 2011
Analysts Watching Turkey-Iran Military Ties Rudaw August 26, 2011
Libya Success Not Model for Other Wars The New Republic August 26, 2011
Strategy to Beat Iron Dome Only Temporary at Best Strategy Page August 26, 2011
Iraq Summons Turkey Envoy Over Military Strikes August 26, 2011
Gaza Factions Agree to Ceasefire AP via Ha'aretz August 26, 2011
Tehran to Sue Russia Over S-300 Air Defense Missile Contract Jerusalem Post August 25, 2011
SAS Leads Hunt for Qaddafi The Telegraph August 25, 2011
Barrage of Rockets Hits Southern Israel Ha'aretz August 25, 2011
Israel Bolsters Defense Along Egyptian Border Jerusalem Post August 24, 2011
U.S., Allies All But Rule Out Syria Intervention NOW Lebanon August 24, 2011
Israeli Aircraft Strike in Gaza, Sinai AP via Washington Post August 24, 2011
IAF Kills Islamic Jihad Member Jerusalem Post August 24, 2011
Iran Shows Off New Cruise Missilie AP via Ynet News August 23, 2011
Israeli Leftist Calls for Pounding Gaza Ynet News August 22, 2011
PRC Announces it Will Adhere to Gaza Ceasefire Jerusalem Post August 22, 2011
Kurdish Pawns Bind Turkish Rook Asia Times Online August 22, 2011
Gaza Terror Groups Changing Tactics to Avoid Iron Dome Ha'aretz August 22, 2011
Israel Fears Further Escalation in South Ynet News August 21, 2011
Senior Hamas Commander Killed in IDF Attack Ha'aretz August 18, 2011
Libya Rebels Fight Qaddafi for Oil Refineries Reuters via Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
Turkish Jets Pound Kurd Targets Al-Jazeera August 18, 2011
U.S. Concerned By Persecution of Egyptian Activists August 18, 2011
7 Turkish Soldiers Dead in Kurdish Rebel Ambush August 17, 2011
Syria Herds Thousands Into Latakia Stadium Los Angeles Times August 16, 2011
Marines Train at IDF Urban Warfare Center IDF Spokesman August 15, 2011
Turkey Doesn't Rule Out Intervention in Syria Hurriyet August 15, 2011
Iran to Fund New Syrian Military Base The Telegraph August 15, 2011
Syria Slaughter Will Stop Only with Military Intervention The Guardian August 15, 2011
Israel Stockpiling Crowd Control Weapons The National August 15, 2011
Syrian Navy Joins in Attack on Latakia New York Times August 15, 2011
IDF to Deploy 6 Drones in Northern Iraq? Ynet News August 14, 2011
Egypt Security Forces Flood Into Sinai Washington Post August 14, 2011
IDF Planting Mines at Syrian Border Jerusalem Post August 14, 2011
Top Hamas Engineer Tells All Ynet News August 12, 2011
Syrian Tanks Enter Town Near Turkey, Expand Assault Reuters via Jerusalem Post August 9, 2011
Israel Deploys Drones to Protect Gas Fields from Hezbollah Jerusalem Post August 9, 2011
Turkey Confirms Seizure of Iranian Arms Shipment to Syria Today's Zaman August 7, 2011
Israel Planning to Cripple Iran in Cyberspace Fox News August 7, 2011
NATO 'Copter Shot Down: 30 U.S. Troops, Including 22 Navy SEALS Killed Washington Post August 7, 2011
The Downfall of Turkey's Army National Post August 4, 2011
Turkey Appoints New Army Chiefs After Tense Negotiations Wall Street Journal August 4, 2011
Turkey Absent from Naval Drills 2nd Straight Year Jerusalem Post August 4, 2011
IDF Strikes Back at Targets in Gaza Jerusalem Post August 4, 2011
Syrian Tanks Control Hama Central Square AP via The Independent August 4, 2011
Syria Tanks Shell Hama, Occupy Central Square Reuters via Ha'aretz August 3, 2011
German Tank Sale to Saudis - and Israeli Silence Hoover Institute August 3, 2011
Senior Israeli Navy Commander: Hamas, Hezbollah Threaten Ports, Oil Rigs Ha'aretz August 3, 2011
Syrian Army Shows Growing Signs of Strain Washington Institute for Near East Policy August 2, 2011
IDF Reveals 'Tammuz' Missilie Ynet News August 2, 2011
Missile Lands in Southern Israel: 1 Wounded Ha'aretz August 2, 2011
Syrian Forces Renew Strikes on Hama New York Times August 1, 2011
Israel, Hezbollah Preparing for Another Round Foreign Policy August 1, 2011
100 Die in Crackdown as Assad Sends in His Tanks The Guardian August 1, 2011
Lebanese Solider Killied in Skirmish with IDF Ha'aretz August 1, 2011
2 Palestinians Killed, 5 IDF Soldiers Wounded in West Bank Raid Reuters via Ha'aretz August 1, 2011
At Least 120 Dead in Syria's Worst Day of Violence The National August 1, 2011
DEA Arrest in Maldives of Lebanese Arms Dealer Working for Hezbollah NOW Lebanon July 31, 2011
Iranians Train New Hamas Commando Brigade in Gaza Debka July 31, 2011
Military Stokes Xenophonia in Egypt Washington Post July 31, 2011
Syrian Forces Kill at Least 24 in Tank Assault on Hama Reuters via Jerusalem Post July 31, 2011
Libyan Rebels Chief of Army Staff Killed The Guardian July 29, 2011
Weapons Retrieved in Iraq Point to Iran New York Times July 26, 2011
Hezbollah Eager for Mediterranean Border Conflict Over Natural Gas Wall Street Journal July 26, 2011
Iranian General: 'We Have No Option But to Destroy Israel' Pajamas Media July 26, 2011
Israel, U.S. to Hold Massive Joint Defense Drill Next Year Jerusalem Post July 26, 2011
Israeli Sources: 'Arab Spring' Let Palestinians Ramp Up Gaza Arms Smuggling Ha'aretz July 25, 2011
Egypt Clashes Increase Tensions with Military Financial Times July 25, 2011
Elbit Wins $40 m IDF Contract for Digital Army Program Reuters July 25, 2011
Many Roads to Defection in Regime-Held Western Libya Times of Malta July 25, 2011
Turkish Threat to Syria Changes the Dynamic Calgary Herald July 21, 2011
Israel Sees Libya as New Source of Arms to Gaza Reuters Africa July 21, 2011
U.S. Lawmaker Opposes Further Tank Sales to Egypt Defense News July 21, 2011
Hezbollah: Israel Attacks Lebanon - Eilat Won't Be Safe Jerusalem Post July 21, 2011
Will Egypt's Millitary Hijack Its Revolution? Time July 20, 2011
Mullen and Netanyahu Worried About Large Flow of Arms from Syria to Lebanon Israel Hayom July 20, 2011
Egypt's Military Holds on to Power National Review Online July 18, 2011
IAF Mulls Missile Defense System for Helicopters Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
German, Israel Finalize Sale of 6th Submarine Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
Yemen Army, Tribes on Offensive on Militants in South Reuters via Asharq Alawat July 17, 2011
Libya Rebels Close in on Oil Town The Guardian July 17, 2011
3 Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip into Israel Jerusalem Post July 17, 2011
Ex-CIA Officer: Israel Likely to Attack Iran in September Jerusalem Post July 17, 2011
Israel's Situation Improved After 2nd Lebanon War Ha'aretz July 17, 2011
Syria Increasing Arms Shipments to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post July 17, 2011
Washington Admits Proxy War with Iran Washington Times July 15, 2011
IAF Hits 6 Targets in Gaza Jerusalem Post July 15, 2011
War in Libya: Dumb and Dumber National Review Online July 14, 2011
Iran's Most Dangerous General American Enterprise Institute July 14, 2011
Senators Voice Concern Over Turkey Radar Deal AFP via Hurriyet July 14, 2011
U.S. Targets Iran - Via Iraq Asia Times Online July 13, 2011
After Gaza Rockets, Israeli Planes Strike Back Xinhua July 13, 2011
Report: Iran Can Now Hit Targets at 2,000 km Range Ha'aretz July 13, 2011
What if Turkey Invaded Syria? Hurriyet July 13, 2011
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Washington Stance on Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Dispute Makes War More Likely Commentary July 12, 2011
Israel-Lebanon Border Quieter Than Ever Ha'aretz July 12, 2011
U.S. Moves Toward Afghan Guerilla War Asia Times Online July 12, 2011
Panetta: Iranian Arms Used to Attack Americans in Iraq Los Angeles Times July 11, 2011
Syrian Forces Raid Homs Al-Jazeera July 11, 2011
Stop Obama's Egypt Tank Sale Commentary July 10, 2011
IAF Strikers Terror Tunnel in Gaza After Rocket Attack Jerusalem Post July 10, 2011
U.S. to Defer Military Aid to Pakistan Al-Jazeera July 10, 2011
Iraq Takes 2 More Weeks to Decide if to Extend U.S. Troop Presence Reuters via Asharq Alawat July 10, 2011
Saudi Tank Deal to Vote in German Parliament Trend (Azerbaijan) July 8, 2011
Iran Engaging in War With the U.S. The Atlantic July 7, 2011
New Defense Doctrine in Iran? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs July 7, 2011
Rebels Make Gain in Western Libya Al-Jazeera July 7, 2011
Weapons Prove Iranian Role in Iraq Washington Post July 6, 2011
Israeli Navy Braced for Gaza-bound Yacht Jerusalem Post July 6, 2011
At Least 6 Killed by Syrian Forces in Hama July 5, 2011
Two Palestinians Planning to Fire Rockets from Gaza Killed by Israeli Strike Ha'aretz July 5, 2011
PA Security Forces Crack Down on Pan-Islamic Hizb ut-Tahrir Jerusalem Post July 5, 2011
Israel MI Chief: Iran, Hezbollah Actively Helping Syria Squash Demonstrations Ha'aretz July 5, 2011
Syrian Tanks Surround Hama Arab News July 5, 2011
2 Turkish Soldiers Killed in SE Turkey Hurriyet July 5, 2011
Obama Accelerated Withdrawal From Afghanistan Pushes India, Iran Closer Asia Sentinel July 5, 2011
Russia, NATO Clash Over Libya Campaign July 5, 2011
Patraeus: Afghan War Focus to Shift to Pakistan Border AP via Politico July 5, 2011
Syrian Troops Roll Into Hama, 3 Killed Los Angeles Times July 5, 2011
NATO Allies Fear Libya Coalition Will Split Before Qaddafi Ousted Los Angeles Times July 5, 2011
Israel, Greek Air Forces Complete Joint Helicopter Training Jerusalem Post July 4, 2011
Shelling by Pakistan Into Afghanistan Stoking Tensions New York Times July 4, 2011
Iran Deploys Missiles in Persian Gulf Trend (Azerbaijan) July 4, 2011
Libya: Wishing the Way to Victory The Guardian July 4, 2011
U.S. Expands Drone War Into Somalia New York Times July 3, 2011
Activists Caught in Egypt's Secretive Military Justice System Los Angeles Times July 3, 2011
Why U.S. Course on Libya is Reckless Commentary July 3, 2011
U.S. Envoy: Troop Extension in Iraq is Possible Washington Post July 3, 2011
Syria Future: Alawite Military Coup or Regional Civil War Pajamas Media July 1, 2011
U.S. Still Flying Hundreds of Strike Missions Over Libya Defense News July 1, 2011
Yemen Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Al-Qaeda Suspects Reuters via Arab News July 1, 2011
Israel Hopes Flotilla Delay Will Reduce Participation Jerusalem Post June 30, 2011
Israel Urges Gaza Flotilla to Re-route The Israel Project June 30, 2011
France Admits Supplying Arms to Rebels Al-Jazeera June 30, 2011
Wnen Can a Country Intercept a Vessel? Jerusalem Post June 30, 2011
Saudis Will Build Nuclear Weapons if Iran Has Them The Guardian June 30, 2011
Answer to Iran May Be Subs, Not Air Force Ha'aretz June 30, 2011
Britain: Iran Testing Missilies With Nuclear Capability Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 29, 2011
Warning to Assad: 'Attack Us and We'll Hit You Personally' Jerusalem Post June 29, 2011
Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos Pajamas Media June 29, 2011
Iran's War Games Go Underground The Independent June 29, 2011
NATO kills Taliban Members Who Launched Suicide Attack The Guardian June 29, 2011
The 2nd Freedom Flotilla Sails Asia Times Online June 29, 2011
Israeli Army Arrests 23 Palestinians, Including Hamas, PNC Official Arab News June 29, 2011
Flotilla Faces Serious Delays, Might Sail Only Next Week Jerusalem Post June 29, 2011
Why Alice Walker Shouldn't Sail to Gaza CNN June 28, 2011
The Floating Gaza Strip Show Washington Times June 28, 2011
A Season of Flotillas and Marches Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Israeli Security Cabinet Approves Plans to Stop Flotilla Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Flotilla Captain Says Boat Sabotaged in Greek Port Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Gaza Flotilla Organizer: We Have No Intention of Attacking Israeli Soldiers Ha'aretz June 28, 2011
Israel Warmer to Turkey After Flotilla Withdrawal Hurriyet June 28, 2011
Senate's Turn to Beat Up on Obama's Libya Intervention Foreign Policy June 28, 2011
Some Flotilla Activists Planning to Kill Soldiers Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Lacking Aim, Support and Cash, NATO Still Bombs Libya The Guardian June 28, 2011
Iran Reveals Underground Ballistic Silos Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Flotilla Activists Not All Peaceful - Includes Passengers with Hamas Ties Ha'aretz June 28, 2011
U.S. Space Entrepreneur Accused of Aiding Iran AP via Florida Today June 27, 2011
Barak: Problem in Gaza is Arms Buildup, Not Humanitarian Crisis Jerusalem Post June 27, 2011
Iran to Test Long-Range Missilies Jerusalem Post June 27, 2011
Syrian Forces Kill 5 Civilians During Funerals Arab News June 26, 2011
IDF Rerouting Security Barrier Along Bil'in Jerusalem Post June 26, 2011
Obama's Secret Wars The Daily Beast June 26, 2011
Israel Now #4 Arms Exporter Strategy Page June 26, 2011
4 African Infiltrators Killed by Egypt Near Israeli Border Agence France Presse via Ynet News June 26, 2011
Hezbollah Moving Missiles From Syria to Lebanon Ha'aretz June 26, 2011
Iran's Nuclear Threat to Europe Der Spiegel June 26, 2011
Turkey Concerned Border Tension With Syria Could Turn Into Violent Clashes Ha'aretz June 26, 2011
Turkish and Syrian Forces in Tense Cross-Border Standoff The Telegraph June 24, 2011
Israeli Strike on Iran Won't End Nuclear Program Jerusalem Post June 24, 2011
Support the Tropes Wall Street Journal June 24, 2011
Egypt Sentences 2 for Life For Spying for Israel Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 23, 2011
Islamists Break Pakistan Military Ranks Asia Times Online June 23, 2011
Hezbollah May Fight Israel to Relieve Syria Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 23, 2011
We Stand Not For Empire The Daily Beast June 23, 2011
Unplugging the Afghan Surge Wall Street Journal June 23, 2011
What Obama Didn't Say About Leaving Afghanistan Washington Post June 23, 2011
Obama Taking Big Risk With Afghanistan Decision CBS News June 23, 2011
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End of Surge Has to Encourage Taliban Commentary June 23, 2011
U.S. Troops and Allies WIll Pay Price for Obama Flip-flopping and Traingulating in Afghanistan Commentary June 23, 2011
Cameron: UK Can Maintain Libya Operation 'For As Long As It Takes' The Guardian June 22, 2011
Bahrain Military Court Jails Activists for Life Financial Times June 22, 2011
Our World: An Obama Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post June 22, 2011
Israel Military Begins to Move West Bank Barrier CNN June 22, 2011
Sirens Go Off Around Israel As Security Drill Goes National Ha'aretz June 22, 2011
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U.S.: Israeli Missile Defense System Can Protect U.S. Bases Ha'aretz June 22, 2011
Israel Air Force Strikes Gaza Tunnel Ynet News June 22, 2011
Libya and America's Commitment Problem Los Angeles Times June 21, 2011
Obama to Announce Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Washington Post June 21, 2011
Former Israel NSC Head: Conflict with Hezbollah Currently Unlikely Jerusalem Post June 21, 2011
Hezbollah Shocked at Number of Israeli Spies Within Its Ranks Ya Libnan June 20, 2011
Israel Launches War Games to Prepare For Rocket Attacks The Daily Star June 20, 2011
The Truth Should Be Taught About the 1948 War Ha'aretz June 20, 2011
IDF Relieved by IHH Pullout But Still Preparing For Gaza Flotillas Ha'aretz June 20, 2011
NATO Admits Civilian Deaths in Libya Raid Al-Jazeera June 20, 2011
A Do or Die Moment Jerusalem Post June 19, 2011
"Turning Point 5" Exercise - Israel Tests Response to Bombardment of Missiles from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iran Jerusalem Post June 19, 2011
Libya Says NATO Airstrike Hits Residential Area Associated Press via Foxnews June 19, 2011
Aftermath of Destruction in Sana'a June 19, 2011
U.S. Mood Shifts On Afghanistan The Diplomat June 18, 2011
Obama Rejected Legal Views in Pursuit of Libya Air War Associated Press via Washington Post June 18, 2011
Israel's Show of Force in Paris Globes June 18, 2011
Syrian Forces Storm Town Near Turkish Border Al-Jazeera June 18, 2011
IHH Will Not Take Part in Upcoming Flotilla Jerusalem Post June 17, 2011
Push for Higher Troop Levels in Afghanistan Politico June 17, 2011
Might Israel Know What It's Doing? The American (AEI) June 17, 2011
Why Meir Dagan Speaks Out Jerusalem Post June 17, 2011
After 2 Months of Quiet, Kassam Rockets Fired from Gaza Jerusalem Post June 17, 2011
What Would War With Iran Look Like? The American Interest June 16, 2011
Some Really Bad Ideas About Afghanistan The National Interest June 16, 2011
Obama Resists Pressure Over Libya Campaign Al-Jazeera June 16, 2011
Nuclear Iran is Inevitable Forbes June 16, 2011
Israel Marks Record Defense Exports of $7.2 billion in 2010 Jerusalem Post June 16, 2011
Iran Launches Satellite Into Orbit Jerusalem Post June 16, 2011
Syria Military Splitting Front Page June 15, 2011
Libyan War: NATO's Twilight? Front Page June 15, 2011
Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in bin-Laden Raid New York Times June 15, 2011
IHH May Cancel Flotilla as IDF Prepares at Sea Ha'aretz June 15, 2011
U.S., Russia and Syria Intrigue Asia Times Online June 15, 2011
The Battle for Pakistan is Intensifying The Daily Star June 15, 2011
Clinton Slams Damascus, Tehran For Bloody Carckdown Jerusalem Post June 15, 2011
Roger Cohen vs The New York Times The Atlantic June 15, 2011
Syrian Troops Expand Carckdown Washington Post June 15, 2011
IAF to Return to Romania for Training in August Jerusalem Post June 15, 2011
CIA To Operate Drones Over Yemen Washington Post June 14, 2011
Libyan Troops Fire Rockets Into Tunisia Reuters via Arab News June 14, 2011
Assad May Succeed in Quelling Syrian Protests Ha'aretz June 14, 2011
Analysis: In Syria, Army Will Be the Key Jerusalem Post June 14, 2011
Syrian Forces Retake Northern Town Foreign Policy June 13, 2011
Iran Test-Fires Air Defense System Successfully June 13, 2011
Setbacks for Taliban Should Curtail U.S. Withdrawal Commentary June 13, 2011
Afghan Taliban Ceding Ground in the South New York Times June 13, 2011
Syrian Troops Battle Defectors Arab News June 13, 2011
West Still Waiting For Its Libya Gamble to Pay Off Los Angeles Times June 12, 2011
Obama's Secret Afghan Exit Formula The Daily Beast June 12, 2011
Lessons from Kosovo for NATO in Libya Financial Times June 12, 2011
Fighting in Zawiyah Shuts Libya Road to Tunisia Stabroek News June 12, 2011
IAI Has High Hopes for Its Land Warfare Systems Globes via Jerusalem Post June 12, 2011
U.S. Says Arms Sales to Egypt Unaffected by Revolution AlMasry AlYoum June 12, 2011
Third Major Al-Qaeda Leader Slain in Somaila Washington Post June 12, 2011
Syrian Reports Suggest Divisions in Security Forces Los Angeles Times June 10, 2011
No Wonder Turkey is Upset: Syria Releasing PKK Members Strategy Page June 10, 2011
Iranian Submarines Dispatched to Red Sea Agence France Presse June 10, 2011
Grad Missiles Being Smuggled from Libya to Gaza Ma'ariv via Elder of Ziyon June 10, 2011
Syrian Army Starts Crackdown in Northern Town Al-Jazeera June 10, 2011
A False Dawn For Yemen's Militants Foreign Afffairs June 10, 2011
1st Armored Division Attacks Protesters in Yemen June 10, 2011
U.S. Targets Al-Qaeda As Yemen Faces Civil War The Independent June 10, 2011
IDF Identifies Thousands of Hezbollah Sites in Lebanon Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
UN Reports Iran Accelerating Development of Long-range Missiles Ha'aretz June 10, 2011
Iran Caught 10 Times Trying to Send Arms to Terrorists Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
Can Anyone Stop Iran Getting Nukes? New York Post June 9, 2011
Turkish General's Arrest Roils Air Force Defense News June 9, 2011
The Two Homs Harper's Magazine June 9, 2011
Iran: Advanced Centrifuges To Be Set Up Soon at Qom Nuclear Site Iranian IRNA News Agency via Ha'aretz June 9, 2011
Iran Wants the Bomb And It's Well On Its Way Bloomberg June 9, 2011
Iran Can Produce Within 2 Months Ynet News June 9, 2011
Remembering Six Days in 1967 Foreign Policy June 9, 2011
Syrian Activists Fear Retaliation After 120 Soldiers Are Killed The Independent June 7, 2011
Syria's Worrisome Alternatives Front Page June 7, 2011
Does the Real Violence in Syria Start Now? Commentary June 7, 2011
120 Police, Security Personnel Killed in Syria New York Times June 7, 2011
1967 Was Not "Naksa" (Setback) - But a Monumental Defeat Sandbox June 7, 2011
14 Palestinians Killed in Syria Camp as 100,000 Attack PFLP-GC HQ Ma'an News Agency June 7, 2011
IAEA Chides Israel for Bombing Syrian Nuclear Reactor Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 7, 2011
Death Toll in NW Syria Rises to 35 June 6, 2011
Syria Protesters Kill Ten of Their Own CNN June 6, 2011
IAEA Receives More Evidence Iran Nuke Program Military Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
UN Head Expresses Deep Concern Over Syrian Border Clashes Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Elbit Wins $52 Million Deal With Asian Customer Defense News June 6, 2011
Obama Administration's Dangerous Course on Libya Washington Post June 6, 2011
How Israel Will Deal With the Next Flotilla Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Al-Qaeda Takes Another Big Hit The Daily Beast June 6, 2011
IDF Actions Indicate Israel's Seriousness Over Sovereignty Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Majdal Shams Residents Unhappy With Syria Infiltration Attempts Ha'aretz June 6, 2011
Violence on Syrian Border Leaves Israel In No-Win Situation Ha'aretz June 6, 2011
IDF Rebuffs 'Naksa' Rioters Trying to Cross Syrian Border Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
Top Al-Qaeda Linked Militant Killed by Drone in Pakistan Los Angeles Times June 5, 2011
Ofer Ships Transferred Arms to Israeli Forces in Iran Ynet News June 5, 2011
IDF on High Alert for "Naksa Day": 30 Protesters Near Syrian Border? Jerusalem Post June 5, 2011
Yemeni President Wounded in Palace Shelling June 3, 2011
The Battle for Pakistan Real Clear World June 3, 2011
Iraq Breaces for Bloodt Battle Over Kirkuk The National Interest June 3, 2011
IDF Sources: Assad Regime Will Eventually Succumb to Protests Ha'aretz June 3, 2011
Battles Continue Raging in Yemeni Capital Al-Jazeera June 3, 2011
Israel Warns Syria, Lebanon Ahead of "Naksa" Day Ynet News June 2, 2011
Russia's Islamist War in the Caucasus The Moscow Times June 2, 2011
Look Who's Leading NATO Now The Mark June 2, 2011
IDF Readies for More Border Infiltration Ahead of Upcoming Protests Ha'aretz June 2, 2011
Syrian Troops Kill 8 in Southern Town AP via Ynet News June 1, 2011
U.S. Military Advisers Urge Less Reliance on Drones in Afghanistan Washington Times June 1, 2011
Dozens Killed in Overnight Clashes in Sanaa Al-Jazeera June 1, 2011
Al-Qaeda on the Move in Yemen Front Page May 31, 2011
3 Killed at 'Resistance' Training Camp in Gaza Ma'an News Agency May 31, 2011
Israeli Navy Preparing 'Surprises' for Flotillas Jerusalem Post May 31, 2011
Armed Residents Put Up Resistance to Syrian Army Arab News May 31, 2011
Karzai Warns Against NATO Air Attacks on Afghan Homes New York Times May 31, 2011
Pentagon Says Cyber Attack is Act of War Wall Street Journal May 31, 2011
NATO Apologizes for Afghan Civilian Deaths Associated Press via May 31, 2011
Egyptian General Admits 'Virginity Checks' on Female Protesters CNN May 31, 2011
Yemeni Protesters Killed as Saleh Troops Storm Camps With Tanks The Independent May 31, 2011
IDF: Jewish Worshipers Endangered Soldiers in Visit to Joseph's Tomb Ha'aretz May 31, 2011
Palestinians Prepare for More Marches on Israeli Borders Jerusalem Post May 31, 2011
Syria and That Sinking Feeling Strategy Page May 30, 2011
Arabic Daily Reports Lebanese Army Prevented Rocket Attack on Israel The Israel Project May 30, 2011
Syrian Troops Bombard Town in Home - 9 Killed Arab News May 30, 2011
Bibi: Global Terror Organizations Strengthening in Sinai Jerusalem Post May 30, 2011
Syrian Death Toll Rises as Forces Widen Military Crackdown Reuters via The Guardian May 30, 2011
Al-Qaeda Seizes Yemeni City Arab News May 30, 2011
Syrian Tanks Attack Two Central Towns Arab News May 29, 2011
Hezbollah Forces Helping Syria in Crackdown on Protestors Ha'aretz May 29, 2011
Hamas Simulates Raid on Turkish Flotilla Ynet News May 29, 2011
Egypt Detains Iranians in Cairo Mission for Passing Informatoin Reuters via Ha'aretz May 29, 2011
The F-35: A Case of Unwanted Competition The Atlantic May 28, 2011
Anti-Military Protest Fills Cairo Square Real Clear Politics May 27, 2011
Al-Qaeda Had Warned of Pakistani Naval Base Strike (1st of 2 Parts) Asia Times Online May 27, 2011
Syrian Forces Fire on Protestors Huffington Post May 27, 2011
Spain Halts Sale of 9 Helicopters to Iran Ynet News May 26, 2011
At Least 28 Killed in Yemen Explosion; U.S. Orders Non-essential Staff to Leave Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 26, 2011
Israel Braces for the Big One - Establishes National Cybernetic Task Force Strategy Page May 26, 2011
Former Israeli CoS Ashkenazi Speaks on Schalit and Iran (translation) Israel Today May 26, 2011
Maps, Land and History: Why 1967 Still Matters Council on Foreign Relations May 26, 2011
IAEA Finds Evidence That Iran Worked on Nuclear Trigger Technology New York Times May 26, 2011
U.S. To Help Israel Purchase 4 More Iron Dome Interceptors Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 26, 2011
Gates: Hezbollah Has More Missiles Than Most States Ynet News May 26, 2011
Civil War Looms As Big Blasts Rock Yemen Capital Al-Jazeera May 26, 2011
Iran's Bid for Africa's Uranium Real Clear World May 25, 2011
UN Report Concludes That Syrian Site Destroyed in 2007 Was Nuclear Reactor Washington Post May 25, 2011
Military Dictatorship Rules Egypt Hudson Institute May 25, 2011
Blast Rocks Iran's Largest Oil Refinery Associated Press via The Guardian May 24, 2011
Israel: Iranian Qiyam Missile Likely Bound for Hezbollah Jerusalem Post May 24, 2011
NATO Launches Largest Airstrike Against Gaddafi Washington Post May 24, 2011
Blast During Ahmadinejad Opening of Refinery Kills 2 Washington Post May 24, 2011
Sudan Jeopardizes Removal from Terrorist List Washington Times May 24, 2011
Elbit to Upgrade Romanian C-130 Transport Aircraft for $18.6 Million PR Newswire - United Business Media May 24, 2011
Israel As Middle East Hegemon Asia Times Online May 24, 2011
Is Sudan Headed for Civil War? The New Republic May 24, 2011
U.S. May Scrap F-35, Slated to be Israel's Future Fighter Jet Ha'aretz May 24, 2011
Yemen Battles Erupt After Saleh Refuses Exit Salon May 23, 2011
South Sudan: Abyei Seizure by North is Declaration of War Arab News May 23, 2011
Iran Military Gets New Ballistic Missile System Reuters via Arab News May 23, 2011
Is U.S. At War With Pakistani Intelligence Services? The New Republic May 23, 2011
Cameron Wants Out of Afghanistan The Spectator May 23, 2011
Gaza-Based 'Army of Islam' Added to U.S. Terror List Reuters via Ynet News May 20, 2011
Elbit Wint $52 Million Contract With Asian Customer Defense News May 19, 2011
Russians Wanted IDF Attache As Double Agent Globes May 19, 2011
U.S. Quietly Expanding Defense Ties With Saudis AP via May 19, 2011
IDF Military Attache to Russia Deported for Alleged Spying Jerusalem Post May 19, 2011
Elbit Supplies Asian Country With EO Payload for Maritime Patrol Aircraft Elbit Systems May 18, 2011
Led by Former U.S. Defense Sec'y Cohen, Large U.S. Delegation in Riyadh Seeking New Saudi Deals Arab News May 18, 2011
Iran Blinks Over Bahrain Front Page May 18, 2011
Israel Unveils Anti-cyber Terror Taskforce Ha'aretz May 18, 2011
Goldstone Report Failed to Address Issues of Asymmetric Warfare Ha'aretz May 18, 2011
Shocking Headline! "CIA Flew Stealth Drones to Montior bin-Laden House"! Washington Post May 18, 2011
Die Welt: Iran Building Rocket Bases in Venezuela Jerusalem Post May 17, 2011
Syrians Flee City After Siege Takes Lives The Independent May 17, 2011
U.S. Flexes Muscles in Black Sea Asia Times Online May 17, 2011
Israeli Military Blocks Malaysian Ship From Running Gaza Blockade Arab News May 17, 2011
Sudan: Dying for Oil and Cattle Strategy Page May 16, 2011
U.S. Rethinks Mideast Arms Sales Defense News May 16, 2011
Syrian Tanks Push Deeper Into Border Areas as Part of Crackdown Huffington Post May 16, 2011
No Answers for NATO in Libya Financial Times May 16, 2011
Border Clashes Not the Start of a 3rd Intifada Ha'aretz May 16, 2011
Blackwater Founder Sets Up Secret UAE Force New York Times May 16, 2011
IDF Pulls Plug on Solders' Internet Access Ha'aretz May 16, 2011
Syrian Infiltrators Request Asylum in Israel Ynet News May 15, 2011
UN: Iran, North Korea Trading Missile Technology Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 15, 2011
Syria Soccer Stadiums Being Used as Prisons Front Page May 13, 2011
Fearing Assad Demise, Hezbollah May Move Assets Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
Israeli Soldiers Train to Shoot Down Missilies Wyoming Tribune Eagle May 13, 2011
Shin Bet: Egypt Turmoil Helping Arms Smuggling to Gaza Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
Libyan Rebels in Misrata May Have Pushed Back Gaddafi Forces Huffington Post May 12, 2011
Elbit Systems in New Agreement With Macedonia Defense, Security Forces Elbit Systems May 11, 2011
Syria Tanks Move Into Homs Reuters via The Guardian May 9, 2011
Bin-Laden's Death Changes Little Wall Street Journal May 9, 2011
Israel to Invest $1 billion in Iron Dome Missile Defense Ha'aretz May 9, 2011
Bin-Laden's Killing Was Legal Commentary May 4, 2011
Gaza Has 6 Fortified Compounds Like bin-Laden's Debka May 3, 2011
Fatah Military Wing Calls Bin Laden Killing 'Catastrophe' Palestinian Media Watch May 3, 2011
France Using "Concrete" Training Bombs in Libya Agence France Presse May 3, 2011
The Secret Team That Killed bin-Laden National Journal May 3, 2011
Pakistan President: Raid Not Joint Operation Al-Jazeera May 3, 2011
Palestinian Met With bin-Laden About Attack in Israel Jerusalem Post May 3, 2011
US Spies Eyed bin-Laden Compound for Year New York Daily News May 2, 2011
U.S. Has bin-Laden Body New York Daily News May 2, 2011
Bin-Laden Killed in Pakistan by US Troops Bloomberg May 2, 2011
Saudi Air Force Continues Pounding Huthi Rebels Asharq Alawsat May 1, 2011
NATO Airstrike Shows Extent of Intelligence on Ground Daily Beast May 1, 2011
Gaddafi Son Seif and 3 Grandchildren Killed in NATO Airstrike Reuters May 1, 2011
NYTimes readers; comments to Gaddafi killings New York Times May 1, 2011
Against Drone Strikes in Libya The Atlantic April 29, 2011
Saudi-Iran Tensions Widening Into Sunni-Shiite Cold War World Politics Review April 29, 2011
Morocco Probes Al-Qaeda Connection to Marrakesh Bombing Voice of America April 29, 2011
UN Watchdog Confirms Syria Tried to Build Nuclear Reactor AP via Ha'aretz April 29, 2011
Syrian Forces Fire in Deraa Injuring Dozens Reuters via Jerusalem Post April 29, 2011
Is NATO Ready to Give Up? Commentary April 13, 2011
At least seven dead in Yemen clashes Agence France Presse April 12, 2011

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