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Title Publication Date
Administration still does not grasp the significance of Libya National Review Online October 31, 2012
Obama is gambling on Iran Israel Hayom October 22, 2012
Clinton attempts to deflect from Obama - takes 'responsibility' for Benghazi Reuters October 16, 2012
Obama campaign shifting Benghazi blame to Hillary, making Clinton's furious Daily Caller October 14, 2012
Hunt for Obama's Middle East policy comes up empty Bloomberg October 3, 2012
Obama's speech at the UN: the disconnect from reality PJ Media September 30, 2012
Obama was free to meet Netanyahu Israel Matzav September 30, 2012
Obama does not agree to red line in call with Netanyahu Washington Examiner September 30, 2012
A nuclear Iran for dummies Israel Hayom September 30, 2012
Obama, Ahmadinejad make separate statements on Israeli "noise" Israel Hayom September 24, 2012
Obama block out Israeli "noise" on Iran Commentary September 24, 2012
Obama says 'blocking out' Israeli 'noise' Ynet News September 24, 2012
Obama downgrades U.S.-Israel alliance Washington Free Beacon September 24, 2012
Referencing Netanyahu, Obama says he'll 'block out any noise out there' on Iran The Times of Israel September 24, 2012
Obama: Israel "one of out closest allies in the region" Real Clear Politics September 24, 2012
Obama refers to Israel concern over Iran as 'noise' The Weekly Standard September 24, 2012
Maureen Dowd charged with Antisemitism Politico September 19, 2012
Netanyahu: what if the U.S. does not intervene on Iran Israel Hayom September 14, 2012
The Democratic Party and a second Holocaust PJ Media September 14, 2012
Obama snubs Bibi for Letterman? Newsmax September 13, 2012
US opposes renewed Palestinian UN bid The Times of Israel September 11, 2012
Congressman confirms report of heated argument between Israeli PM and US envoy The Times of Israel September 7, 2012
The DNC's Israel debacle Washington Post September 7, 2012
About Israel, Iran, Bibi and Obama The Atlantic September 5, 2012
Understanding Obama's and Romney's foreign policy differences Washington Post September 5, 2012
General Dempsey is 'complicit' in goading Israel to attack Iran Ha'aretz September 5, 2012
Pro-Israel language removed from Democratic Party platform Washington Free Beacon September 5, 2012
Romney: Obama threw Israel under the bus Jerusalem Post August 31, 2012
Rice blasts Obama foreign policy at GOP confab Ynet News August 30, 2012
The most fateful decision of all The Times of Israel August 28, 2012
Americans didn't foresee 9/11 - can't foresee an Iranian bomb either The Times of Israel August 13, 2012
Lords of chaos rule the Middle East Gatestone Institute August 13, 2012
U.S. still believes Iran not on verge of nuclear weapon Reuters August 10, 2012
US-Israel rift over Iran nuclear red line deepens Israel Hayom August 10, 2012
Panetta calls Israel "ingrates" Ma'ariv via Israel Matzav August 3, 2012
Clinton doesn't deny assistant's Muslim Brotherhood ties Walid Shoebat August 3, 2012
Disputes remain on Iran after Panetta meetings Jerusalem Post August 3, 2012
U.S. intensifies talks to avert unilateral strike over nukes New York Times August 3, 2012
Romney lays out Middle East 'cultural' issue PJ Media August 3, 2012
Book claims: Obama cancelled bin-Laden operation 3 times at Jarrett's urging The Daily Caller July 31, 2012
Romney comments outrage Palestinians Associated Press July 31, 2012
Mitt needs to make Israel count The American Interest July 31, 2012
Israeli media attack on pro-Israel candidates Israel Hayom July 31, 2012
Romney's integrity, Erekat's ire Israel Hayom July 31, 2012
Mitt Romney captures Jerusalem PJ Media July 30, 2012
Former ME adviser Ross won't be campaigning for Obama The Daily Beast July 30, 2012
What would Egypr's Mursi have to do to get disinvited by Obama - eat babies? PJ Media July 29, 2012
"No one pro-Israel will support Obama 'unless he's been in a coma'" Fox News July 29, 2012
White House, insurance industry, Harry Reid attempting to weaken Iran sanctions Washington Free Beacon July 25, 2012
The problem is Obama, not Huma Abedin PJ Media July 24, 2012
Assad fights as Obama makes excuses Israel Hayom July 22, 2012
Clinton's message to Israel: don't jump the gun The Times of Israel July 18, 2012
The Secret at the Heart of the Israel-U.S. Alliance on Iran The Atlantic July 16, 2012
FEATURED: U.S. and Israel: very different red lines on Iran The Times of Israel July 16, 2012
White House sends slew of high-level visitors to Israel Israel Hayom July 16, 2012
Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East Washington Post July 15, 2012
Israel excluded again from counterterrorism forum Washington Free Beacon July 11, 2012
Romney to host Jerusalem fundraiser Jerusalem Post July 11, 2012
In search of a Middle East policy Council on Foreign Relations July 10, 2012
Abu Mazen not on Romney itinerary for trip to Israel New York Times July 4, 2012
It does not remain to be seen Israel Hayom June 26, 2012
Window for Iran diplomacy just closed Commentary June 23, 2012
Iran talks break down The American Interest June 22, 2012
The Senate to Obama: Enough with the phony Iran negotiations Washington Post June 19, 2012
Romney says he'll do opposite of Obama on Israel Ynet News June 17, 2012
Putin to visit Israel, not Obama Commentary June 13, 2012
Why isn't Obama visiting Israel? PJ Media June 11, 2012
Administration admits to 'hundreds' of meetings with Jihad-linked group Daily Caller June 10, 2012
Obama: Abbas may not want peace Ynet News June 6, 2012
White House leaking Iran intel to NYT is a scandal Fox News June 3, 2012
Cyberwar leaks put politics over national security National Post June 3, 2012
Can Obama garner a victory in Syria? Israel Hayom May 28, 2012
The second-term illusion Foreign Policy April 18, 2012
Obama-Netanyahu mistrust increases Ha'aretz April 17, 2012
Events do not wait as Obama plays a delay defense Washington Post April 16, 2012
Former Israeli ambassador to Iran says U.S. is being 'duped' The Times of Israel April 15, 2012
Media Matters not letting up on Israel Washington Free Beacon April 15, 2012
Mofaz slams Obama for weak stance on Iran nukes Jerusalem Post April 11, 2012
Spinning polls on Obama's Jewish support Jerusalem Post April 11, 2012
Why the U.S. is not helping in Syria Commentary April 11, 2012
Politicizing Intelligence The Weekly Standard April 10, 2012
Why did the administration leak the Azerbaijan story? Commentary April 5, 2012
Chris Christie visits Western Wall Ynet News April 4, 2012
Obama re-writes history on Bush and Jerusalem Commentary March 29, 2012
Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel Emergency Committee for Israel March 20, 2012
Obama: Israel's 'best friend' or 'can't be trusted'? Middle East Clarity March 7, 2012
Premature Iran strike may cost US, Israel dearly Ynet News March 7, 2012
'Fisking' Obama's AIPAC speech American Thinker March 5, 2012
What's missing from Obama's speech? Red lines on Iran and Palestinians Commentary March 4, 2012
Obama says he won't hesitate to use force in Iran Wall Street Journal March 4, 2012
Will Israel agree to outsource to the U.S. its security on Iran? Israel Hayom March 4, 2012
U.S. backers of Israel pressure Obama over policy on Iran New York Times March 4, 2012
Obama to Iran and Israel: 'As president of the United States, I don't bluff' The Atlantic March 2, 2012
Netanyahu and Obama play high-stakes poker over Iran Ha'aretz March 2, 2012
For Obama and Netanyahu, wariness on Iran will dominate talks New York Times March 2, 2012
Ross: 'Obama doesn't believe that Iran would use nuclear weapons' Ynet News March 2, 2012
Obama officials talking tougher about Iran as Netanyahu visit approaches Bloomberg March 1, 2012
Netanyahu will ask Obama to threaten Iran strike Ha'aretz February 29, 2012
Iran and Obama share a common goal: stopping Israel Commentary February 27, 2012
Netanyahu visit will highlight Obama's Jewish charm offensive Commentary February 22, 2012
Containing Israel on Iran: Gen. Dempsey sends a message of U.S. weakness to Tehran Wall Street Journal February 21, 2012
Obama administration takes back seat on Iran sanctions Los Angeles Times February 20, 2012
Congress to fight proposed Obama cuts of Israel missile program Jerusalem Post February 16, 2012
'Media Matters' could become Rev. Wright of 2012 Obama campaign Daily Caller February 16, 2012
Santorum Obama president on Iran - accuses Panetta of divulging Israel attack info Associated Press via Ha'aretz February 10, 2012
U.S. and Israel at odds over speed of Iran threat New York Times February 9, 2012
U.S. general visits Israel for discussions on Iran New York Times January 20, 2012
The White House's Israel-bashing pals New York Post January 19, 2012
Obama paints himself into a corner on Iran Commentary January 18, 2012
Roger Cohen rants on Israel again Middle East Clarity January 17, 2012
In Obama they trust? Israelis ponder U.S. intentions toward Iran Commentary January 16, 2012
U.S. warns Israel on strike Wall Street Journal January 15, 2012
Israeli vice PM claims 'election considerations' behind Obama caution on Iran Reuters January 15, 2012
Romney singles out Israel in NH victory speech Jerusalem Post January 11, 2012
Why doesn't Israel trust Obama? Let me count the ways... January 6, 2012
Ron Paul's war on Israel Front Page December 29, 2011
Former staffer: Ron Paul wishes Israel didn't exist Right Wing News December 27, 2011
Obama preaches, dictators sneer Jerusalem Post December 26, 2011
Obama isn't good enough Ynet News December 26, 2011
Clueless Jews Israel Hayom December 19, 2011
The "different story" about Obama and Israel Commentary December 19, 2011
Obama's default mode: blame Israel National Review Online December 11, 2011
Gingrich comments on Palestinians draw heavy criticism The Guardian December 11, 2011
Gingrich sticks by Palestinian comments CBS News December 11, 2011
Obama and the Jewish vote Israel Hayom December 11, 2011
Congress rebuffs administration pleas on Iran AP via Washington Post December 9, 2011
Administration tries to water down Iran sanctions legislation Foreign Policy December 7, 2011
Israel rift roils Democratic ranks Politico December 7, 2011
Key D.C. Democratic Party groups tilt against Israel Commentary December 7, 2011
NJDC on Gutman's anti-Semitism remark: 'No Comment' Commentary December 6, 2011
Obama's Middle East policy: A unified field theory PJ Media December 5, 2011
Listen to Obama's representatives - not his promises PJ Media December 5, 2011
Clinton, Panetta and Gutman hit the trifecta against Israel Israel Hayom December 5, 2011
Obama tells Jewish donors: "No ally more important than Israel" ABC News December 4, 2011
You can't be pro-Obama and pro-Israel American Thinker December 4, 2011
Panetta shows how the Obama administration is selling out Israel...and U.S. interests PJ Media December 4, 2011
Obama's claims about his support for Israel: cynically misleading Commentary December 4, 2011
Obama patting himself on the back for his 'support of Israel': pure satire Commentary December 4, 2011
Despite Obama objection, Senate votes unanimously to sanction Iran central bank Wall Street Journal December 2, 2011
No support for Israel in the White House? Ynet News November 22, 2011
Obama defends hot mic, dumping on Bibi Politico November 15, 2011
GOP candidates hammer Obama on Iran policy Washington Post November 13, 2011
The departure of Dennis Ross Council on Foreign Relations November 11, 2011
Sarkozy and Obama hate of Netanyahu makes no sense Washington Post November 9, 2011
Obama Israel-bashing embarrassing The Telegraph November 8, 2011
Sarkozy calls Bibi a 'liar'; Obama: Yeah, but 'I have to deal with it every day' Middle East Clarity Reports November 8, 2011
Biden agrees to meet Jewish communal leaders on Pollard Jewish Telegraphic Agency October 6, 2011
Biden to rabbis on Pollard release: 'Over my dead body' New York Times October 2, 2011
Poll finds surge in Obama popularity in Israel Jerusalem Post September 28, 2011
Obama Jewish numbers go from bad to worse AJC Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion September 27, 2011
Obama and Clinton get it wrong - again Washington Post September 25, 2011
Obama Courts Jewish Vote with UN Speech Ynet News September 22, 2011
Obama Tells Israelis What They've Been Waiting to Hear Jerusalem Post September 22, 2011
Obama Loses to Everyone on Middle East Wall Street Journal September 21, 2011
Why Won't Obama List Israelis Among Victims of Terror? The New Republic September 16, 2011
Perry: Obama's Hope for the Jewish Vote Commentary September 16, 2011
Obama Approval Rating Among Jews Down to 55% Washington Jewish Week September 16, 2011
Obama, Cairo and the Jews Commentary September 15, 2011
For Dems, It's 2010 All Over Again FiveThirtyEight September 14, 2011
Israel Key Issue in NY Special Election The Weekly Standard September 14, 2011
Obama Popularity in Arab World Now Below Bush Commentary July 14, 2011
Bolton: Worst President for Israel - Ever Jerusalem Post July 13, 2011
Dick Morris Poll: Obama Losing Jewish Voters PR Newswire July 8, 2011
US Jews Support for Obama Drops Jerusalem Post July 6, 2011
Obama Losing Jewish Dems - Tipping Point Has Been Reached Politico June 29, 2011
More Jewish Donor Troubles for Obama Commentary June 29, 2011
Obama Tells Jewish Donors That U.S.-Israel Disagreements Only 'Tactical' Ha'aretz June 21, 2011
Democrats Fighting Not to Lose Jewish Voters Daily Caller June 16, 2011
The White House in Spin Mode Commentary June 16, 2011
Israel Still Popular in America; Obama Still Seen as Pro-Israel By People Who Like Israel The Atlantic June 14, 2011
Democrats Launching Major pro-Obama Pushback Among Jews Jewish Telegraphic Agency June 9, 2011
If Rahm Defending Obama on Israel - Means Real Trouble Jerusalem Post June 6, 2011
New White House Website Defends Obama's Israel Record Commentary June 5, 2011
Rahm Emanuel: Committed to Israel Ynet News June 3, 2011
Romney Says Obama Treating Israel With Suspicion, Distrust Jerusalem Post June 3, 2011
Israel Can't Trust Obama Ynet News May 30, 2011
$10 Million Evaporated During Obama AIPAC Speech Washington Jewish Week May 29, 2011
U.S. Jewish Organizations and Obama The Jewish Press May 29, 2011
Pro-Palestinian-in-Chief National Review Online May 27, 2011
The Democrats' Israel Problem Commentary May 27, 2011
Saban Hints: No More Donations to Obama Ynet News May 25, 2011
Netanyahu and Obama: Haven't We Seen This Movie Before? Ha'aretz May 25, 2011
Reaction to Obama's Speech Washington Post May 24, 2011
Jewish Americans Ponder Support for Obama Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 22, 2011
Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel Wall Street Journal May 19, 2011
Obama on Thin Ice With Jewish Voters Commentary May 19, 2011
Obama Address at AIPAC Opening Salvo for 2012 Campaign Israel Matzav May 17, 2011
Rumors Flying On Obama Middle East Speeches Commentary May 16, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
FEATURED: White House leaks cyber warfare secrets at Israel's expense The Blog June 7, 2012
FEATURED: Who is leaking about cyberattacks? The Blog June 4, 2012
Liberal Jews turn on Obama The Blog June 1, 2012
FEATURED: Talks aim not to thwart Iran nukes, but to stop Israeli attack The Blog May 20, 2012
FEATURED: Obama's Israel basher bundler The Blog May 15, 2012
FEATURED: Hillary Clinton's frightening statements on Israel The Blog April 19, 2012
Obama conning us on Iran? The Blog April 11, 2012
FEATURED: Can Obama Be Trusted To Save Israel? The Blog April 8, 2012
White House claims drones will provide early warning of Iran bomb development The Blog April 8, 2012
Christie in Israel: 'No American president should project ambiguity re: U.S. partnership and support of Israel' The Blog April 6, 2012
Head of WINEP: Israel viscerally furious at Washington leaks The Blog April 4, 2012
FEATURED: Obama shameful behavior: U.S. deliberately thwarting Israel strike on Iran The Blog March 29, 2012
FEATURED: Obama vs Israel The Blog March 9, 2012
Obama makes clear U.S. gaps with Israel on Iran The Blog March 5, 2012
FEATURED: Goldberg interview can't disguise the divide between Israel and U.S. on Iran The Blog March 4, 2012
Week's Top Ten Middle East Stories The Blog March 2, 2012
Iran timelines converge at AIPAC conference The Blog March 2, 2012
Major gaps remain between U.S., Israel days before Obama-Netanyahu summit The Blog March 1, 2012
This is a policy? The Blog February 28, 2012
FEATURED: U.S. considers new message on Iran The Blog February 28, 2012
The odious 'Israel first' libel: 'Media Matters' attacks on AIPAC are a disgrace The Blog February 27, 2012
Dershowitz declares WAR on Media Matters! The Blog February 27, 2012
FEATURED: 'If Israel strikes Iran, it'll be because Obama didn't stop it' The Blog February 26, 2012
Top Ten Middle East articles of the week The Blog February 24, 2012
U.S. undermining Israel on Iran The Blog February 23, 2012
Obama will try to overcome previous hostility during upcoming Netanyahu visit The Blog February 22, 2012
Week's Top Ten Middle East Stories The Blog February 17, 2012
Middle East Top Ten stories of the week The Blog January 20, 2012
Liberal think tank tied to Obama accused of anti-Semitic language The Blog January 19, 2012
Israel Deputy PM Meridor blasts U.S. on Iran The Blog January 19, 2012
Leon Panetta: Obama's attack dog The Blog December 4, 2011
Obama and his cynical Iran policy: it's all about getting re-elected The Blog December 2, 2011
Israel: having to deal with Obama every day The Blog November 13, 2011
What Really Scares Israelis The Blog June 22, 2011
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