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Title Publication Date
Abbas: don't boycott Israel Times of Israel December 18, 2013
The anti-Zionist civil war on the left Commentary November 4, 2013
Ha'aretz caught blantantly lying Jerusalem Post October 27, 2013
Turkish Jews begin to leave Commentary October 23, 2013
Jewish youth leaving Turkey due to Erdogan Hurriyet October 23, 2013
No Israeli flag in Qatar for swimming world cup finalists Times of Israel October 22, 2013
Rising tide of hate for European Jews Commentary October 17, 2013
Turkey blows Israel's cover for Iranian spy ring Washington Post October 17, 2013
An Israeli soldier to American Jews: Wake up! Times of Israel October 14, 2013
Uncritical theorists who misread the Nazis Standpoint October 14, 2013
Jews will never be forgiven the Holocaust Israel National News October 9, 2013
Anti-Zionism arrives, in disguise, at Indiana U. Front Page October 6, 2013
NYT's op-ed: wipe Israel off the map Times of Israel September 30, 2013
What Rouhani really said about the Holocaust The Daily Beast September 30, 2013
CNN engulfed by controversy over mistranslation of Rouhani "Holocaust" condemnation The September 30, 2013
One-state delusion The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
The depraity of the anti-Israel left Commentary September 16, 2013
Is Erdogan the new Ahmadinejad? Jerusalem Post August 20, 2013
American Jewry's pro-BDS 5th column Commentary August 20, 2013
You only live twice - the future of Jews in Europe Mosaic August 5, 2013
Palestinians: "No Jews Allowed!" Gatestone Institute June 26, 2013
Study: Almost half of Belgian, French, Hungarian Jews mull emigration Israel Hayom June 26, 2013
Rowhani tied to 1994 Argentina bombing Washington Free Beacon June 20, 2013
Erdogan claims Jewish investors behind protests Ynet News June 16, 2013
Pension fund TIAA-CREF declines to vote for Israel boycott The Algemeiner June 2, 2013
From ambivalence to betrayal: the Left, the Jews and Israel, by Robert Wistrich (review) The Algemeiner May 27, 2013
'Everywhere an Iranian embassy exists, they plan terror on Jews, Israelis' Israel Hayom May 6, 2013
Anti-Semitism is why the Arab Spring failed The Times of Israel April 13, 2013
End the Arab Boycott of Israel New York Times March 10, 2013
State Department halts award for Egyptian accused of anti-Semitic remarks Washington Times March 10, 2013
New Italian political star has Antisemitic, anti-Israel history The Algemeiner March 1, 2013
Erdogan calls Zionism a 'crime against humanity' The Times of Israel February 28, 2013
On Judith Butler: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose The Algemeiner February 12, 2013
Morsi aide: Holocaust was US intelligence hoax Israel Hayom January 30, 2013
The UN'S antisemitic agenda Jerusalem Post January 30, 2013
Chuck Hagel's colleague: So many Jews, so much disloyalty Washington Post January 29, 2013
Murdoch apologizes for grotesque Sunday Times cartoon The Algemeiner January 29, 2013
Britain's national sickness Daily Mail January 29, 2013
Sunday Times blood libel cartoon, on Holocaust Memorial Day no less The Commentator January 28, 2013
Institute shedding light on Islamic Antisemitism The Times of Israel January 27, 2013
Has Hungary forgotten the Holocaust? Israel Hayom January 27, 2013
The state of the Jews: a critical appraisal (review) The Institute of World Politics January 24, 2013
Morsi implies Jews control American media Foreign Policy January 24, 2013
Abbas: Zionist leadership had ties with the Nazi movement Israel Hayom January 23, 2013
Raised on hatred New York Times January 23, 2013
Antisemitism: A specific phenomenon (review) Algemeiner January 23, 2013
U.S. criticizes Egypt's leader for Antisemitic remarks New York Times January 17, 2013
Some of my best friends are Antisemites: Obama nominates Hagel Algemeiner January 11, 2013
Turkish Jews increasingly fearful The Algemeiner December 20, 2012
Catholic development agency accused of anti-Israel bias Independent November 12, 2012
Toulouse gunman's brother blames parents for killing of Jews AP and Ynet News November 12, 2012
Anti-Semitic party gains strength in Ukraine AFP via Ynet News October 29, 2012
Gaza flotilla sponsor publishes tweet blaming Jews for Holocaust National Post October 5, 2012
Ahmadinejad tells U.N. 'uncivilized Zionists' are threat to Iran Washington Post September 27, 2012
Berlin Jewish Museum event calls for Israel boycott Jerusalem Post September 21, 2012
Maureen Dowd charged with Antisemitism Politico September 19, 2012
The post-self-destructivism of Judith Butler Wall Street Journal September 11, 2012
The state of the Jews Front Page September 7, 2012
Why Rachel Corrie went to Gaza Tablet September 6, 2012
Where is the flotilla for Syria? Wall Street Journal September 5, 2012
A double review: including what FDR did not do for the Jews in WWII The Algemeiner September 5, 2012
Rachel Corrie died for her parents' sins PJ Media September 5, 2012
The truth about ISM Israel Hayom August 31, 2012
Judith Butler and the Theodor Adorno Prize Jerusalem Post August 30, 2012
No future in France - dire time for French Jews PJ Media August 13, 2012
Scandinavia, Israel, And Judaism The Weekly Standard August 13, 2012
US gymnast Aly Raisman shows up IOC with tribute to Munich 11 New York Post August 9, 2012
Iran's anti-Semitism makes it the greatest threat to Jews Washington Post August 5, 2012
Ahmadinejad in his most anti-Semitic assault to date The Times of Israel August 3, 2012
Gore Vidal: another anti-Semitic lunatic goes down Commentary August 3, 2012
PA thanks IOC for refusing Munich victims memorial Jerusalem Post July 29, 2012
Aleander Cockburn: the last Stalinist and low-level anti-Semite: may he not RIP PJ Media July 24, 2012
FEATURED: Egyptian actors pranked on Candid Camera turn violent when told TV channel Is Israeli MEMRI July 24, 2012
Israel having trouble finding Hungarian leader not identified with anti-Semites Ha'aretz July 16, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader calls for Jihad on Israel Jihad Watch July 10, 2012
German court ban on circumcision opens sluice gate for Anti-Semitism PJ Media July 6, 2012
Alice Walker and the ghost of Irving Howe Front Page July 2, 2012
Iran vice-president makes sickening Anti-Semitic speech at UN New York Times June 27, 2012
The Low Countries at their lowest Front Page June 12, 2012
Beinart, German, Austrian leaders have much in common Ynet News June 5, 2012
Amnesty International's government funding and researcher bias NGO Monitor June 4, 2012
Shin Bet head: rise in terror plots against Israelis, Jews Jerusalem Post May 30, 2012
Obama reinstates PA aid under false pretense Washington Free Beacon May 20, 2012
Peter Beinart's crisis of oversimplifying American Jews Ha'aretz May 15, 2012
The Relegitimization of Israel and the battle for the mainstream consensus Israel Council on Foreign Relations May 15, 2012
Goodbye Italy, hello Israel Ynet News May 7, 2012
Western universities becoming frightening bastions of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hostility Ynet News May 6, 2012
Pioneer of global peace studies links between Norway massacre and Mossad Ha'aretz May 1, 2012
The spoiled leftist radical foreigner in Israel Ynet News April 24, 2012
Anti-Israeli academic at B-G University skewered by court April 23, 2012
Netanyahu: 'Warning of Iranian threat is best way to honor Holocaust victims' The Times of Israel April 19, 2012
Foreign 'Flytilla' activist draws swastika on Israeli airport wall Ynet News April 17, 2012
Opinion: Israel's right to say 'no' Ynet News April 16, 2012
40 'Flytilla' activists denied entry to Israel Ynet News April 15, 2012
Media Matters not letting up on Israel Washington Free Beacon April 15, 2012
A missionary impulse New York Times April 15, 2012
Israel to 'thank' fly-in activists in mocking letter Jerusalem Post April 15, 2012
Israel warns airlines ahead of Sunday 'Flytilla' protest The Times of Israel April 12, 2012
Helen Thomas uncensored Washington Times April 5, 2012
Ex-Argentina leader to face terror cover-up trial Jerusalem Post April 3, 2012
Israeli envoy 'appalled' at PLO award for Helen Thomas Israel Hayom April 3, 2012
Iran units planning attacks on Israelis, Jews in Turkey Sky News April 1, 2012
Tutu's crusaders to march on Jerusalem The Times of Israel March 28, 2012
When will Jewish children no longer be killed for their religion? The Times of Israel March 23, 2012
Beinart's solution: punish the Israelis to change the Palestinians The Daily Beast March 21, 2012
The Ashton disgrace Ynet News March 21, 2012
Ashton denies equating Toulouse and Gaza deaths The Times of Israel March 20, 2012
French Jews fear terror wave Ynet News March 19, 2012
'Jews around world under growing Islamic terror threat' Jerusalem Post March 19, 2012
J Street smears Israel with an outright lie Challah Hu Akbar March 14, 2012
Harvard's latest assault on Israel Wall Street Journal March 1, 2012
'Media Matters' could become Rev. Wright of 2012 Obama campaign Daily Caller February 16, 2012
The nature of Iran Council on Foreign Relations February 7, 2012
Iran supreme leader: 'Zionism is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed' Ynet News February 5, 2012
Arab Spring sees rise in anti-Semitism Jerusalem Post January 24, 2012
Ex-Arafat Advisor Mark Perry and the 'False Flag' Story CAMERA January 16, 2012
Western commentary playing down Arab Spring anti-Semitism Jewish Telegraphic Agency January 16, 2012
Ron Paul's war on Israel Front Page December 29, 2011
Jewish left rushes to Gutman's defense Commentary December 11, 2011
Occupy Wall Street's leader spouts anti-Semitic conspiracy theories Tablet December 11, 2011
Scary U.S. views Jerusalem Post December 6, 2011
NJDC on Gutman's anti-Semitism remark: 'No Comment' Commentary December 6, 2011
State Dept pathetic response to Gutman comments Commentary December 6, 2011
Clinton, Panetta and Gutman hit the trifecta against Israel Israel Hayom December 5, 2011
Ground sinking fast under the feet of Obama's Jewish defenders Commentary December 4, 2011
U. of Chicago's powerful attack on Mearsheimer Counterpoint December 4, 2011
Al-Qaeda claims to have kidnapped Jewish aid worker in Pakistan Reuters via Ynet News December 2, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's 'Kill the Jews' election platform Front Page November 30, 2011
Virulent Antisemitism in the Arab Spring Bloomberg November 30, 2011
Breaking the Silence outside of Israel NGO Monitor November 30, 2011
Kissinger in '72: Jews 'self-serving bastards' Ynet News November 23, 2011
Swedish gov't funds anti-Israel brochure Ynet News November 20, 2011
Fresh anti-Semitic videos coming out of Occupy Wall Street PJ Media November 10, 2011
Liberals make deal with violent, anti-Zionist OWS devil Commentary November 8, 2011
Mearsheimer, Walt endorse blatantly anti-Semitic book The New Republic November 6, 2011
OWS movement goes straight into anti-Israel, anti-Semite mode Commentary October 20, 2011
The real obstacle to Palestinian statehood The Globe and Mail October 6, 2011
Sari Nusseibeh and Palestinian moderation Council on Foreign Relations October 6, 2011
Erdogan continues Big Lies against Israel Hurriyet October 6, 2011
Ahmadinajead: Israelis should 'go back to original homes' Jerusalem Post October 3, 2011
Polish soccer fans display 'Jihad' anti-Israel banner at international game Middle East Clarity Sports October 2, 2011
Netanyahu responds to Erdogan hate-filled tirade against Israel Israel Hayom September 27, 2011
Obama Jewish numbers go from bad to worse AJC Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion September 27, 2011
Competition Between Erdogan and Ahmadinejad is a Disaster Israel Hayom September 13, 2011
Egypt's Oldest Scapegoat New York Post September 13, 2011
Erdogan's Classic Anti-Semitism Israel Hayom September 6, 2011
It's Just Good Ol' Anti-Semitism Middle East Clarity August 28, 2011
Israel-UK Relations Sink Even Lower The Telegraph August 28, 2011
Egypt Not Too Busy for Anti-Semitism Ha'aretz August 28, 2011
Wikileaks: Erdogan's Hostility to Israel on Religious Grounds Washington Times August 25, 2011
Germany Faces UN Test - Commitment to Israel's Security in Question Jerusalem Post August 24, 2011
German Jews Call on Merkel to Boycott Durban III Jerusalem Post August 23, 2011
UN Prepares for New Anti-Israel Conference Hudson Institute August 22, 2011
Tutu's War on Israel, Jews Ynet News August 15, 2011
Malaysian PM Offers Apologies for Racist Slurs Against Israeli Soccer Star Jerusalem Post August 1, 2011
The 'Oslo Syndrome' and the Terror Attack in Norway The Rubin Report August 1, 2011
Czechs Pull Out of Durban III The Weekly Standard July 26, 2011
Breaking the Taboo on Wagner Commentary July 26, 2011
U.S., Jewish Groups Demand UN Rep Falk Resign Over Blog Entry Jerusalem Post July 10, 2011
UN Envoy Falk Admits to Posting Antisemitic Cartoon on Blog Commentary July 8, 2011
Slovenian Philosopher Zizek: Antisemitism Alive and Kicking in Europe +972 June 30, 2011
Dutch Threaten to Destroy Jewish Life in Netherlands Asia Times Online June 28, 2011
Why is Ireland Such a Bastion of Anti-Israel Feeling? The Atlantic June 27, 2011
Historian Benny Morris Hounded by Protesters in London - Reminders of Nazi Germany Jerusalem Post June 27, 2011
Flotilla of Fools Off to Gaza Front Page June 24, 2011
Review: "End of the Holocaust" Scholars for Peace in the Middle East June 22, 2011
Sweden-Israel Handball Game Sparks Anti-Israel Protests Ha'aretz June 13, 2011
David Mamet's Self-Discovery New York Post June 12, 2011
Amnesty's Anti-Israel Pogrom Ynet News June 10, 2011
Obama Better Late Than Never on Durban III Fox June 5, 2011
A Brain-Dead Liberal Awakens American Thinker June 3, 2011
Gaza Flotilla Participants Will Also Be Able to Shop at New Gaza Mall The Spectator June 2, 2011
U.S. Won't Participate in Durban III Bloomberg via Jerusalem Post June 2, 2011
Iran Minister Accused of Planning Argentina Jewish Center Bombing Forced to Leave Bolivia Reuters via Ha'aretz June 1, 2011
In Defense of Reason, Not Israel The Daily News May 30, 2011
Majority Leader Eric Cantor's Remarks to AIPAC Eric Cantor May 24, 2011
Leftists Support Gay-Bashing Palestinians In Order to Eradicate Gay-Friendly Israel Commentary May 19, 2011
Agitprop in America - Lessons From the Kushner Affair Jewish Ideas Daily May 16, 2011
Norway Wins! Most Antisemitic Country in the West! Israel Matzav May 15, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Christians, Jews unite against Islamic attacks in Mideast and Africa The Blog May 13, 2012
FEATURED: Edward Alexander: The Meaning of Criticism The Blog May 6, 2012
ISM exposed: How ISM sucker-punched the IDF - again The Blog April 23, 2012
FEATURED: An open letter to Gunter Grass The Blog April 10, 2012
FEATURED: Left-wing MK blasts Beinart The Blog April 3, 2012
FEATURED: Beinart's false prophecy The Blog March 26, 2012
Toulouse gunman is killed The Blog March 22, 2012
ALERT! Rabbi, three children shot dead outside Jewish school in France The Blog March 19, 2012
The odious 'Israel first' libel: 'Media Matters' attacks on AIPAC are a disgrace The Blog February 27, 2012
Dershowitz declares WAR on Media Matters! The Blog February 27, 2012
Liberal think tank tied to Obama accused of anti-Semitic language The Blog January 19, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood leaders vow 'to kill all the Jews' The Blog November 27, 2011
Obama's favorite ME leader is a radical who loathes the U.S. and Israel The Blog November 16, 2011
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