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Title Publication Date
Al-Jazeera backs the Muslim Bortherhood Council on Foreign Relations November 8, 2013
Saudi Arabia, Qatar playing dangerous game over Syrian rebels Foundation for the Defense of Democracies October 27, 2013
No Israeli flag in Qatar for swimming world cup finalists Times of Israel October 22, 2013
The Emir of Qatar departs Council on Foreign Relations June 26, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
The IMF and Qatar takeover of Egypt NOW Lebanon January 24, 2013
U.S. going for three-time mistake in Syria Philadelphia Enquirer December 12, 2012
In Syria, who are the Saudis and Qataris arming? Time September 19, 2012
Hamas rising Foreign Policy July 25, 2012
The rise of Qatar Institute for National Security Studies March 6, 2012
Hamas after Syria: can't find a new home Asharq Alawsat February 14, 2012
Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate CNN February 6, 2012
Reaching the tipping point in Syria NOW Lebanon January 22, 2012
Syria Rejects Qatar's Call for Arab Troops January 18, 2012
Qatar suggests sending Arab troops to Syria Reuters January 15, 2012
New home for Hamas in Qatar? Foreign Policy December 14, 2011
Assad supporters storm Saudi, Qatar embassies November 13, 2011
39 Palestinians, many serving multiple life sentences, to be deported as part of Schalit deal Hurriyet October 18, 2011
Al-Jazeera News Director Resigns After WikiLeaks Disclosure New York Times September 21, 2011
How Qatar Won the Libya War The Weekly Standard August 30, 2011
How Brave is Qatar? Council on Foreign Relations August 26, 2011
Qatari Bin Hammam to Appeal Against FIFA Life Ban Reuters via Asharq Alawat July 25, 2011
UN Elects Iran VP and Qatar as President of General Assembly The Weekly Standard June 26, 2011
FC Barcelona Sells Its Soul to the Oil Sheikhs Pajamas Media June 3, 2011
Qatar's Bin Hammam Quits FIFA Race Al-Jazeera May 29, 2011
FIFA Opens Blatter Ethics Inquiry Al-Jazeera May 27, 2011
Bin Hammam Fights Back in FIFA Bribery Scandal Arab News May 27, 2011
A New Reality for Syria NOW Lebanon May 27, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Turkey exposed: now denies agreeing to provide aid to Hamas The Blog January 30, 2012
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