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Title Publication Date
Explosion hits near Hezbollah base in east Lebanon AP via Washington Post December 18, 2013
Hezbollah: it was always an outpost of the Iranian revolution Weekly Standard November 20, 2013
What was the true target of the Beirut bombing? Times of Israel November 20, 2013
Hezbollah deploys 15,000 troops for anticipated Qalamoun battle Al-Arabiya November 1, 2013
Ya'alon: Civil war between Hezbollah and Global Jihad has erupted in Lebanon Jerusalem Post October 25, 2013
Elite Hezbollah fighters are spearheading battle in Syria, IDF commander warns Jerusalem Post October 25, 2013
Report: IAF jets destroy weapons shipment from Syria to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post October 23, 2013
Hezbollah: We have captured an Israeli 'spy eagle' in Lebanon Jerusalem Post October 17, 2013
The mind of Netanyahu Council on Foreign Relations October 7, 2013
'Hezbollah's long-range missiles can carry chemical weapons' Times of Israel October 6, 2013
Gulf countries meet to coordinate further sanctions against Hezbollah The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
Hezbollah told Iran 'chemical weapons use a big mistake' The Telegraph September 6, 2013
Hezbollah plays the Israel card World Affaris August 5, 2013
The fall of Hezbollah's leader Bloomberg June 26, 2013
German mosque groups raising funds for Hezbollah Foundation for Defense of Democracies June 26, 2013
Hariri: Hezbollah dragging Lebanon into the abyss The Daily Star June 16, 2013
New study exposes Hezbollah role in Syria The June 11, 2013
Beirut protester killed outside Iran embassy Al-Jazeera June 11, 2013
Berlin a hub of Hezbollah activity Foundation for Defense of Democracies June 11, 2013
In Syria, Hezbollah forces appear ready to attack rebels in city of Aleppo Washington Post June 2, 2013
Nasrallah caught in his own web Yanshuf June 2, 2013
Iran, via Hezbollah, come to Assad's rescue PJ Media June 2, 2013
Face of terror: head of Hezbollah's security apparatus exposed Israel Hayom June 2, 2013
By inserting itself into Syrian war, Hezbollah makes dramatic gamble New York Times May 29, 2013
Hezbollah commits to an all-out fight to save Assad New York Times May 28, 2013
Hezbollah, Syria and the Brezhnev Doctrine Council on Foreign Relations May 28, 2013
Hizbullah's Travails in a Graphic Middle East Forum May 28, 2013
How Iranian weapons go through Syria to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post May 27, 2013
Two rockets hit Hezbollah strongholds in Beirut Washington Post May 27, 2013
Dozens of Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria Agence France Presse May 24, 2013
Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and the Middle East in flames The American Interest May 22, 2013
Syrian rebels target Hezbollah militia, fire rockets into Lebanon CNN May 22, 2013
U.S. must exploit Hezbollah vulnerability Commentary May 22, 2013
Hezbollah aids Syrian military in key battle New York Times May 21, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
Iran sanctions hurt Hezbollah and Assad Al-Arabiya May 21, 2013
Netanyahu: "We will continue stopping weapons transfer to Hezbollah" Jerusalem Post May 19, 2013
Who's more dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? The Rubin Report May 17, 2013
Assad forces gaining ground in Syria Washington Post May 12, 2013
Unconfirmed report re: dissent within Hezbollah over involvement in Syria Jerusalem Post April 21, 2013
Nasrallah flown to Iran for cancer treatment The Times of Israel April 21, 2013
Curtains for Hezbollah? Daily Beast April 13, 2013
Troubling times for once mighty Hezbollah The Investigative Project on Terrorism March 28, 2013
Bahrain parliament names Hezbollah a terror group Jerusalem Post March 27, 2013
Lebanon's prime minister steps down amid political dispute with Hezbollah Washington Post March 24, 2013
38 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria to be buried secretly in Lebanon Ya Libnan March 19, 2013
Hezbollah's European enablers National Post March 14, 2013
Peres tells Europeans to call terror - 'terror' The Algemeiner March 14, 2013
Israeli frustration with EU's policies on rise Jerusalem Post March 10, 2013
Iran's Lebanon arm NOW Lebanon March 1, 2013
Syrian rebels say they killed Hezbollah deputy chief Jerusalem Post February 28, 2013
Syrian rebels attack Hezbollah's positions in Lebanon Hurriyet February 25, 2013
Hezbollah expands and intensifies involvement in Syria NOW Lebanon February 25, 2013
Syrian rebels threaten to hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon Washington Post February 20, 2013
Syrian National Council cites Hezbollah role in Syria Al-Monitor February 20, 2013
Syrian opposition threatens to strike Hezbollah The Times of Israel February 20, 2013
EU blacklisting of Hezbollah would disrupt financing Al-Arabiya February 20, 2013
Why doesn't Europe think Hezbollah is a terror group? National Interest February 18, 2013
EU reportedly loath to blacklist Hezbollah The Times of Israel February 18, 2013
Hezbollah unmasked New York Times February 18, 2013
Europe's Hezbollah problem Foundation for Defense of Democracies February 12, 2013
Hezbollah's Syria problem Fikra Forum February 11, 2013
Hezbollah's Bulgaria problem February 11, 2013
Blaming terrorists for terrorism The Weekly Standard February 11, 2013
Iran: the war within and without PJ Media February 11, 2013
Iran, Hezbollah build militia networks in Syria Washington Post February 11, 2013
Hezbollah, Russia condemn Israeli airstrike inside Syria Washington Post January 31, 2013
Hizballah and the Qods Force in Iran's Shadow War with the West Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 31, 2013
Hezbollah hints Syrian target was military The Times of Israel January 31, 2013
Report: Iran, Hezbollah terror threat rising AP via USA Today January 31, 2013
Report: 'Israel hits target on Syria-Lebanon border' Ynet News January 30, 2013
Report: Syria chemical arsenal within Hezbollah reach Israel Hayom January 29, 2013
Syria: Hezbollah sets up camps near WMD facilities Ynet News January 28, 2013
Israel's Red Line: won't hesitate to attack should Syrian chemical weapons reach Hezbollah Ynet News January 28, 2013
Bulgaria has evidence linking Hezbollah to Burgas bombing The Daily Star January 23, 2013
The war rages, the White House ducks, death abounds PJ Media January 17, 2013
Egypt's envoy to Lebanon: Cairo will work with Hezbollah The Times of Israel December 30, 2012
Destroyed Hezbollah weapons depot held missiles capable of being chemically equipped The Algemeiner December 20, 2012
UN: Hezbollah fighting for Assad in overtly sectarian battle New York Times December 20, 2012
A defector's account of Syrian chemical weapons on the move Washington Post December 19, 2012
Blast at suspected Hezbollah weapons depot in southern Lebanon Naharnet December 18, 2012
American "leftists" whitewash Nasrallah NOW Lebanon October 31, 2012
Hizbollah debates dropping support for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad The Telegraph October 29, 2012
U.S. urges Europe to label Hezbollah a terrorist group Washington Post October 29, 2012
Hezbollah firing hundreds of rockets into Syria on daily basis Asharq Alawsat October 22, 2012
Did IDF hack into Hezbollah drone? The Times of Israel October 16, 2012
Free Syria Army threatens to take fight to Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut The Daily Star October 10, 2012
Lebanon: Blasts in Hezbollah stronghold kill 9 Ynet News October 3, 2012
Hezbollah military commander 'killed in Syria' BBC News October 3, 2012
Hezbollah can no longer deny Syria role after commander's death Israel Hayom October 3, 2012
Hezbollah increases support for Syrian regime Washington Post September 30, 2012
Iran, Hezbollah establish training base in Nicaragua The Times of Israel September 6, 2012
Europe letting Hezbollah operate openly New York Times August 16, 2012
U.S. accuses Hezbollah of aiding Syria crackdown New York Times August 13, 2012
Hezbollah smuggles high-grade explosives into Israel Jerusalem Post August 10, 2012
Time for the EU to ban Hezbollah The Jewish Chronicle August 10, 2012
EU continues to split hairs on Hezbollah Ynet News August 9, 2012
Israeli intelligence cracks massive Hezbollah bomb plot Israel Hayom August 8, 2012
Hezbollah in trouble World Affairs August 6, 2012
Nasrallah to place Hezbollah at al-Assad's disposal Asharq Alawsat July 29, 2012
EU refuses Israeli request to blacklist Hezbollah The Daily Star July 25, 2012
Decline In Hizbullah's Status In Lebanon MEMRI July 25, 2012
What will Lebanon's Shia do? NOW Lebanon July 24, 2012
U.S. blames Hezbollah for attack on Israeli tourists New York Times July 20, 2012
From Assad's palace to terror in Burgas Israel Hayom July 20, 2012
Wikileaks: Thousands of Iranians, Hezbollah fighting in Syria in support of Assad National Council of Resistance of Iran July 15, 2012
Mossad alerted Cyprus on Hezbollah plot to down Israeli plane Israel Hayom July 15, 2012
Can Hezbollah give war a chance? NOW Lebanon July 6, 2012
Senior IDF officer: Israel is preparing for the next Lebanon war Ha'aretz July 6, 2012
IDF commander: 'Lebanon will face greater destruction in next round' Israel Hayom July 6, 2012
Beirut banks funneling illicit funds for Iran, Hezbollah Jerusalem Post July 4, 2012
The Salafist is Hezbollah's best friend NOW Lebanon July 3, 2012
Hezbollah may move Syrian arms to Lebanon Jerusalem Post June 13, 2012
Assad slaughtering civilians with help of Iran and Hezbollah Israel Prime Minister's Office June 11, 2012
Netanyahu blames 'axis of evil' for ongoing Syria violence Jerusalem Post June 10, 2012
Possible Iran responses to Israeli preventive strike Washington Institute for Near East Policy June 7, 2012
What does Nasrallah really mean? NOW Lebanon June 4, 2012
Netanyahu: Israel 'appalled' by Syria massacre; Iran & Hezbollah must also be held responsible Ha'aretz May 27, 2012
Free Syrian Army: Hezbollah fighters in Syria, carrying out raids Asharq Alawsat May 17, 2012
IDF weighs interceptors for offshore gas platforms Jerusalem Post April 10, 2012
Hezbollah ties in New York City Reuters/Ynet News April 6, 2012
Israel presents new deterrence policy Ynet News April 6, 2012
U.S. willfully blind on Syria NOW Lebanon April 5, 2012
Adieu, Hezbollah? NOW Lebanon March 21, 2012
IDF concerned Hezbollah may acquire chemical weapons Israel Hayom March 18, 2012
Hamas and Hezbollah to sit quietly if Israel hits Iran Council on Foreign Relations March 8, 2012
Turkey turning 'blind eye' to arms shipments to Assad regime Today's Zaman and Ynet News February 28, 2012
America's alibis for not helping Syria Wall Street Journal February 26, 2012
India arrests 5 in connection with terror attack Ynet News February 15, 2012
Israel blames Iran for embassy bomb attacks The Independent February 14, 2012
Israeli diplomat wounded following New Delhi car blast Ha'aretz February 13, 2012
The eclipse of the Shia crescent NOW Lebanon February 9, 2012
Israeli officials: Terrorists may get Syria's weapons Ha'aretz February 7, 2012
Israel warns against Syrian WMD transfer to Hezbollah Israel Hayom February 1, 2012
Syrian regime 'importing snipers' for protests Times-UK January 30, 2012
Hezbollah Poised to Strike in Southeast Asia Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 25, 2012
Israel worried about Hezbollah getting Syria's advanced weapons Strategy Page January 23, 2012
To Syrian rebels, Hezbollah is the "party of Satan' The Telegraph January 20, 2012
Hamas, Hezbollah would run riot under Iranian nuclear umbrella, general warns Israel Hayom and Reuters January 18, 2012
Iran, Hezbollah desperately trying to save Assad regime Ha'aretz January 12, 2012
Iran, Hezbollah providing weaponry to Assad Jerusalem Post January 12, 2012
Is Hezbollah losing control? NOW Lebanon January 6, 2012
Hezbollah planning to target Israelis in Europe Ynet News January 6, 2012
Hezbollah reiterates support for Syria The Daily Star (Lebanon) January 3, 2012
A new Hezbollah in Iraq? The National Interest December 25, 2011
Will Syria get Hezbollah's WMD? The Daily Beast December 25, 2011
Israel concerned by increased Hezbollah violence in southern Lebanon Ha'aretz December 22, 2011
Stormy weather ahead for Hezbollah Jewish Chronicle December 22, 2011
Le Figaro report: Hezbollah in dire financial straits Ynet News December 19, 2011
Middle East on the brink of war National Post December 15, 2011
Beirut bank seen as hub of Hezbollah financing December 15, 2011
Hezbollah's hypocritical resistance New York Times December 14, 2011
Lebanese Druze leader tells Hezbollah to keep distance from Syria Daily Star (Lebanon) December 12, 2011
Hassan Nasrallah's loneliness Ynet News December 12, 2011
Hezbollah ramps up its apocalyptic pitch NOW Lebanon December 11, 2011
Will Hezbollah's support for Syria lead to its downfall? TIME December 9, 2011
Obama and the Hezbollah terrorist Wall Street Journal December 7, 2011
Hezbollah after Assad Foreign Afffairs December 6, 2011
Nasrallah backs down Council on Foreign Relations December 4, 2011
Syrian opposition head says would cut ties to Iran, Hazbollah, Hamas Wall Street Journal December 2, 2011
Israel hits suspected Lebanon rocket sites Al-Jazeera November 29, 2011
Assad regime recruiting Iranian, Hezbollah mercenaries Ha'aretz November 28, 2011
If and when Lebanese PM Mikati resigns NOW Lebanon November 28, 2011
The big loser in the Lebanese CIA affair NOW Lebanon November 25, 2011
Israel beware: China arms Hezbollah Washington Times November 24, 2011
U.S. blogger says Israel behind Lebanon blast Ynet News November 23, 2011
Blasts rocks Hezbollah stronghold in southern Lebanon Beirut Daily Star November 23, 2011
CIA forced to curb spying in Lebanon Los Angeles Times November 21, 2011
Nasrallah and Assad living in a bubble NOW Lebanon November 15, 2011
Hezbollah operation plans for hitting Israel Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs November 2, 2011
Hezbollah's Nasrallah walks a tight rope Asia Times Online November 1, 2011
A Saudi-Iranian cold war takes shape Daily Star (Lebanon) October 19, 2011
Lebanon: As Syria retreats, Iran advances Ya Libnan October 16, 2011
Obama abandoning interest in Syria NOW Lebanon October 6, 2011
Sari Nusseibeh and Palestinian moderation Council on Foreign Relations October 6, 2011
Khomeini-Arafat kiss sealed fate of Iran, Palestine Washington Times September 25, 2011
All Eyes on Hezbollah Jerusalem Post September 20, 2011
No One Likes Hezbollah NOW Lebanon September 18, 2011
Hezbollah Opens Base in Cuba Front Page September 6, 2011
Israel TV: Hezbollah Moving Weapons from Syria NOW Lebanon September 6, 2011
New Guidelines for IDF Reconnaissance Flights Jerusalem Post September 6, 2011
Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah Unfriending Assad Time Magazine August 30, 2011
Will Hezbollah Desert Assad The Guardian August 28, 2011
Nasrallah Reaffirms Support for Syria Day Press August 28, 2011
Saudis Move to Take Down Syria, Iran and Hezbollah The National Interest August 16, 2011
UN Trying to Demilitarize Southern Lebanon Ha'aretz August 14, 2011
Lessons from the 2nd Lebanon War Wall Street Journal August 12, 2011
Syria Crackdown Hits Ally Hezbollah's Image Associated Press August 10, 2011
Israel Deploys Drones to Protect Gas Fields from Hezbollah Jerusalem Post August 9, 2011
A False Sense of National Security Los Angeles Times August 7, 2011
German Newspaper: Turkey Foils Iranian Arms Shipment via Syria for Hezbollah AFP via Ynet News August 4, 2011
Senior Israeli Navy Commander: Hamas, Hezbollah Threaten Ports, Oil Rigs Ha'aretz August 3, 2011
Israel, Hezbollah Preparing for Another Round Foreign Policy August 1, 2011
DEA Arrest in Maldives of Lebanese Arms Dealer Working for Hezbollah NOW Lebanon July 31, 2011
Arch-Terrorist Injured in Beirut Blast Ya Libnan July 31, 2011
Casus Belly: Hezbollah Enraged Over Dancer's Gig with Israeli Israel Hayom July 27, 2011
Nasrallah Warns Israel About 'Stealing' Gas from Lebanon AP via Ha'aretz July 27, 2011
Taliban, Hezbollah Operatives Nabbed in Drugs, Arms Stings ABC July 27, 2011
Hezbollah Eager for Mediterranean Border Conflict Over Natural Gas Wall Street Journal July 26, 2011
Hezbollah on Edge in Face of Syria Revolt NOW Lebanon July 26, 2011
Hezbollah at a Crossroads The Daily Beast July 25, 2011
Lebanese Forces Leader Calls Change in Syria 'Inevitable', Dialogue with Hezbollah 'Pointless' NOW Lebanon July 25, 2011
Hezbollah: Israel Attacks Lebanon - Eilat Won't Be Safe Jerusalem Post July 21, 2011
Istanbul Bombing Was Iran Job Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
Why Remember AMIA? Jerusalem Post July 18, 2011
Israel's Situation Improved After 2nd Lebanon War Ha'aretz July 17, 2011
Syria Increasing Arms Shipments to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post July 17, 2011
Hezbollah's Cash Flow Problems Der Spiegel July 15, 2011
Assad Takes Hezbollah Down With Him The National Interest July 15, 2011
Hezbollah: Lebanon Will Not Let Israel Seize Its Natural Gas Ha'aretz July 14, 2011
Hezbollah Hooks Up with Mexican Drug Cartels The Fifteen Minutes of Fame July 14, 2011
Hariri to Nasrallah: You Cannot Stop the STL NOW Lebanon July 13, 2011
Hariri: Hezbollah Arms are Root of Lebanese Problem Reuters via Jerusalem Post July 13, 2011
Washington Stance on Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Dispute Makes War More Likely Commentary July 12, 2011
Hezbollah Role in Latin America The Americas July 12, 2011
Former Lebanese PM Hariri Remains Abroad Due to Assassination Threat The Daily Star July 11, 2011
Hezbollah Gov't in Lebanon Picking Natural Gas Fight with Israel Jerusalem Post July 11, 2011
Lebanese PM Mikati Keeps Hezbollah Happy Asia Times Online July 8, 2011
Growing Terror Threat: Hezbollah in Latin America Town Hall July 8, 2011
Gloves May Come Off in Lebanon NOW Lebanon July 7, 2011
Hezbollah Has Control of Beirut Airport Commentary July 5, 2011
Israel MI Chief: Iran, Hezbollah Actively Helping Syria Squash Demonstrations Ha'aretz July 5, 2011
Divisions Deepen in Lebanon Gulf News July 4, 2011
Partial Justice Leaves Lebanon in Quandry The National July 4, 2011
Lebanese MP to PM Mikati: One is Either For or Against STL NOW Lebanon July 4, 2011
Hezbollah Poised to Ride Out Indictments AP via Dawn News July 4, 2011
Despite Soothing Words, Indictments Could Widen Strife in Lebanon Arab News July 4, 2011
Lebanon Reacts to Issuance of Hariri Indictments Asharq Alawsat July 3, 2011
Nasrallah Implies Israel Behind Hariri Murder Al-Jazeera July 3, 2011
Hezbollah Will 'Cut Off Hands' of Those Trying to Get Hariri Suspects Al-Arabiya July 3, 2011
Lebanese Indictments Put Hezbollah and Obama on the Spot Commentary July 1, 2011
Hezbollah Indictments Could Ripple Through Region CNN July 1, 2011
Lebanon's Day in Court Foreign Afffairs July 1, 2011
Why Hezbollah Had a Really Bad Week The New Republic July 1, 2011
Analysis: Hassan Nasrallah Exposed Jerusalem Post July 1, 2011
UN-backed Court Indicts 4 Hezbollah Members for Hariri Murder NOW Lebanon June 30, 2011
Hezbollah and Syria: Who to Blame for the Split? Asharq Alawsat June 27, 2011
Hezbollah-backed Government Bans Iranian Protest Film Asharq Alawsat June 27, 2011
Report: 5 Hezbollah Members to be Indicted for Hariri Murder Ynet News June 27, 2011
Nasrallah Has No Facebook NOW Lebanon June 27, 2011
Hezbollah is Cornered - Thank the Syrian People Farid.Ghadry June 26, 2011
Hezbollah May Fight Israel to Relieve Syria Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 23, 2011
Former Mossad Chief Says Sunni Replacement in Syria Would Be Positive; Doubts 'Arab Spring' Ynet News June 22, 2011
Hezbollah's Miscalculation in Syria Pajamas Media June 22, 2011
Lebanese Premier Yet to Smell Victory Asia Times Online June 22, 2011
The Hezbollah-Assad Connection Al-Jazeera June 22, 2011
Former Israel NSC Head: Conflict with Hezbollah Currently Unlikely Jerusalem Post June 21, 2011
German Investigating Judge: Assad Ordered Hariri Killed Ynet News June 20, 2011
Hezbollah Shocked at Number of Israeli Spies Within Its Ranks Ya Libnan June 20, 2011
Israel Launches War Games to Prepare For Rocket Attacks The Daily Star June 20, 2011
Jewish, Lebanese-American Congressmen Target Hezbollah Jewish June 19, 2011
"Turning Point 5" Exercise - Israel Tests Response to Bombardment of Missiles from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iran Jerusalem Post June 19, 2011
New Lebanese Government Will Protect Hariri Killers Asharq Alawsat June 17, 2011
Lebanon Tribunal Likely First Test of Helbollah-led Government June 15, 2011
Hezbollah, Allies Dominate New Lebanon Government Khaleej Times Online June 13, 2011
IDF Identifies Thousands of Hezbollah Sites in Lebanon Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
Iran Caught 10 Times Trying to Send Arms to Terrorists Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
Demonstrator Admits Hezbollah Paid Him to Demonstrate The Guardian June 6, 2011
Arabic Daily Reports Lebanese Army Prevented Rocket Attack on Israel The Israel Project May 30, 2011
Assad, Nasrallah Discuss 'Syrian Reforms' Ynet News May 30, 2011
When the Syrians Burnt Nasrallah's Picture Asharq Alawsat May 30, 2011
Hezbollah Forces Helping Syria in Crackdown on Protestors Ha'aretz May 29, 2011
Lebanon's Shameful Silence on Syria NOW Lebanon May 28, 2011
Protests Sweep Syria's East, Nasrallah Pictures Burnt Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 27, 2011
Nasrallah Comes to the Rescue of Assad Media Line via Jerusalem Post May 27, 2011
A New Reality for Syria NOW Lebanon May 27, 2011
Gates: Hezbollah Has More Missiles Than Most States Ynet News May 26, 2011
Israel: Iranian Qiyam Missile Likely Bound for Hezbollah Jerusalem Post May 24, 2011
America's Growing Syria Problem The New Yorker May 23, 2011
Fearing Assad Demise, Hezbollah May Move Assets Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
Hezbollah Caught in Vortex of Chance Asia Times Online May 11, 2011
Hezbollah's Most Serious Challenge Foreign Policy May 3, 2011
Lebanese PM-Designate Calls Hezbollah "Tumor" Agence France Presse May 3, 2011

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