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Title Publication Date
The Arab crisis Sandbox December 18, 2013
Putin gets it and the US does not PJ Media November 16, 2013
Is Kerry the worst secretary of state ever? Commentary November 12, 2013
Americans destroy their credibility in Israel and the region Jerusalem Central November 10, 2013
"Who's Next?" Iran as harbinger of nuclear proliferation Jerusalem Central October 31, 2013
Rift widens on Iranian nuclear deal as Israel, Arabs warn against allowing enrichment Washington Post October 25, 2013
Israel, Arab states work together to battle Iran's nuclear plan Ynet News October 17, 2013
For our Arab allies, it's 'east of Suez' again Commentary October 4, 2013
Open season on Christians in Syria and across the Muslim world National Post September 24, 2013
Strong Arab Sunni bloc doesn't see Israel as enemy Jerusalem Post September 9, 2013
Obama's successful foreign failure Wall Street Journal September 9, 2013
Forget Obama - do it yourself The Times of Israel September 2, 2013
The world learns to manage without the US PJ Media August 20, 2013
The Middle East: all bad choices National Review August 20, 2013
Let them kill themselves quietly Ynet News June 16, 2013
A "Turkish Spring" Indeed ? Middle East and Terrorism June 11, 2013
Sectarian strike infects Mideast New York Times June 2, 2013
What Mideast crisis? Israelis have moved on New York Times May 27, 2013
The Mideast Crack-up Tablet May 22, 2013
Israel is a small country in a big, bad neighbourhood The Globe and Mail May 13, 2013
Why Europe can't bring peace to the Middle East Council on Foreign Relations April 21, 2013
Anti-Semitism is why the Arab Spring failed The Times of Israel April 13, 2013
Israel still stable amidst the chaos Foundation for Defense of Democracies April 13, 2013
End the Arab Boycott of Israel New York Times March 10, 2013
Iran popularity in Arab world way down Foreign Policy March 10, 2013
Israel shows her true colors New York Daily News January 27, 2013
Raised on hatred New York Times January 23, 2013
Chuck Hagel and linkage The Weekly Standard January 17, 2013
Obama's Middle East mess PJ Media December 21, 2012
Europe obsessed with Israel - and not dealing with the real problems Ynet News December 12, 2012
They got it right: America is their enemy Jerusalem Post October 22, 2012
Militant jihadists' rise in Arab world imperils region's stability Washington Post October 16, 2012
Wealthy Syrian businessmen fleeing with their money to Egypt, Gulf Global Arab Network October 10, 2012
Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East Chicago Sun-Times October 10, 2012
Obama's speech at the UN: the disconnect from reality PJ Media September 30, 2012
Arab Spring investor excitement fizzles out amid anti-U.S. backlash Al-Arabiya September 21, 2012
The video didn't do it The Weekly Standard September 19, 2012
Arabs: look in the mirror New York Times September 19, 2012
Russian responsibility for Middle East conflicts Tablet July 2, 2012
Worst-case Middle East scenarios come true Sandbox June 26, 2012
Putin's Middle East gambit BBC News June 25, 2012
Egypt: fasten your seatbelts! Asharq Alawsat June 25, 2012
Is Tunisia really an exception? Asharq Alawsat June 11, 2012
Dealing with the Devil's Excrement The Hindu June 8, 2012
Fertility decline in the Muslim world Hoover Institution June 7, 2012
Mideast analysts, mea culpa time NOW Lebanon June 6, 2012
Jordan faces a crossroads Ynet News June 5, 2012
The "Dictator" liberates political incorrectness PJ Media May 20, 2012
Peter Beinart's crisis of oversimplifying American Jews Ha'aretz May 15, 2012
The Relegitimization of Israel and the battle for the mainstream consensus Israel Council on Foreign Relations May 15, 2012
Arab Spring has washed the region's appalling racism out of the news The Independent May 7, 2012
Hamas and the Arab Spring Council on Foreign Relations May 3, 2012
The Arab Spring and the Palestinians Council on Foreign Relations May 1, 2012
Israel's Arabs: living a paradox Washington Times March 22, 2012
Fertility implosion in the Arab world New York Times March 13, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker: Arab Spring headed to Iran Ha'aretz February 29, 2012
The agony of Hamas The Times of Israel February 28, 2012
Saudis pull out of 'Friends of Syrian People' in Tunis citing 'inactivity' Al-Arabiya February 26, 2012
The Arab Spring on the verge of oblivion Asharq Alawsat February 23, 2012
How come no one wants to help Gaza? Stonegate Institute February 22, 2012
West weighs Tehran's offer to talk Wall Street Journal February 17, 2012
Don't blindly fund post-Arab Spring governments Commentary February 14, 2012
Arab League calls for joint mission with U.N. in Syria Washington Post February 13, 2012
The global war on Christians in the Muslim world Newsweek February 7, 2012
Syria outcome has high stakes for entire Middle East Washington Post February 5, 2012
World pressures Russia on Syria Security Council resolution Washington Post February 1, 2012
Russia rebukes Arab League over Syria Al-Jazeera January 29, 2012
Arab League Suspends Syria Mission Wall Street Journal January 29, 2012
Hamas in deep trouble Ynet News January 27, 2012
Iran 'supremely irrelevant' to Arab Spring Foreign Policy January 26, 2012
Time for Israel to play cyber war offense Israel Hayom January 26, 2012
The perils of Obama's foreign policy National Review Online January 25, 2012
Arab Spring sees rise in anti-Semitism Jerusalem Post January 24, 2012
One year later: the failure of the Arab Spring The New Republic January 24, 2012
Syria rejects new Arab League plan to end crisis Associated Press January 23, 2012
Christians in Iran, Syria facing rising persecution Jerusalem Post January 23, 2012
Reaching the tipping point in Syria NOW Lebanon January 22, 2012
In Syria, world action fuels armed revolt Washington Post January 19, 2012
Western commentary playing down Arab Spring anti-Semitism Jewish Telegraphic Agency January 16, 2012
Territorial compromise loses ground in Arab Spring The Australian January 16, 2012
Arab observer calls Syrian mission a 'farce' Al-Jazeera January 15, 2012
Qatar suggests sending Arab troops to Syria Reuters January 15, 2012
Fear of civil war mounts in Syria as crisis deepens New York Times January 15, 2012
Assad vows to crush revolt, rails against Arab League Los Angeles Times January 12, 2012
The U.S.: MIA in the Middle East Los Angeles Times January 10, 2012
Arab Christianity near extinction Ynet News January 5, 2012
What's Obama's Plan B after Arab League monitors? NOW Lebanon December 29, 2011
Obama isn't good enough Ynet News December 26, 2011
Was Arab Spring a victory for extremism? Bloomberg December 25, 2011
Is the Arab Spring bad for women? Council on Foreign Relations December 25, 2011
Arab Spring sending shudders through Christians in the Middle East Hudson Institute December 20, 2011
Syria to sign Arab peace initiative to admit foreign monitors Reuters December 19, 2011
Middle East on the brink of war National Post December 15, 2011
Iran's frustrated efforts to control the Arab Spring Real Clear World December 14, 2011
How Obama is mishandling the violence in the Muslim world The New Republic December 12, 2011
Revenge of the Sunnis Foreign Policy December 11, 2011
Syria accepts observer request AP via Hurriyet December 5, 2011
Arab Winter has clearly arrived Washington Post December 4, 2011
Virulent Antisemitism in the Arab Spring Bloomberg November 30, 2011
Assad vows to fight on despite Arab League pressure Reuters November 22, 2011
Syrians protest Arab League vote The Independent November 13, 2011
Rhetoric belies slow pace of change in Arab world Fund Web November 13, 2011
Arab League plan for Syria is initiative to save Assad Asharq Alawsat November 6, 2011
Pendulum swings on American oil independence Financial Times November 3, 2011
Oil's new world order Washington Post October 30, 2011
Arab Spring is becoming Islamic takeover The Telegraph October 28, 2011
Welcome to the Islamist Middle East - and it's not going to be moderate PJ Media October 26, 2011
Obama Mideast policy: Manchurian candidate or keystone cop? Pajamas Media October 24, 2011
Qaddafi's final legacy: a Middle East awash in weapons? The Telegraph October 23, 2011
Is Iraq the model for the Mideast after all? Washington Post October 11, 2011
The Week's Top Ten Middle East Stories Middle East Clarity October 7, 2011
Mideast tweets gratitude to Jobs, credits Apple in Arab Spring McClatchy October 7, 2011
Arab Spring, my foot The New Republic October 7, 2011
U.S. isolated in Mideast - not Israel Tablet October 5, 2011
Iran is losing from the Arab uprisings The Daily Star (Lebanon) October 5, 2011
Turkey's house of cards Jerusalem Post October 4, 2011
Top Ten Middle East Stories Middle East Clarity September 28, 2011
Erdogan due for a comeuppance Commentary September 28, 2011
Abbas gives finger to Obama Hudson Institute September 27, 2011
Muslim world frays, UN obsessed with Israel Bloomberg September 27, 2011
Arab leaders absent while Erdo─čan talks to UN Hurriyet September 26, 2011
The myth of Mideast stability Jewish Ideas Daily September 26, 2011
Turkish foreign policy at dead end Asia Times Online September 25, 2011
Obama Loses to Everyone on Middle East Wall Street Journal September 21, 2011
Obama's Middle East is in Tatters The New Republic September 21, 2011
Obama's Defining Moment on Israel Huffington Post September 20, 2011
Russia Gives Cold Shoulder to Arab Revolutions Today's Zaman September 18, 2011
Al-Hayat: Palestine at the UN: 'Arabs Sitting on a Mound of Shame' Al-Hayat September 16, 2011
Optimists Wrong About Arab Spring Wall Street Journal September 16, 2011
Erdgoan Hailed as New Champion for Arabs Reuters September 16, 2011
The Mideast's New Hero? Ynet News September 15, 2011
Competition Between Erdogan and Ahmadinejad is a Disaster Israel Hayom September 13, 2011
Israel's Hostile Neighborhood Washington Post September 13, 2011
Israel's Predicament Wall Street Journal September 13, 2011
Goldberg Criticizes NYT Article on Arab Spring Bloomberg September 13, 2011
Erdogan on Mission to be Leader of Arab World The Independent September 13, 2011
Fiscal Woes Undermining Palestinians New York Times September 13, 2011
Deep Sense of Siege in Israel Washington Post September 12, 2011
9/11 Redux: No Greater Hate - What Inspires the Muslim Kamikazes? Sandbox September 11, 2011
Arab Spring Shows True Face in Egypt Ha'aretz September 11, 2011
Israel Sensing a Wider Siege New York Times September 11, 2011
Erdogan on 'Arab Spring' Tour Reuters via Today's Zaman September 11, 2011
Stunning Shift of Iran Image in Arab World Christian Science Monitor September 9, 2011
Time Not Against Israel Jerusalem Post September 9, 2011
From 9/11 to the Arab Spring Wall Street Journal September 9, 2011
Syria is No Libya, But... NOW Lebanon September 7, 2011
PA to Pay Only Half Salaries in September - Blame Arab States Reuters September 7, 2011
A Frustrated Gates Slams Israel Middle East Clarity September 6, 2011
Arab Military Bubble Has Burst Asharq Alawsat September 5, 2011
Saudis Trying to Halt Arab Spring The National Interest September 2, 2011
Ian Increasing Cooperation with North Korea Ha'aretz September 1, 2011
Secular Arab Nationalism Falling By the Wayside Jerusalem Post August 31, 2011
If the Arab Spring Turns Ugly New York Times August 30, 2011
We Have a Voice NOW Lebanon August 29, 2011
Arab Societies Ready to Die for Democracy Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty August 29, 2011
Oil Myth Warps Arab World Understanding of World NOW Lebanon August 28, 2011
Brezhnev in the Hejaz The National Interest August 28, 2011
MEC Top Ten of the Week Middle East Clarity August 26, 2011
Arab Spring Gives U.S. New Chance in the Middle East The National August 25, 2011
Obama Must Develop Strategic Goals for ME Region Foreign Policy August 25, 2011
Libya's Lessons for the Arab World Daily Star August 24, 2011
Grounds Shifts in the Middle East The Atlantic August 22, 2011
Arab World Needs to Lead on Syria The National August 21, 2011
Arab League Blasts Israel for Egyptian Deaths Al-Jazeera August 21, 2011
What Naysayers Got Right About 'Arab Spring' Foreign Policy August 21, 2011
The Battle to Defend Assad Asharq Alawsat August 21, 2011
Dictators and Double Standards: Assad and the Palestinians Wall Street Journal August 19, 2011
U.S. Impotent in Face of Middle East Events Ha'aretz August 17, 2011
Israel, Anarchy and Global Chaos Jerusalem Post August 17, 2011
Where's the Palestinian 'Arab Spring'? Hudson Institute August 16, 2011
Growing Sunni-Shi'ite Split Jerusalem Post August 16, 2011
Arab Autocrats Get Hit by Legitimacy Daily Star August 14, 2011
Arab World Finally Turns on Assad Gulf News August 14, 2011
The Cost of Assad's 'Borrowed Time' Asharq Alawsat August 12, 2011
Vultures Circle Over a Wounded Syria Daily Star August 11, 2011
The World Closes in on Assad Syria Comment August 10, 2011
Bernard Lewis and the Arab Spring via Campus Watch August 9, 2011
Syrian Death Toll Rises as Arab States Protest The Guardian August 9, 2011
Arab World Turns Back on Assad The Independent August 9, 2011
Pressure on Assad to End Violence, Hand Over Power Syria Comment August 8, 2011
Promise of Arab Spring Fades Real Clear World August 7, 2011
Neither Syria Nor the World Has Changed Asharq Alawsat August 7, 2011
Mubarak Trial Transfixes Arab World Real Clear World August 3, 2011
'Arab Spring' Dream Dying Amid Violence Washington Times July 26, 2011
The Arab Recession Foreign Policy July 25, 2011
Abbas Asks Arab League to Meet on PA Crisis Jerusalem Post July 25, 2011
Israeli Sources: 'Arab Spring' Let Palestinians Ramp Up Gaza Arms Smuggling Ha'aretz July 25, 2011
Muslim-Western Tensions Persist Pew Research Center July 22, 2011
Netanyahu First Interview on Arab TV Al Arabiya July 21, 2011
Arab Spring Raises Questions Over Alliances for Moscow The Australian July 21, 2011
New Tunisian Constitution May Ban Ties with Israel Commentary July 18, 2011
Who's Afraid of Democracy? Dawn July 18, 2011
Why Food Prices Were Crucial in Arab Spring The Guardian July 18, 2011
America in Trouble in the Middle East Huffington Post July 17, 2011
Will the Arabs Learn from Sudan's Ordeal Asharq Alawsat July 15, 2011
How the Arab World Lost Southern Sudan Al-Jazeera July 15, 2011
Obama's Multiplying Middle East Failures The New Republic July 14, 2011
Obama Popularity in Arab World Now Below Bush Commentary July 14, 2011
Arab World's Views of Obama Increasingly Negative Washington Post July 13, 2011
Jordan Feeling Heat of Arab Spring Protests Wall Street Journal July 13, 2011
In Hama: Where Were the Arab Ambassadors? Asharq Alawsat July 11, 2011
As Arab Spring Roils, Hunger Emerges Jerusalem Post July 10, 2011
Iran Killing Spree Stifles Arab Spring Ynet News July 8, 2011
Middle East Studies in Upheaval National Review July 6, 2011
As Arab World Unravels, Should West Be Worried? Daily Mail June 30, 2011
A Season of Flotillas and Marches Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
The Benefits of the 'Arab Spring' Jerusalem Post June 28, 2011
Oil Reserves Release Shocks Markets Financial Times June 24, 2011
The Great Israeli Cottage Cheese Uprising Jerusalem Post June 24, 2011
Former Mossad Chief Says Sunni Replacement in Syria Would Be Positive; Doubts 'Arab Spring' Ynet News June 22, 2011
Our World: An Obama Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post June 22, 2011
Palestinian Issue Taking Back Seat With Arab Rulers Ynet News June 22, 2011
Turkey Recalibrating Regional Role Asia Times Online June 20, 2011
The Middle East Fantasy World Jerusalem Post June 20, 2011
Why the Silence on Syria? Asharq Alawsat June 20, 2011
A Do or Die Moment Jerusalem Post June 19, 2011
Monarchies Are Better and Longer Lasting Asharq Alawsat June 19, 2011
Mounting Threats Jerusalem Post June 19, 2011
Arab League Meeting Asserts Leading Role for UN in Libya Crisis Trend June 19, 2011
Arab Spring, Kurdish Summer New York Times June 18, 2011
Arab Spring Tests U.S. - Saudi Relations Financial Times June 17, 2011
Corruption and the Arab Spring Foreign Afffairs June 17, 2011
Arab Spring Likely to Leave Oil Firms Unscathed Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 16, 2011
World Watches as Iran Implodes From Within The National June 16, 2011
Filling the Strategy Vacuum in the Middle East Washington Institute for Near East Policy June 15, 2011
Syria and the Arab Silence...Again Asharq Alawsat June 14, 2011
Minority Cloud Looms Over Arab Summer Asia Times Online June 14, 2011
If Bahrain Erupts The Diplomat June 14, 2011
Israel and the Arab Spring World Affairs June 12, 2011
Arab Spring Sees Holiday Prices in Egypt and Tunisia Plunge Mirror June 12, 2011
Blair Issues Arab Spring Warning to the West The Guardian June 12, 2011
Al-Qaeda Harvests the Arab Spring The Spectator June 12, 2011
Obama's Recent Speech: Much Ado About Very Little June 12, 2011
Guess What: Our Enemies Lie Jerusalem Post June 12, 2011
Interactive Map: Middle East & North Africa in Turmoil Washington Post June 10, 2011
1967 Was Not "Naksa" (Setback) - But a Monumental Defeat Sandbox June 7, 2011
Arab Spring Needs Capitalism, Not Handouts Al-Jazeera June 7, 2011
Egypt Revolution Blowing Up Newsweek June 6, 2011
Honk If You Support Saudi Women Drivers Christian Science Monitor June 6, 2011
'Arab Spring' - Proces of Change Likely To Be Protracted Fundweb June 6, 2011
Arab Spring Claims Its Third Despot The Independent June 6, 2011
A Coming Arab Winter? Hudson Institute June 5, 2011
Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World Front Page June 2, 2011
The New Egypt Real Clear Politics June 2, 2011
You Thought Arab Dictators Were Bad? Try FIFA The National June 2, 2011
Humpy Obumpty and the Arab Spring Asia Times Online June 1, 2011
Growth Vital to Arab Spring Asia Times Online June 1, 2011
The Case For An Iranian-Free Oil Zone Wall Street Journal May 31, 2011
Who Cares in the Middle East What Obama Says The Independent May 30, 2011
Yemen, Libya and Middle East Unrest The Guardian May 30, 2011
Where Fear and Blindness Dominate - Egypt on the Way to Becoming Next Iran? Jerusalem Post May 30, 2011
Whiff of Revenge Taints Arab Spring Washington Post May 29, 2011
The 'Radical Agenda' of Israel's Arab Elite Jerusalem Post May 28, 2011
Saudi Bid to Curb Iran Worries U.S. Wall Street Journal May 27, 2011
The Assads or Bust The National Interest May 27, 2011
Dim Prospects for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Council on Foreign Relations May 26, 2011
Obama, Arab Spring and Peace Process: Assessing a Pivotal Moment in U.S. ME Policy Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 26, 2011
Experts Weigh In On Obama's Middle East Flub Washington Post May 26, 2011
Obama, Israel and the Politics of Narcisscism Pajamas Media May 25, 2011
Bahrain Business Cuts Iran, Lebanon, Iraq Ties Arab News May 25, 2011
Conversion, Adultery and Savagery Strike Eypt Front Page May 25, 2011
Saudis Arrest Woman Leading Right-to-Drive Campaign New York Times May 25, 2011
The Thomas Friedman Myth: Application of Globalization Theory to Mid-east Conflict is Delusional Ynet News May 24, 2011
Israel As Middle East Hegemon Asia Times Online May 24, 2011
The Problem With Obama's Middle East Speech The New Republic May 24, 2011
Saudi Arabia, Iran and America in the Wake of the Arab Spring Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 24, 2011
Majority Leader Eric Cantor's Remarks to AIPAC Eric Cantor May 24, 2011
An Anti-Israel President Wall Street Journal May 24, 2011
What if the Arab Spring Springs a Leak? Bad Rachel May 23, 2011
A Fourth Wave or False Start? Democracy After the Arab Spring Foreign Afffairs May 23, 2011
America's Growing Syria Problem The New Yorker May 23, 2011
Egypt - A Key Test for the Arab Spring The Weekly Standard May 23, 2011
Obama Has Adopted Israel's Demands Ma'an News Agency May 22, 2011
Reaction in Arab Capitals is Muted and Mixed New York Times May 20, 2011
President Obama: The 'Winds of Change' and Middle East Peace Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 20, 2011
Can Obama Preserve the 'Arab Spring'? Foreign Policy May 19, 2011
Obama to Release Arab Economic Plan Big Pond May 19, 2011
Obama's Delicate Pivot: From Abbottabad to Arab 'Winds of Change' Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 19, 2011
Obama Facing Pressure From Allies in Advance of Thursday Speech Washington Post May 19, 2011
Rumors Flying On Obama Middle East Speeches Commentary May 16, 2011
Future Of Arab Uprisings Looking Grim Ha'aretz May 16, 2011
Nabil Elaraby Elected Next Arab League Chief Al-Jazeera May 16, 2011
Reversals Challenge Hope of Arab Spring Washington Post May 13, 2011
Will Israel Pay the Price for Obama "Reset"? Commentary May 13, 2011
Syrian Christians Worried 'Arab Spring' Could Hasten Extinction Bloomberg May 13, 2011
Whither Jihad? The Weekly Standard May 13, 2011
Obama Seeks Reset in Arab World New York Times May 13, 2011
Hezbollah Caught in Vortex of Chance Asia Times Online May 11, 2011
'Doomsday Scenario' if Syria Fails Washington Post May 11, 2011
GCC to Embark on Nuclear Plans Arab News May 9, 2011
Will Pakistan Erupt Like Egypt? Washington Post May 1, 2011
Saudi Air Force Continues Pounding Huthi Rebels Asharq Alawsat May 1, 2011
NATO Airstrike Shows Extent of Intelligence on Ground Daily Beast May 1, 2011
Gaddafi Son Seif and 3 Grandchildren Killed in NATO Airstrike Reuters May 1, 2011

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'Arab Spring' Turning Into Long, Hot Summer The Blog June 30, 2011
Jackson Diehl and Bibi: Separated at Birth? The Blog June 20, 2011
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