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Title Publication Date
Iran talks reverberate through web of Middle East alliances Los Angeles Times November 27, 2013
U.S. and Saudis in growing rift as power shifts New York Times November 27, 2013
U.S. relations with allies In free fall Brookings November 20, 2013
Israel negotiating historic alliance with Saudi Arabia over Iran's nuclear weapons International Business Times November 16, 2013
Chasm opens between U.S., closest Mideast allies, over Tehran Wall Street Journal November 10, 2013
Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan BBC November 8, 2013
Saudis infuriated, insulted by U.S. efforts at rapprochement with Iran MEMRI November 4, 2013
Saudis are direct targets of Iranian operations Huffington Post October 31, 2013
Saudi Arabia, Qatar playing dangerous game over Syrian rebels Foundation for the Defense of Democracies October 27, 2013
Rift widens on Iranian nuclear deal as Israel, Arabs warn against allowing enrichment Washington Post October 25, 2013
Iran through Saudi eyes National Review October 24, 2013
Analysis: Saudis standing up for US allies in Middle East Jerusalem Post October 24, 2013
US Mideast allies highly critical of US New York Times October 24, 2013
Obama ME credibility is melting Wall Street Journal October 24, 2013
Saudi Arabia warns of shift away from U.S. over Syria, Iran Reuters October 23, 2013
Saudis stung by Obama Iran initiative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies October 4, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times Online September 17, 2013
Arab allies of US exasperated by Western stance on Syria Jerusalem Post September 3, 2013
Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt's military coup, settling score for Mubarak ouster Debka July 4, 2013
Obama on collision course with allies on Syria NOW Lebanon May 21, 2013
Lebanese man in Saudi Arabia gets 300 lashes for helping woman to convert to Christianity Foundation for Defense of Democracies May 14, 2013
U.S. going for three-time mistake in Syria Philadelphia Enquirer December 12, 2012
In Syria, who are the Saudis and Qataris arming? Time September 19, 2012
Trouble brews in the Saudi kingdom The National Interest September 19, 2012
Saudis to Muslim Brotherhood: 'Drop Dead' PJ Media August 10, 2012
Bark: 'US has not told us of Saudi plans to intercept Israeli planes' Israel Hayom August 9, 2012
Saudi Arabia deports 35 Ethiopian Christians for praying Jerusalem Post August 6, 2012
Al-Arabiya TV director general: Iran is paper tiger MEMRI July 12, 2012
Worst-case Middle East scenarios come true Sandbox June 26, 2012
Weapons supply in Syria: who decides who gets what? Syria Comment June 26, 2012
Egypt: fasten your seatbelts! Asharq Alawsat June 25, 2012
Did Saudi ex machina save Egypt? PJ Media June 22, 2012
Succession in Saudi Arabia Council on Foreign Relations June 17, 2012
Staying on the sidelines in Syria NOW Lebanon May 31, 2012
If Iran gets nukes - Saudis vow to do as well Ha'aretz May 31, 2012
Foiled bomb plot highlights growing CIA-Saudi Arabian ties National Journal May 10, 2012
Worrisome spat between Egypt and Saudi Arabia Beirut Daily Star April 30, 2012
Saudi Arabia closes embassy in Egypt; pulls ambassador CNN April 29, 2012
Saudi sports announcer prefers slaughter by Allah than see Saudi women at Olumpics MEMRI April 24, 2012
Syria says revolt over, but army still shooting Reuters April 1, 2012
Saudis pull out of 'Friends of Syrian People' in Tunis citing 'inactivity' Al-Arabiya February 26, 2012
Israel to rival Saudi Arabia in oil production? Globes February 22, 2012
Turning Point In Bahrain Council on Foreign Relations February 12, 2012
Man killed in Saudi protest shooting Wall Street Journal February 10, 2012
Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate CNN February 6, 2012
Saudi Arabia pivots toward Asia Asia Times Online January 22, 2012
Israeli hackers fight back Ynet News January 18, 2012
Iran warns Saudis to reconsider vow to open oil taps AFP via NOW Lebanon January 17, 2012
Saudis double their F-15E fleet Strategy Page January 10, 2012
Israeli hackers turn the table on Saudis: threaten to release credit card info Ynet News January 10, 2012
Why is Obama selling arms to a theocratic dictatorship? The New Republic January 6, 2012
Iran and the Saudi Shiites Asharq Alawsat January 3, 2012
US to sell $30 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia Associated Press December 29, 2011
Saudi Arabia security meeting with Iran Washington Institute for Near East Policy December 14, 2011
Assad supporters storm Saudi, Qatar embassies November 13, 2011
Who's the next Saudi king? The Daily Beast October 23, 2011
A Saudi-Iranian cold war takes shape Daily Star (Lebanon) October 19, 2011
Iran: keeping the world's oddest couple together The American Interest October 17, 2011
Notorious Iranian commander tied to Saudi assassination plot Washington Post October 16, 2011
Did Ahmedinejad know about the Iranian terror plot on Washington? Pajamas Media October 12, 2011
Saudis blame Iranians for internal clashes Financial Times October 5, 2011
Still no Arab Spring for Saudi women Washington Times October 2, 2011
Saudi woman sentenced to 10 lashes for driving car AP via Hurriyet September 28, 2011
All the king's women Foreign Policy September 27, 2011
Saudi women win right to vote AP via Wall Street Journal September 25, 2011
Rivals: Iran vs. Saudi Arabia Carnegie Endowment for International Peace September 21, 2011
Saudi Arabia's Hypocritical UN Threat The Daily Beast September 16, 2011
Saudis Still Getting Free Pass on Terror National Review Online September 12, 2011
Saudis Threaten U.S. Relationship Over Palestinian State New York Times September 12, 2011
Saudis Want Drones to Use in Yemen September 6, 2011
Saudis Trying to Halt Arab Spring The National Interest September 2, 2011
Brezhnev in the Hejaz The National Interest August 28, 2011
Saudis Move to Take Down Syria, Iran and Hezbollah The National Interest August 16, 2011
The Saudi Reaction to Syria Today's Zaman August 15, 2011
Iran & Saudi Arabia's Wrestling Match HuffPost World August 12, 2011
Without Saudi Support Assad Doomed The Telegraph August 12, 2011
Dozens of Saudis Held in Syria Arab News August 11, 2011
My Minaret is Bigger Than Yours Asia Times Online August 11, 2011
Syrian-Saudi Ties Spiral Downward Asia Times Online August 11, 2011
Saudis Tell Syria to Stop Killing Machine Washington Institute for Near East Policy August 9, 2011
Why Saudi King's Syria Speech Matters The Guardian August 9, 2011
3 Arab Nations Recall Ambassadors to Damascus Al-Jazeera August 9, 2011
Saudis Recall Ambassador to Syria Al-Jazeera August 8, 2011
Saudi Columnist to Obama: 'Get Out!' 'Okaz' via MEMRI August 7, 2011
German Tank Sale to Saudis - and Israeli Silence Hoover Institute August 3, 2011
A Saudi Beacon for Iraq's Sunni Militias Asia Times Online July 26, 2011
Pakistan's Iran Overtures Test Saudis Faith Asia Times Online July 25, 2011
New Syria Opposition Station Funded by Saudis, Connected to Muslim Brotherhood Syria Comment July 22, 2011
Saudi Blustering and U.S.-Saudi Realities Hoover Institute July 17, 2011
Al-Qaeda Moving? A Strange Saudi Story New York Post July 15, 2011
Saudis Indict 16 in Al-Qaeda Linked Group Trend (Azerbaijan) July 13, 2011
Saudi Columnist Accuses Mash'al of Supporting Syria at Any Cost Al-Watan via MEMRI July 10, 2011
Is Yemen Trapped by Saudi/American Influence July 10, 2011
Saudi Tank Deal to Vote in German Parliament Trend (Azerbaijan) July 8, 2011
Saudis Arrest At Least 20 After Protest in Riyadh Wall Street Journal July 4, 2011
Saudi-Iran Tensions Fracturing OPEC Cartel Pajamas Media July 3, 2011
Saudi Police Arrest Women Drivers in Night Raids Gulf News June 30, 2011
Saudis Will Build Nuclear Weapons if Iran Has Them The Guardian June 30, 2011
India Gets Close to Saudi Arabia The Diplomat June 28, 2011
Saudis Telling Abdullah to Ignore Americans Los Angeles Times June 22, 2011
Saudi Women2Drive Campaign Fails Due to Few Risk Takers Arab News June 21, 2011
Furor Over Indonesian's Beheading in Saudi Arabia Al-Jazeera June 21, 2011
Monarchies Are Better and Longer Lasting Asharq Alawsat June 19, 2011
Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban New York Times June 18, 2011
New Sunni Arab Alignment Against Iran MEMRI June 17, 2011
Arab Spring Tests U.S. - Saudi Relations Financial Times June 17, 2011
Saudi Women Begin Challenge to Driving Ban Associated Press via Gulf News June 17, 2011
Saudi Arabia's Yemen Dilemma Foreign Afffairs June 16, 2011
Filling the Strategy Vacuum in the Middle East Washington Institute for Near East Policy June 15, 2011
Saudi Prince Talks Tough on American Favoritism Toward Israel Washington Post June 15, 2011
Failed Favoritism Toward Israel Washington Post June 12, 2011
The Costs of Counter-Revolution in the GCC Foreign Policy June 9, 2011
Saudi Actress Apologizes to Traffic Police for Driving Arab News June 7, 2011
Honk If You Support Saudi Women Drivers Christian Science Monitor June 6, 2011
Wounded Yemeni President in Saudi Arabia Al-Jazeera June 5, 2011
Whiff of Revenge Taints Arab Spring Washington Post May 29, 2011
Saudi Bid to Curb Iran Worries U.S. Wall Street Journal May 27, 2011
Obama, Arab Spring and Peace Process: Assessing a Pivotal Moment in U.S. ME Policy Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 26, 2011
Saudis Arrest Woman Leading Right-to-Drive Campaign New York Times May 25, 2011
Saudi Arabia, Iran and America in the Wake of the Arab Spring Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies May 24, 2011
What if the Arab Spring Springs a Leak? Bad Rachel May 23, 2011
Saudis Call Obama Speech Meaningless Drivel Arab News May 19, 2011
U.S. Quietly Expanding Defense Ties With Saudis AP via May 19, 2011
Led by Former U.S. Defense Sec'y Cohen, Large U.S. Delegation in Riyadh Seeking New Saudi Deals Arab News May 18, 2011
Pakistan Taliban Claims Killing of Saudi Diplomat Gulf News May 16, 2011
The Cost Of Egypt's Revolution The Weekly Standard May 15, 2011
GCC to Embark on Nuclear Plans Arab News May 9, 2011
Palestinian Met With bin-Laden About Attack in Israel Jerusalem Post May 3, 2011
Saudi Air Force Continues Pounding Huthi Rebels Asharq Alawsat May 1, 2011
Saudi-Iran Tensions Widening Into Sunni-Shiite Cold War World Politics Review April 29, 2011

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
'Flame' virus attacks Iran, other computers The Blog May 29, 2012
ALERT: Iran behind alleged terrorist plot, U.S. says The Blog October 12, 2011
Under Every Middle East Rock: An Iranian The Blog July 7, 2011
'Arab Spring' Turning Into Long, Hot Summer The Blog June 30, 2011
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