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Title Publication Date
Suez Canal targeted as war in Sinai spreads The Telegraph November 20, 2013
Egypt to expand Russia cooperation after fall out with US AFP, Ynet News November 10, 2013
Prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader seized in Egypt New York Times November 1, 2013
Will Sisi be the next president of Egypt? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs October 29, 2013
Hamas, circa 2013, is in a lot of trouble Times of Israel October 29, 2013
US Mideast allies highly critical of US New York Times October 24, 2013
Egypt 'looking to Russia' for arms after US aid freeze Times of Israel October 20, 2013
Angering everyone in Egypt Wall Street Journal October 10, 2013
Israel dismayed at cutback of U.S. aid to Egypt New York Times October 10, 2013
U.S. suspends significant military aid to Egypt CNN October 10, 2013
Egypt drafts plans to launch strikes on Gaza terror targets Times of Israel October 3, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood official, former Clinton Foundation employee arrested Washington Free Beacon September 20, 2013
Egypt shutting economic lifeline for Gaza Strip, in move to isolate Hamas Washington Post September 9, 2013
Obama's successful foreign failure Wall Street Journal September 9, 2013
El-Sissi's army goes to war in the Sinai The Times of Israel September 3, 2013
Egypt army pummels Sinai militants, killing dozens AP via The Times of israel September 3, 2013
Hamas slams Egyptian plan to create buffer zone with Gaza Jerusalem Post September 3, 2013
Obama on Egypt: the clueless presidency Commentary August 20, 2013
The world learns to manage without the US PJ Media August 20, 2013
Egypt losing the Nile Le Monde Diplomatique August 20, 2013
Islamic militants execute 25 Egyptian policemen in Sinai Peninsula CBS News August 20, 2013
A policy on Egypt—support Al Sisi Wall Street Journal August 20, 2013
Cairo is burning. Where is Obama? PJ Media August 20, 2013
Egyptian authorities arrest Muslim Brotherhood leader Reuters August 20, 2013
Erdogan: Turkey has evidence that Israel behind Egypt coup Hurriyet August 20, 2013
Street battles in Cairo, and the Israeli connection Ynet News August 16, 2013
Egyptian protesters turn fury on Coptic Christians ABC News August 16, 2013
Obama's dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria on display Washington Post August 16, 2013
Is Obama turning into Woodrow Wilson? Israel Hayom August 16, 2013
Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer in Washington PJ Media August 5, 2013
Egypt nixes Erdogan visit to Gaza Strip The Times of Israel August 5, 2013
Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt's military coup, settling score for Mubarak ouster Debka July 4, 2013
Morsi's ouster and American incoherence The Times of Israel July 4, 2013
Witnessing a coup in Egypt Wall Street Journal July 4, 2013
Egyptian nightmare for Erdogan Asia Times Online July 4, 2013
Test of Israel-Egypt relations boils down to Sinai Israel Hayom July 4, 2013
Egypt sex attacks reach horrific levels Sky News July 4, 2013
Obama offers revisionist history of his approach to Egypt The Daily Beast July 4, 2013
Obama doubles down on Egypt folly Commentary July 4, 2013
Egypt falls back on the military PJ Media July 4, 2013
Little-known judge named interim president of Egypt Washington Post July 4, 2013
Banned cleric's outspoken deputy visits White House The Investigative Project on Terrorism June 26, 2013
Egypt steps up Gaza tunnel crackdown Reuters June 26, 2013
Dangerous days for Egypt's Morsi Los Angeles Times June 26, 2013
Egypt cuts ties with Syria, backs no-fly zone via Reuters June 16, 2013
Is Egypt heading toward a military regime? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs May 22, 2013
Spectre of bankruptcy haunts Egypt Al-Arabiya May 12, 2013
Egypt's growing black market a sign of economic woes Washington Post April 25, 2013
When hunger came to Egypt Asia Times Online April 18, 2013
The man responsible for starving Egyptian families PJ Media April 18, 2013
Druze patriarch and Morsi fall out over attacks in Egypt Al-Monitor April 13, 2013
A view from Cairo: Egypt Is too big to save Washington Institute April 13, 2013
State Department blasts Egypt for issuing arrest warrant against Jon Stewart The Tower April 5, 2013
Potential Egyptian economic collapse on Israel's doorstep The Times of Israel March 31, 2013
Could violence in Egypt spin out of control? Al-Monitor March 27, 2013
Egypt's opposition protesters clash with Islamists BBC News March 24, 2013
Cairo undone? Obama says 'Israel is historic homeland of the Jewish people' Israel Hayom March 21, 2013
Qatar cuts Egypt loose as financial picture darkens The American Interest March 14, 2013
Hamas's disappointment with Morsi The Daily Beast March 12, 2013
Analysis: Egypt soccer sentence riots show a country out of control NBC News March 11, 2013
Port Said court ruling sets Egypt aflame The Times of Israel March 10, 2013
Egypt raises alert level in Sinai over jihadist fears Reuters March 10, 2013
State Department halts award for Egyptian accused of anti-Semitic remarks Washington Times March 10, 2013
Cairo court: Egypt-Gaza tunnels must be destroyed Reuters February 27, 2013
Dollars start running out for Egypt's currency bureaus Reuters February 20, 2013
Israel proposing alternative to Suez Canal Albawaba February 18, 2013
Egypt forces say 225 Gaza tunnels found under border Ma'an News February 18, 2013
Fertility, faith and the decline of Islam: strategic implications PJ Media February 12, 2013
Egypt flooding Gaza smuggling tunnels The Times of Israel February 12, 2013
Egypt government tells its people: eatless PJ Media February 11, 2013
Egypt's economic woes Council on Foreign Relations February 11, 2013
Opposition in Egypt urges unity government New York Times January 31, 2013
How the West was duped by the Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Policy January 30, 2013
Egypt's rulers in peril with growing violence Washington Times January 30, 2013
Morsi aide: Holocaust was US intelligence hoax Israel Hayom January 30, 2013
Dark days: Egypt's revolution The Economist January 29, 2013
Is Egypt facing another revolution? Jerusalem Post January 29, 2013
Chaos and lawlessness in Egypt after days of unrest in Egypt New York Times January 29, 2013
Egypt's Morsi declares state of emergency Washington Post January 28, 2013
Clashes continue in fourth day of violence in Egypt Jerusalem Post January 27, 2013
The IMF and Qatar takeover of Egypt NOW Lebanon January 24, 2013
Morsi implies Jews control American media Foreign Policy January 24, 2013
Denial is still a river in Egypt Asia Times Online January 23, 2013
Insulting the president and converting to Christianity a crime in Egypt Council on Foreign Relations January 23, 2013
U.S. criticizes Egypt's leader for Antisemitic remarks New York Times January 17, 2013
Egypt's Christians worried by Islamists' rise Washington Post January 11, 2013
Egyptian official says Gaza tunnels flooded, collapsed Ma'an News Agency January 11, 2013
Press freedom in Egypt: back to the bad old days Council on Foreign Relations January 3, 2013
Israel completes almost all of Egyptian border fence Los Angeles Times January 3, 2013
Egypt's envoy to Lebanon: Cairo will work with Hezbollah The Times of Israel December 30, 2012
Gaza's tunnels rebound from Israeli offensive Associated Press December 12, 2012
Hamas and Egypt Council on Foreign Relations November 20, 2012
Morsi in a bind Foundation for Defense of Democracies November 20, 2012
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Sever ties with Israel Jerusalem Post November 15, 2012
New riots in Tahrir Square NOW Lebanon October 14, 2012
Morsi's new challenge The Times of Israel October 14, 2012
Wealthy Syrian businessmen fleeing with their money to Egypt, Gulf Global Arab Network October 10, 2012
Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East Chicago Sun-Times October 10, 2012
West should be wary of playing Turkey's game in Syria The Telegraph October 5, 2012
FEATURED: Egypt economic meltdown update PJ Media October 5, 2012
Collapse of the Cairo Doctine National Review Online September 24, 2012
U.S. aid to Egypt stalled Washington Post September 21, 2012
Peace deal with Egypt is empty, says Israel ambassador to Cairo The Times of Israel September 14, 2012
What happened in Cairo The Weekly Standard September 14, 2012
Fate sealed for Egypt's Jews Tablet September 13, 2012
Several questions on Cairo and Benghazi National Review September 13, 2012
Cairo, Benghazi and Obama foreign policy Wall Street Journal September 13, 2012
Muhammad-film consultant: 'Sam Bacile' is not Israeli, and not a real name The Atlantic September 13, 2012
California man confirms role in anti-Islam film Associated Press September 13, 2012
Egypt's economic struggle New York Times September 6, 2012
Egypt and U.S. near deal on debt relief Washington Post September 5, 2012
Egyptian forces in Sinai kill 11 terrorists, arrest 23 The Times of Israel August 29, 2012
Egypt's garbage crisis Washington Post August 28, 2012
Israel asks Egypt to remove tanks from Sinai New York Times August 22, 2012
Panetta trying to secure Sinai with intel aid CNN August 22, 2012
What's Egypt's president is up to The Weekly Standard August 16, 2012
Egypt deployed troops in Sinai without Israel's prior approval Ha'aretz August 16, 2012
Egypt's Morsi replaces military chiefs in bid to consolidate power Washington Post August 13, 2012
Morsi dismisses heads of Egyptian military Israel Hayom August 13, 2012
There goes Egypt PJ Media August 13, 2012
Lords of chaos rule the Middle East Gatestone Institute August 13, 2012
Saudis to Muslim Brotherhood: 'Drop Dead' PJ Media August 10, 2012
The short-lived Egypt-Hamas honeymoon Jerusalem Post August 8, 2012
Sinai attack tests new Egyptian president's relationship with Israel New York Times August 7, 2012
Hamas' Haniyeh joins Muslim Brotherhood in accusing Israel of orchestrating Sinai attack Ynet News August 7, 2012
After terror attack, Egyptian president vows to retake Sinai The Times of Israel August 6, 2012
Barak: Attack on Israel-Sinai border is 'wake-up call' for Egypt government Ha'aretz August 6, 2012
15 Egyptian soldiers killed in attack on army checkpoint CNN August 6, 2012
Islamists sidelined in new Egypt cabinet The Telegraph August 5, 2012
Egypt denies Morsi sent letter to Peres Ha'aretz August 3, 2012
Egypt's brilliant, manipulative Muslim Brotherhood Wall Street Journal July 31, 2012
What would Egypr's Mursi have to do to get disinvited by Obama - eat babies? PJ Media July 29, 2012
FEATURED: Egyptian actors pranked on Candid Camera turn violent when told TV channel Is Israeli MEMRI July 24, 2012
IDF bus with soldiers comes under fire near Eilat YnetNews July 22, 2012
More than 10 Sinai terrorist networks destroyed recently Israel Hayom July 18, 2012
Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with tomatoes amid cries of "Monica" Reuters July 16, 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood owns Egypt Commentary July 10, 2012
Morsi convenes Egypt's parliament in defiance of court and military Washington Post July 10, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader calls for Jihad on Israel Jihad Watch July 10, 2012
Not clear who's in charge in Egypt Los Angeles Times July 10, 2012
Grad rockets smuggled from Libya to Egypt AFP via Defense News July 2, 2012
No more illusions about Egypt after Mubarak The Globe and Mail June 28, 2012
Egypt's Tantawi to remain defense minister Reuters June 28, 2012
Morsi Is Israel's Nightmare Al-Monitor June 27, 2012
Israeli official: Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel Ha'aretz June 27, 2012
Israel must redefine casus belli parameters for Egypt Israel Hayom June 27, 2012
Who lost Egypt? Council on Foreign Relations June 26, 2012
Barak warns Egypt on terror from Sinai Jerusalem Post June 26, 2012
Worst-case Middle East scenarios come true Sandbox June 26, 2012
It does not remain to be seen Israel Hayom June 26, 2012
IDF to deploy radar systems along Egyptian border Jerusalem Post June 26, 2012
Egypt: fasten your seatbelts! Asharq Alawsat June 25, 2012
Egypt another 'Gaza' with Obama administration backing PJ Media June 25, 2012
Egypt's President-elect Morsi reaches out to Iran Israel Hayom June 25, 2012
Khairat Al Shater: the Brother who would run Egypt Wall Street Journal June 23, 2012
Anti-military crowds mass in Cairo's Tahrir Al-Jazeera June 23, 2012
Did Saudi ex machina save Egypt? PJ Media June 22, 2012
Member of Egyptian terror group goes to Washington The Daily Beast June 22, 2012
A looming power struggle in Egypt NOW Lebanon June 19, 2012
Civil war looming in Egypt? PJ Media June 17, 2012
Israel: Hamas ordered Grad attack at behest of Muslim Brotherhood Ha'aretz June 17, 2012
Is Egypt the new Algeria Commentary June 15, 2012
Egypt's shocking legal judgments Washington Institute June 15, 2012
The Salafi question: Egypt's constitutional moment Boston Review June 12, 2012
Egyptian women decry abuse by soldiers Washington Post June 8, 2012
Same old, same old in Egypt Foreign Affairs June 6, 2012
Mideast analysts, mea culpa time NOW Lebanon June 6, 2012
Egypt candidate warns of return to dark ages AP via CBC News June 5, 2012
Fate of Egypt and Syria is anyone's guess The Independent June 4, 2012
Thousands protest Mubarak life sentence in Cairo The Times of Israel June 3, 2012
Egypt now stuck between army and Islamists Stratfor Global Intelligence May 29, 2012
Egyptians go to the polls Israel Hayom May 23, 2012
Copts to shun Islamists in Egypt's presidential vote Reuters May 16, 2012
US committee moves to control Egypt, PA money Jerusalem Post May 14, 2012
IDF calls up 6 battalions to meet growing Egypt, Syria threat The Times of Israel May 3, 2012
Security fence on Egyptian border breached Ynet News May 2, 2012
Worrisome spat between Egypt and Saudi Arabia Beirut Daily Star April 30, 2012
Saudi Arabia closes embassy in Egypt; pulls ambassador CNN April 29, 2012
Egypt: pity the winner The Weekly Standard April 24, 2012
Letter from Alexandria: 'Radicals Rising' The New Yorker April 23, 2012
Nixed gas deal with Egypt 'not political decision' Ynet News April 23, 2012
Crisis of confidence in Egypt The Weekly Standard April 19, 2012
Egypt army few and far between in Sinai Ha'aretz April 12, 2012
Israel's Egypt conundrum The American Spectator April 11, 2012
New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline serving Jordan, Israel Reuters April 9, 2012
Egypt launches operation to gain control of Sinai Jerusalem Post April 8, 2012
Coptic pilgrims visit Jerusalem for first time Egypt Independent April 6, 2012
Freedom suffers a blow in Egypt Council on Foreign Relations April 6, 2012
Israel presents new deterrence policy Ynet News April 6, 2012
Sinai is becoming a terrorist launching pad Israel Hayom April 5, 2012
Obama's State Department fails Egypt's revolution The New Republic April 4, 2012
New worries for Muslim Brotherhood New York Times April 3, 2012
Egyptian Copts abandon constitution talks Reuters April 2, 2012
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood chooses presidential candidate Los Angeles Times April 2, 2012
Amr Moussa: Egypt is committed to peace with Israel, but… The Times of Israel March 27, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood challenges military in Egypt Washington Post March 26, 2012
Hamas group to Cairo to discuss IDF strikes Jerusalem Post March 11, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker: Arab Spring headed to Iran Ha'aretz February 29, 2012
Hamas reaches deal with Egypt on electricity for Gaza NOW Lebanon February 23, 2012
The Baha'i in Egypt and Egypt's future Council on Foreign Relations February 21, 2012
Energy crisis in Gaza deepens Ynet News February 19, 2012
Conspiracy theories in Cairo Council on Foreign Relations February 15, 2012
Hamas after Syria: can't find a new home Asharq Alawsat February 14, 2012
Obama set to approve Egypt, PA aid despite tensions Jerusalem Post February 14, 2012
'Egypt seizes Gaza-bound anti-aircraft missiles' Jerusalem Post February 12, 2012
Egyptian decision to prosecute Americans may lead to aid cut-off Washington Post February 6, 2012
Three die in post-riot Egypt clashes Wall Street Journal February 3, 2012
Anger flares in Egypt after 79 die in soccer riot CNN February 2, 2012
Beltway lobbyists drop Egypt as client Politico January 29, 2012
Hamas in deep trouble Ynet News January 27, 2012
Iran 'supremely irrelevant' to Arab Spring Foreign Policy January 26, 2012
Happy birthday to Egypr's doomed revolution The New Republic January 25, 2012
Rallies in Egypt emphasize secular-Islamist divide Wall Street Journal January 25, 2012
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood cautious on economic matters Washington Post January 24, 2012
Millions of Egyptians likely to die of hunger Asia Times Online January 23, 2012
Egypt's Islamists Take Over an Uncertain Parliament Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 22, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood wins nearly half the seats in the Egyptian parliament AFP via Al-Arabiya January 22, 2012
Why the media must always blame Israel PJ Media January 19, 2012
Egypt's parliament to be led by Islamist Washington Post January 17, 2012
Sinai: a new front Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 16, 2012
ElBaradei pulls out of Egyptian race Arab News January 15, 2012
Ominous sign for Egypt: Carter's optimistic Commentary January 15, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's radical plan for Egypt Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 12, 2012
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood hails ties with US Agence France Presse January 12, 2012
Egypt goes back to the IMF for loan Wall Street Journal January 11, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood says it will not honor peace treaty with Israel Israel Hayom January 10, 2012
Egypt Islamists claim 62% in latest poll Agence France Presse January 8, 2012
Israel to set up 'virtual fence' in Red Sea Jerusalem Post January 6, 2012
Egypt rejects Bedouin pipeline demands Globes January 5, 2012
Overtures to Egypt's Islamists reverses longtime U.S. policy New York Times January 4, 2012
Egypt's sinking economy belongs to the Islamists now CNN December 28, 2011
The naive dance in Tahrir Aquare PJ Media December 28, 2011
Egypt Islamists get 70% of seats in parliament AP via Arab News December 25, 2011
Was Arab Spring a victory for extremism? Bloomberg December 25, 2011
Egypt flying apart at the seams New York Times December 25, 2011
Israel electricity prices to rise 30% after attacks on gas lines The Marker December 25, 2011
Welcome to Cairostan - Salafis burn down prestigious Egyptian institute Ynet News December 23, 2011
The Frankenstein of Tahrir Square Foreign Policy December 20, 2011
Egypt's Salafi party calls to respect peace accord with Israel Albawaba December 20, 2011
Egyptian military escalates force against protesters Washington Post December 18, 2011
The three-headed Sphinx Israel Hayom December 18, 2011
Kristof's funny ideas about the Muslim Brotherhood The New Republic December 14, 2011
Egypt's Copts worried about Islamist's election success Los Angeles Times December 12, 2011
IDF thwarts attack from Sinai Jerusalem Post December 8, 2011
Israel on the Islamic surge in Egypt: 'told you so' TIME December 6, 2011
Egypt's young Facebook revolutionaries fail to inspire voters Los Angeles Times December 5, 2011
Two-thirds of Arab world's largest nation votes for Sharia National Review Online December 4, 2011
Egyptian election outcome even worse than expected PJ Media December 4, 2011
Egypt's new uncontrolled kleptocracy PJ Media December 4, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood and radical Salafists appear to have won 1st round of Egyptian elections AP via Ha'aretz December 2, 2011
Egypt's Christians try to stem Islamists in vote Associated Press December 1, 2011
Islamists claim Egypt's mandate in early voting New York Times December 1, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's 'Kill the Jews' election platform Front Page November 30, 2011
Virulent Antisemitism in the Arab Spring Bloomberg November 30, 2011
Are Egyptians voting for democracy? Washington Post November 30, 2011
O sends the wrong signal on Egypt New York Post November 29, 2011
Israel warns U.S. not to weaken Egypt's General Tantawi Ma'ariv November 28, 2011
Egyptians take to the polls with muted excitement Washington Post November 28, 2011
Egypt gasline to Jordan, Israel blown up - again Reuters November 28, 2011
Analysis: Muslim Brothers victory all but assured Jerusalem Post November 28, 2011
Looting the Egyptian currency: democracy in action PJ Media November 27, 2011
Copts: behind you the Junta; in front of you the Islamists PJ Media November 27, 2011
New Egyptian prime minister appointed as protests grow Washington Post November 25, 2011
The Islamic Republic of Egypt Israel Hayom November 25, 2011
PA and Hamas leaders meet in Cairo Jerusalem Post November 25, 2011
Unrest in Egypt, alarm in Israel National Post November 25, 2011
Egypt's 2nd revolution: it's not springtime anymore Israel Hayom November 24, 2011
Death toll in Egypt climbs to 37 Reuters November 23, 2011
33 dead as clashes rock Cairo for third day November 21, 2011
Israel's Sinai Fence Council on Foreign Relations November 21, 2011
Clashes in Egypt prompt worry about elections Washington Post November 21, 2011
Hundreds reported injured in Egypt clashes AP via Foxnews November 20, 2011
U.S. warns Egyptian military as transition stalls New York Times November 17, 2011
Al-Qaeda returns to Egypt under Iranian cover Asharq Alawsat November 13, 2011
Blasts hit Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan Reuters November 10, 2011
Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent Ynet News November 9, 2011
Israel completes 65km of Sinai security fence Jerusalem Post November 9, 2011
Egypt media must go under its own revolution The Guardian November 6, 2011
Islamic Jihad is becoming a threat to Hamas Jerusalem Post October 31, 2011
Egypt saves face in prisoner swap Christian Science Monitor October 28, 2011
ALERT: Grapel is freed in prisoner exchange Jewish Telegraphic Agency October 27, 2011
Why Egypt captured Ilan Grapel Tablet October 27, 2011
Israel approves Grapel swap deal with Egypt Ha'aretz October 25, 2011
'My role in the Schalit deal' Jerusalem Post October 19, 2011
Identify now, struggle later Israel Hayom October 18, 2011
Hamas and Israel exchange prisoners Al-Jazeera October 18, 2011
Hamas frees Israeli soldier as prisoner swap begins New York Times October 18, 2011
Gilad Schalit reunited with family Washington Post October 18, 2011
Behind the scenes of the Schalit deal Ynet News October 14, 2011
After Schalit, Grapel also to be released? Israel Hayom October 14, 2011
Smuggled Libyan weapons flood Egypt, Sinai Washington Post October 13, 2011
Islam's war on the cross The Telegraph October 12, 2011
Is Iraq the model for the Mideast after all? Washington Post October 11, 2011
Egyptian Christians mourn protesters killed in Cairo battles October 11, 2011
Brutal killings in crackdown on Christians in Cairo ABC News October 10, 2011
Egypt forces clash with Copt protesters, 24 dead StarAfrica October 10, 2011
Egypt foreign currency reserves gone in 6 months? October 9, 2011
Christians fleeing Middle East Pajamas Media October 9, 2011
Gulf allies don't trust U.S. after Egypt The Daily Beast October 6, 2011
Egypt to markedly raise gas prices in new deal with Israel Reuters via Jerusalem Post October 4, 2011
Will Islamists take over North Africa? Der Spiegel September 28, 2011
Israel raises alarm over Sinai-Gaza cooperation The Daily Star (Lebanon) September 28, 2011
Egypt gas line to Israel, Jordan blown again Reuters September 27, 2011
Tens of thousands of Copts leaving Egypt Al-Masry Al-Youm September 26, 2011
Turkish foreign policy at dead end Asia Times Online September 25, 2011
Palestinians Routed at UN? Ynet News September 22, 2011
Obama's Middle East is in Tatters The New Republic September 21, 2011
Turkey's Alliances Falling Apart Jerusalem Post September 18, 2011
Egypt, Ethiopia to Review Impact of Mega Dam Reuters September 17, 2011
Erdogan Angers Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Turkish Forum September 17, 2011
After Israeli Embassy Attack, Egypt Military Asserts Wider Powers Washington Post September 17, 2011
Israel Summons Egypt Ambassador Over Peace Treaty Remarks Ha'aretz September 16, 2011
Al-Qaeda Firming Up Foothold in Sinai Reuters September 16, 2011
Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Speaks About Embassy Evacuation Tablet September 16, 2011
Egypt PM: Peace Deal with Israel Not Sacred Reuters via Jerusalem Post September 16, 2011
Egypt Anti-Israel Sentiment Has Nothing to do with Palestine The New Republic September 16, 2011
Erdgoan Hailed as New Champion for Arabs Reuters September 16, 2011
Obama, Cairo and the Jews Commentary September 15, 2011
Dire Situation in Egypt Washington Institute for Near East Policy September 15, 2011
Egypt Crisis Fortifies U.S., Israel Ties Politico September 14, 2011
Erdogan Encounters Egypt Resistance to Becoming Regional Power Media Line September 14, 2011
Egypt Islamists Warn Erdogan Not to Seek ME Dominance Reuters via Ha'aretz September 14, 2011
Israel's Hostile Neighborhood Washington Post September 13, 2011
Setting Egypt on Fire Asharq Alawsat September 13, 2011
Erdogan Gets Warm Welcome in Cairo Wall Street Journal September 13, 2011
Land for Peace Approach in Trouble Jewish Ideas Daily September 13, 2011
Egypt's Oldest Scapegoat New York Post September 13, 2011
Egypt's Botched Revolution Pajamas Media September 13, 2011
Deep Sense of Siege in Israel Washington Post September 12, 2011
Anti-Israel Riots Test for New Egypt Leadership Ynet News September 12, 2011
Shameful Day for Egypt Jerusalem Post September 11, 2011
Arab Spring Shows True Face in Egypt Ha'aretz September 11, 2011
Israeli Guards at Cairo Embassy Fired Shots in the Air Jerusalem Post September 11, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Diplomats Evacuate from Egypt After Cairo Embassy Attack Middle East Clarity Reports September 10, 2011
Israel Deploys Drones Over Egyptian Border News 24 September 9, 2011
Turkey to Sign Military Pact with Egypt Ha'aretz September 7, 2011
Mubarak Returns to Court Amid Clashes New York Times September 5, 2011
Turkey to Sign Strategic Alliance with Egypt Ynet News September 5, 2011
Egypt Edging Near Recession The National September 4, 2011
Egypt Begins Operation to Close Gaza Smuggling Tunnels AP via Ha'aretz September 4, 2011
Egypt Closing Gaza Smuggling Tunnels HuffPost World September 4, 2011
New Egypt Troop Presence in Sinai a Gamble for Israel Los Angeles Times September 1, 2011
High of 2000 Illegal Infiltrators Crossed Egypt-Israel Border Last Month Ha'aretz September 1, 2011
Brother of Sadat Assassin Arrested in Egypt After Being Kicked out of Iran August 30, 2011
Military Wins Over Mosque in Egypt The National Interest August 30, 2011
Israel Allows 1500 Egyptian Troops Into Sinai Ynet News August 29, 2011
Washington Pressures Egypt to Release Alleged Israeli Spy AlMasry AlYoum August 29, 2011
With Mideast in Turmoil, Israel Debates Strategy New York Times August 28, 2011
Egypt Not Too Busy for Anti-Semitism Ha'aretz August 28, 2011
Soldier Killed By Friendly Fire in Eilat Terror Attack Israel Hayom August 28, 2011
Cairo 'Million Man March' Attracts Only Hundreds Ha'aretz August 28, 2011
'Israel Nixed Haniyeh Assassination at Egypt's Request' Jerusalem Post August 28, 2011
MEC Top Ten of the Week Middle East Clarity August 26, 2011
Al-Qaeda in Sinai a Threat to Both Israel and Egypt Israel Hayom August 26, 2011
Israel to OK Thousands of Egyptian Troops for Sinai Reuters Africa August 26, 2011
Israel Demands from Cairo to Fly Israeli Flags at Diplomatic Buildings Israel Hayom August 25, 2011
Israel Bolsters Defense Along Egyptian Border Jerusalem Post August 24, 2011
Egypt Planning to Destroy Gaza Smuggling Tunnels Jerusalem Post August 24, 2011
Egyptian Islamists in Iran Returning Home Asharq Alawat August 23, 2011
Egypt Acts to Assert Grip on Sinai Reuters via Ynet News August 23, 2011
US Aid to Egypt Conditional on Peace with Israel Jerusalem Post August 23, 2011
Al-Qaeda's New Sinai Front The Daily Beast August 22, 2011
Cairo Tries to Broker Truce as Israel Holds Back The Independent August 22, 2011
Israel Sends Its Regrets; Where are Egypt's? Commentary August 21, 2011
Gaza Rocket Attacks Continue The Independent August 21, 2011
Arab League Blasts Israel for Egyptian Deaths Al-Jazeera August 21, 2011
Egypt Exposed in All Its Weakness Israel Hayom August 21, 2011
Egypt Plays the Blame Game Jerusalem Post August 21, 2011
Egypt: Barak Apology for Solders Deaths Not Enough Jerusalem Post August 21, 2011
Vacuum in Sinai Ha'aretz August 19, 2011
Vacuum in Sinai Ha'aretz August 19, 2011
Why Egypt Plays the Terror Card Commentary August 19, 2011
Israel Pays Price for Tahrir Square Israel Hayom August 19, 2011
Egyptians Say Eilat Attack Not from Egypt Territory Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
Timeline of Eilat Triple Terror Attack Jerusalem Post August 18, 2011
As Mubarak Falls, Terror Rises in Sinai Ha'aretz August 18, 2011
Sinai: A Terror Hotbed Ynet News August 18, 2011
U.S. Concerned By Persecution of Egyptian Activists August 18, 2011
Do the Egyptians Trust the Muslim Brotherhood? Asharq Alawsat August 16, 2011
Judge Adjourns Mubarak Trial, Stops TV Broadcasts August 15, 2011
Egypt: Who Calls the Shots?' New York Review of Books August 15, 2011
Israel Willing to Pay Price to Free Schalit Jerusalem Post August 15, 2011
The New, Potentially Explosive Sinai Jewish Ideas Daily August 15, 2011
Anti-Islamist Protest in Egypt Fizzles AlMasry AlYoum August 14, 2011
Egypt Security Forces Flood Into Sinai Washington Post August 14, 2011
Islamist Militant Group Resurgent in Egypt CNN August 11, 2011
Salafist Upsurge May Give Mubarak Last Laugh Daily Star August 9, 2011
Top Egyptian Sunni Cleric: End Syria's Tragedy Ynet News August 9, 2011
Iranian Delegation Visits Egypt DPA via Ha'aretz August 8, 2011
Egypt: Islamists Hijacking the Revolution Asharq Alawsat August 8, 2011
Tahrir Republic to 'Try' Mubarak Arab Times August 4, 2011
Mubarak Trial Transfixes Arab World Real Clear World August 3, 2011
The Unthinkable: Mubarak on Trial New York Times August 3, 2011
Egypt Turns Against Liberal Protesters Wall Street Journal August 3, 2011
Are We Looking at Egyptistan? Asharq Alawsat July 31, 2011
Gaza Residents Prevented from Entering Egypt Agence France Presse July 31, 2011
Cairo Losing Control of Sinai, Egyptian Officials Warn Israel Hayom July 31, 2011
Israel Will Give Up on Egyptian Gas Jerusalem Post July 31, 2011
Islamists Lead Tens of Thousands at Cairo 'Unity' Rally Al Arabiya July 31, 2011
Egyptians Fear Their Revolution Forgotten The Australian July 31, 2011
Military Stokes Xenophonia in Egypt Washington Post July 31, 2011
Egypt Poll Portends Trouble for West The Daily Beast July 27, 2011
Egypt Loses Billions as Tourists Stay Away Miami Herald July 25, 2011
Egypt Clashes Increase Tensions with Military Financial Times July 25, 2011
Egypt's Revolution at 6 Months: 'We Can't Go Back' CNN July 25, 2011
Violent Clashes Erupt in Cairo Al-Jazeera July 24, 2011
Bloody Clashes in Egypt Despite Democracy Pledge NOW Lebanon July 24, 2011
Egypt: Turkey's Secularism or Pakistan's Radicalism? Asharq Alawsat July 21, 2011
U.S. Lawmaker Opposes Further Tank Sales to Egypt Defense News July 21, 2011
Egypt Refuses International Election Monitors Fox July 21, 2011
Will Egypt's Millitary Hijack Its Revolution? Time July 20, 2011
Egypt's Military Holds on to Power National Review Online July 18, 2011
Why Food Prices Were Crucial in Arab Spring The Guardian July 18, 2011
Israel Paid More than Triple for Gas Under Mubarak Globes July 17, 2011
Egyptian Gas Not Expected to Return Soon Jerusalem Post July 17, 2011
Egypt Seizes Cement Bound for Gaza Ma'an News Agency July 17, 2011
Why are They Clinging to Assad? Asharq Alawsat July 14, 2011
Tent City Blooms in Tahrir CNN July 14, 2011
Egypt Protesters Call for an End to Army Rule Al-Jazeera July 13, 2011
Tahrir Square Sit-in Protesters Attacked Al-Jazeera July 12, 2011
Egypt Gas Pipeline Blown Up Again Reuters via Ha'aretz July 12, 2011
When Will Egypt Go Broke? Asia Times Online July 11, 2011
Egypt Gas Disruptions Lead Jordan to Consider Iran Alternative MENA and Ahram Online July 11, 2011
Stop Obama's Egypt Tank Sale Commentary July 10, 2011
Despite PM Promises, Egypt Protesters Stay in Tahrir Square Agence France Presse July 10, 2011
Egypt PM Suspends Police Accused of Killing Protesters July 10, 2011
Thousands Fill Egypt's Tahrir Square Al-Jazeera July 8, 2011
Mass Protest Planned for Today in Egypt July 8, 2011
Turkey Reaching Out to New Middle East Hurriyet July 6, 2011
The Egyptian Citizen Won't Stay Silent The Daily Star July 6, 2011
Egypt Reaching Out to South Sudan Before Secession Reuters via Arab News July 6, 2011
Egypt Clashes After Police Released on Bail AP via the Guardian July 5, 2011
Saboteurs Again Blow Up Egypt Gas Line to Israel Ha'aretz July 4, 2011
U.S. Fumbling in the Dark on Egypt Washington Institute for Near East Policy July 3, 2011
Activists Caught in Egypt's Secretive Military Justice System Los Angeles Times July 3, 2011
Egypt's Pro-Democracy Activists Feel Grip Slipping Los Angeles Times July 1, 2011
U.S. to Resume Limited Contacts With Muslim Brotherhood Reuters July 1, 2011
Fighting Again in Tahrir June 29, 2011
Ethiopian Dams a Threat to Egypt Huffington Post June 29, 2011
Egypt Should Now Be Responsible for Gaza Ha'aretz June 29, 2011
Squalor, Fear and Desperation for Egypt Tent City Residents AlMasry AlYoum June 29, 2011
Egypt Protesters Clash With Police Al-Jazeera June 29, 2011
Israel, Egypt Agree Flotilla Can Unload Cargo in El-Arish Jerusalem Post June 27, 2011
Egypt to Boycott Shakira Over Israeli Visit? Ynet News June 26, 2011
4 African Infiltrators Killed by Egypt Near Israeli Border Agence France Presse via Ynet News June 26, 2011
Egypt Opening of Gaza Border at Rafah a Sham The Daily Beast June 26, 2011
Egyptians Shooting African Refugees in Sinai Jerusalem Post June 26, 2011
Egypt Activists Threaten to Retake Tahrir Square to Stop Islamists Winning Power The Guardian June 24, 2011
Egypt's Unsung Heroes Languishing in Hospitals Los Angeles Times June 24, 2011
Egypt Sentences 2 for Life For Spying for Israel Reuters via Jerusalem Post June 23, 2011
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Expels Presidential Hopeful Reuters June 22, 2011
Egyptian Army's Mask Has Slipped The Guardian June 22, 2011
Quiet Cheers For a Delay In Egyptian Elections Washington Post June 21, 2011
Hamas Denies New European Proposal in Shalit Deal Ahlul Bayt News Agency June 20, 2011
Why the Muslim Brothers Will Brook No Dissent June 20, 2011
Egypt PM Prefers Delay in Parliamentary Vote June 19, 2011
Gaza-bound Aid Ship Anchors at Egyptian Port AlMasry AlYoum June 19, 2011
Striking Back at Egyptian Workers Middle East Research and Information Project June 19, 2011
Egypt: Shalit Will Disappear Unless Israel Compromises With Hamas Ha'aretz June 19, 2011
Islamic Group Seeks Place in Democratic Egypt Arab News June 19, 2011
Iran, A Model For Egypt? June 17, 2011
Accused 'Mossad Spy' Could Face Charges in 1 Week Jerusalem Post June 17, 2011
Leading Egyptian Political Party Wants to Cancel Peace Treaty With Israel Ha'aretz June 16, 2011
Grapel Denies Spy Charges to Egyptian Investigators Jerusalem Post June 15, 2011
Egypt Finds 3 New Gaza Border Tunnels AlMasry AlYoum June 15, 2011
High Cost of Stability in Egypt Washington Times June 15, 2011
Analysis: Making Israel the Source of All Trouble, Again Jerusalem Post June 15, 2011
Israel Denies Arrest of 'Mossad Spy' in Egypt BBC News June 14, 2011
Gazans Treated Like Animals at Egyptian Border Crossing Palestine Chronicle June 14, 2011
Minority Cloud Looms Over Arab Summer Asia Times Online June 14, 2011
Hope Endures for Egypt's Revolution US News and World Report June 14, 2011
Alleged 'Spy' in Egypt is U.S. Citizien, IDF Paratrooper Jerusalem Post June 13, 2011
Egyptian Deputy PM: Israel Fueling Sectarian Strife Jerusalem Post June 13, 2011
As Islamists Flex Muscle, Egypt's Christians Despair Wall Street Journal June 13, 2011
Arab Spring Sees Holiday Prices in Egypt and Tunisia Plunge Mirror June 12, 2011
U.S. Says Arms Sales to Egypt Unaffected by Revolution AlMasry AlYoum June 12, 2011
Jordan to Buy Israeli Gas As Alternative to Egypt Jerusalem Post June 10, 2011
Egypt's Economy Slows to a Crawl; Revolt is Tested New York Times June 10, 2011
Egypt Islamist Salafist Movement Vies for Political Power Washington Post June 10, 2011
Will Copts Simply Disappear? The New Republic June 10, 2011
U.S. in Largely Fruitless Effort in Getting Help From Egypt in Recapturing Terrorists at Large Washington Times June 9, 2011
Egypt's Next Revolution The National Interest June 9, 2011
The Pessimists' View on Egypt June 9, 2011
On Egypt's National Democratic Party June 9, 2011
Palestinians Try to Break Through Closed Egyptian Terminal Los Angeles Times June 7, 2011
The Coming Disillusionment in Egypt The National Interest June 7, 2011
Egypt Revolution Blowing Up Newsweek June 6, 2011
Egypt Protesters Cut Off Cairo-Upper Egypt Railway Trend June 6, 2011
'Arab Spring' - Proces of Change Likely To Be Protracted Fundweb June 6, 2011
Hamas Closes Gaza Crossing As Tensions Rise The Independent June 6, 2011
Interview With Muslim Brotherhood Member Kamal al-Hilbawi Asharq Alawsat June 6, 2011
Didn't Last Long: Gaza Rafah Crossing with Egypt Closed Ha'aretz June 5, 2011
When the Nile Runs Dry New York Times June 3, 2011
Hamas Fumes As Egypt Cuts Rafah Crossings to 400 A Day Jerusalem Post June 3, 2011
Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World Front Page June 2, 2011
The New Egypt Real Clear Politics June 2, 2011
Egypt and the Arab Fall Los Angeles Times June 2, 2011
Humpy Obumpty and the Arab Spring Asia Times Online June 1, 2011
Egypt Military Censors Critics As It Faces More Scrutiny New York Times June 1, 2011
Growth Vital to Arab Spring Asia Times Online June 1, 2011
Israel Should Thank Egypt for Opening Gaza Crossing Ha'aretz June 1, 2011
Egypt Opens a New Front Asia Times Online May 31, 2011
Silver Lining in Gaza: Shifting the Strip to Egypt Time Magazine May 31, 2011
EMG Partner Takes Legal Action Over Egyptian Gas Globes via Jerusalem Post May 31, 2011
Egyptian General Admits 'Virginity Checks' on Female Protesters CNN May 31, 2011
Abbas Meets With Islamic Jihad Leaders Jerusalem Post May 31, 2011
Bibi: Global Terror Organizations Strengthening in Sinai Jerusalem Post May 30, 2011
Egypt on Brink of Bankruptcy and Stravation The Coming Crisis May 30, 2011
Where Fear and Blindness Dominate - Egypt on the Way to Becoming Next Iran? Jerusalem Post May 30, 2011
In Defense of Reason, Not Israel The Daily News May 30, 2011
A Strange Sentence in the New York Times The Atlantic May 29, 2011
Whiff of Revenge Taints Arab Spring Washington Post May 29, 2011
Egypt Lifts Blockade, Along With Gazans' Hopes New York Times May 29, 2011
450 Gazans Enter Egypt on First Day of Opening Jerusalem Post May 29, 2011
Gaza Smuggling Interest Booming Ynet News May 29, 2011
Egypt Open Border With Gaza: New Threats Feared The Israel Project May 29, 2011
Egypt Detains Iranians in Cairo Mission for Passing Informatoin Reuters via Ha'aretz May 29, 2011
Gaza Border Opening Set to Hurt Egypt-Israel Ties The Independent May 28, 2011
Egypt Permanently Opens Gaza Border Crossing Arab News May 28, 2011
Anti-Military Protest Fills Cairo Square Real Clear Politics May 27, 2011
Reports of Surge of Missing Coptic Girls in Egypt The Australian May 27, 2011
Criticism of Israel Gaza Blockade May Diminish After Opening of Rafah Crossing Ha'aretz May 27, 2011
Obama, Arab Spring and Peace Process: Assessing a Pivotal Moment in U.S. ME Policy Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 26, 2011
Egypt to Reopen Gaza Border Crossing, Raising Israeli Concerns Washington Post May 26, 2011
Conversion, Adultery and Savagery Strike Eypt Front Page May 25, 2011
Military Dictatorship Rules Egypt Hudson Institute May 25, 2011
What if the Arab Spring Springs a Leak? Bad Rachel May 23, 2011
A Fourth Wave or False Start? Democracy After the Arab Spring Foreign Afffairs May 23, 2011
Egypt - A Key Test for the Arab Spring The Weekly Standard May 23, 2011
El-Baradei: Egypt is Disintegrating As Tourism Drops Bloomberg via Jerusalem Post May 22, 2011
The Hunger to Come to Egypt Asia Times Online May 19, 2011
Can Obama Preserve the 'Arab Spring'? Foreign Policy May 19, 2011
Future Of Arab Uprisings Looking Grim Ha'aretz May 16, 2011
Mob Attacks Christian Protests in Egypt Real Clear Politics May 16, 2011
Nabil Elaraby Elected Next Arab League Chief Al-Jazeera May 16, 2011
The Cost Of Egypt's Revolution The Weekly Standard May 15, 2011
Scores Wounded in Sectarian Clashes in Egypt Al-Jazeera May 15, 2011
Crime Wave Has Everyone Afraid in Egypt - Even the Police New York Times May 13, 2011
Reversals Challenge Hope of Arab Spring Washington Post May 13, 2011
Shin Bet: Egypt Turmoil Helping Arms Smuggling to Gaza Reuters via Jerusalem Post May 13, 2011
Egypt: Harder Times as Food, Gas Prices Spiral Spero News May 12, 2011
Polling Post-Mubarak Egypt Moshe Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University May 11, 2011
Amr Moussa: The Last Nasserist Jerusalem Post May 9, 2011
Egypt Pushing Hamas to Soften on Shalit Deal Ha'aretz May 9, 2011
On bin-Laden, Muslim Brotherhood Making Different Statements in English and Arabic Pajamas Media May 3, 2011
Rafah Border Likely to Remain Closed YNet News May 1, 2011
Will Pakistan Erupt Like Egypt? Washington Post May 1, 2011
Bibi Mulls Sending Envoy to Egypt for Talks With Interim Leaders Ha'aretz May 1, 2011
Egypt Warms to Iran and Hamas New York Times April 29, 2011

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